Week 11 MKE – Slowdown… or fight?

How typical!

of me, at least… After euphoria (last lasted nearly 10 weeks), this is turbulences time, or rather a slowdown.


I don’t know. It could be for many reasons: a weekend in Paris where I changed my perspective on a few things and discussed with my sister, the clearer realisation that so much in the MKE is linked to faith in a creator, probably also some lassitude effect with all the work put in it…

But I think the main reason is the usual one for me: when I start with a new passion (and the MKE is one!), I am totally euphoric! I literally dive in it,  I become obsessed, I work in an unreasonable manner and I learn at light speed, with immediate rewarding in terms of pleasure. Of course, this is not sustainable. Then comes the second phase: the slowdown which, when compared to the first phase, might give the impression of a fall (even if it is still a curb in the increase)! Again, how typical of me!

This all is disturbing, and I have the impression that I work a bit less, which in turn doesn’t help.


(… you knew this “however” would come??), when I think about it for a minute, I do not view these reasons as negative ones. Rather the opposite. Clearly, I am challenged: is my DMP really my DMP? is my faith vacillating, in the way that I had defined it since I was a teenager? or more down-to-earth, should I move houses now? But these reasons might be healthy ones. I am actually looking deeper into what my real DMP is. And perhaps I expand the range of possibilities with new ideas. In fact, I have the impression that I am fighting with my limits! At least I hope so…

…the third phase…?

In any case, I know that the third phase will be a good one, because I love this MKE, and because I love and trust the process. I am also very curious about what my life is becoming, of what my future will be… especially now that it is no longer set in stone, and that the extent of possibilities is unlimited!

Woh! Gosh, again, this rollercoaster takes me by surprise!…

Alright, to be continued then (obviously)…

8 thoughts on “Week 11 MKE – Slowdown… or fight?

  1. Just breathe Maily. There is a lot of excitement when you begin to prepare the land, till the soil, plan the garden, plant the seed, water and fertilize. A lot of fun, energy and anticipation for the fruit. The excitement seems to wane during the seemingly long period of watering, weeding and waiting for the fruit. You are doing awesome! And don’t forget, subby is not real happy as of yet for the new blue print you are impressing her with!

    1. Thank you Lou! Reading you comment I realize that my “impatience” might indeed be one of the reasons of the slowdown feeling. I will give some time to the fruit to grow…

  2. I’m so glad I read your blog! I am feeling the same way so it’s reassuring to know that others are also having these feelings. I actually contacted my guide and told him that, after my DMP finally being approved, it didn’t feel true to me anymore! So, I’ll be working on a new DMP this weekend. I feel like I’ve changed quite a bit since this class started and what I thought was my DMP has now evolved into something different. Hang in there Mailys! We’re all in this together!

    1. Thank you Linda!!! Oh yes, this DMP is such a tricky thing to define… Have you managed to rewrite it this weekend? I will talk to my guide this week about it as well. What I wrote in my DMP is such a big change of life, that I think that it will take me at least a year (but most probably several years) to figure out if this is really what I want.

  3. Hi Mailys! we are all going through ups and downs, but this is the amazing journey of our life. Use the sit to feel the DMP, with your heart instead of your mind and clarity will appear, I am sure. A big hug:)

  4. Nice post! I too have had a slow down & have fallen a little behind. But with more & more work its been hard to get caught up. Wishing you much success & happiness!

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