MKE Week 5 – Acceleration

I want to share with you what happened to me today.

Flashback. End August I realised how miserable I was in my job. But I had no clue what I wanted instead of this job. Then the MKE started. Wow! Roller coaster time, guys! ups and downs, my values got bombarded by my work environment, and I was in the middle, trying to sort things out while working, doing the MKE and taking care of my family. Not much sleep then. Days after days with the DMP, PPN and exercises, my earnest desire took shape and was refined.  Not only could I perceive and even precisely define the job I wanted, but also did I let my profound and well hidden “extravagant dreams” come to the surface on a big life change: in 2030, I would end my career, move to France and create a mindfulness association  there!

What happened today then? Today, it appears that I have asserted my desire for the new job that I had envisioned, and that I got a “positive to be confirmed” reply! WHAT?! ALREADY?! In my MKE Week 5, dude! I defined and triggered a fantastic job change in 5 weeks!  Not only this, it also appears that in the meantime I have managed to find a way to already start pulling resources for my 2030 project: on 12 November, I will start working on the creation of a mindfulness association in Brussels,  a process that I will love and that  will be helpful for my 2030 project!

Be ready. If things accelerate like this, I might as well expect being surprised at my 2030 Hendaye project popping up before my eyes in the five years to come…!

13 thoughts on “MKE Week 5 – Acceleration

  1. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing. It is heart warming to read that you are growing and directing your life now. You are on your way to France and the life you want!

    1. Thank you!! Definitely the MKE helped me create the resources, as it helped me defining what was really important to me and assert it. Now fingers crossed: I hope this will be confirmed….and I also hope this was the right choice ;-p

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