Week 4 MKE – a meditation cushion and a compass

”Ok, what’s wrong?”

- Well… all this MKE is a lot of work… And this takes me a lot time if I want to do it properly on top of my already busy life… Therefore I don’t sleep enough… And by the way, I still have these fears and doubts…! Argh… how am I gonna cope with all this?!!!”

Alright, this is the kind of things that irrupt in my head (and probably on my face!) at those panicking moments of the week.

But, didn’t I have these tricky moments before? YES! And what do I have to address them now?…

A support! in a few ways. I will only mention three:

1. The power consciousness. Effect is rather amazing. In the face of a challenge, subby says: “Oh Gosh, I am not well prepared for this, I still need to do this and that….” Then power consciousness intervenes: ”STOP!  tackle the challenge as you are, with the natural knowledge and instinct that you already have, and get over it!”. And actually, this appears as being true!

2. The four promises of giving and receiving. I love this! This means that you have your eyes, ears, heart and brain open. This multiplies your understanding of others, of situations, you can better read between the lines. You are also more relaxed, have less of those parasite thoughts and you can better concentrate. Woh! More wellbeing and efficiency all of a sudden!

3. And mainly: having defined my pivotal needs and refined my DMP, I know what I want and where I go. This compass, together with my meditation cushion, are the greatest of supports! 

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