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MKE Week 5 – Acceleration

I want to share with you what happened to me today.

Flashback. End August I realised how miserable I was in my job. But I had no clue what I wanted instead of this job. Then the MKE started. Wow! Roller coaster time, guys! ups and downs, my values got bombarded by my work environment, and I was in the middle, trying to sort things out while working, doing the MKE and taking care of my family. Not much sleep then. Days after days with the DMP, PPN and exercises, my earnest desire took shape and was refined.  Not only could I perceive and even precisely define the job I wanted, but also did I let my profound and well hidden “extravagant dreams” come to the surface on a big life change: in 2030, I would end my career, move to France and create a mindfulness association  there!

What happened today then? Today, it appears that I have asserted my desire for the new job that I had envisioned, and that I got a “positive to be confirmed” reply! WHAT?! ALREADY?! In my MKE Week 5, dude! I defined and triggered a fantastic job change in 5 weeks!  Not only this, it also appears that in the meantime I have managed to find a way to already start pulling resources for my 2030 project: on 12 November, I will start working on the creation of a mindfulness association in Brussels,  a process that I will love and that  will be helpful for my 2030 project!

Be ready. If things accelerate like this, I might as well expect being surprised at my 2030 Hendaye project popping up before my eyes in the five years to come…!

Week 4 MKE – a meditation cushion and a compass

”Ok, what’s wrong?”

- Well… all this MKE is a lot of work… And this takes me a lot time if I want to do it properly on top of my already busy life… Therefore I don’t sleep enough… And by the way, I still have these fears and doubts…! Argh… how am I gonna cope with all this?!!!”

Alright, this is the kind of things that irrupt in my head (and probably on my face!) at those panicking moments of the week.

But, didn’t I have these tricky moments before? YES! And what do I have to address them now?…

A support! in a few ways. I will only mention three:

1. The power consciousness. Effect is rather amazing. In the face of a challenge, subby says: “Oh Gosh, I am not well prepared for this, I still need to do this and that….” Then power consciousness intervenes: ”STOP!  tackle the challenge as you are, with the natural knowledge and instinct that you already have, and get over it!”. And actually, this appears as being true!

2. The four promises of giving and receiving. I love this! This means that you have your eyes, ears, heart and brain open. This multiplies your understanding of others, of situations, you can better read between the lines. You are also more relaxed, have less of those parasite thoughts and you can better concentrate. Woh! More wellbeing and efficiency all of a sudden!

3. And mainly: having defined my pivotal needs and refined my DMP, I know what I want and where I go. This compass, together with my meditation cushion, are the greatest of supports! 

MKE Week 3 – a feeling of a rebirth

What a difference since last week!

Probably the few hours extra sleep made a difference…but still, I have this feeling that MKE is starting to work on me! WOH….! Will this be confirmed in the long run? (yes yes yes yes yes yes yes……)

It might be that this kind of shifting started this weekend with « Revealing webinar three ». It might also be that the support of my truly amazing friend on Monday was pivotal. Anyway in the course of those two days, I actually decided to believe, to have faith in this training, and to jump into it completely so that it yields the results I want.

Gosh, this gives me an energy that I express shamelessly!  I start cultivating this power consciousness, which not only leads me to less procrastination, but also – and mainly – kind of liberates me and gives me the feeling of a rebirth! I will do all I can to confirm this trend ! Oups, sorry Mark, i will do my best to confirm this trend!

Now something that intrigues me much in this week’s lesson: the arch enemy of the Solar Plexus is fear! oh ooh… I have a problem there… Right, what is the solution then?? I need to know.. What I understood, is that the power consciousness is the best way to eliminate fear. This is pure gold for me. And I need to understand this more deeply…

But today I form this crucial wish, that towards the end of MKE, I have eradicated fear from my life.


Week 2 of the MKE – feeling both destabilised and supported

Is it pure coincidence that I’m having fundamental questions about my job and about the town where I live, two weeks after the beginning of the MKE? Probably not. Is this just a phase and what does it mean exactly? I don’t know, time might tell. But in the meantime, these questions reflect on my DMP as I am writing it. Thus my main question this week: is my DMP (as I just wrote it) going the wrong way, pursuing a dream that at the end of the day I would not like? or does it really correspond to what I truly desire? …  a bit destabilising…

But week two is also providing me with great support and helpful tips. For example, this one: you can actually decide to associate a feeling to an experience. This is huge! I tried this on various situations this week, and I managed to transform a negative feeling into a positive one, immediately sensing more joy of course, and even resulting in a change of behaviour of the people I was with. A great support. But to be able to do that, you need to be aware/mindful that you are slipping towards a bad feeling and bad mood. Here we find a complementarity or link with mindfulness again. To be mindful, I regularly ask myself: what is the weather like in my head?”.  It helps me keeping a distance with my thoughts and feelings.

Perhaps the greatest tool that I take with me this week, is this metafora of the watchman at the gate.  I can tell you that I do my best to keep my conscious mind on-duty as much as possible, to actively prevent wrong suggestions to enter my subconscious mind. It doesn’t always work, but sometimes it does… and this is already a very good start!