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Week 1 of the MKE – oxygen bubble or great jump?

[woah... first blog post of mine - ever! woah... Anyway.]

What is this weird ”MKMMA”? What will it be for me? Am I lost, in the sense that I don’t know where I’m going with this course?!

Observing my state of mind, and listening to my intuition, here are a few of my answers:

I don’t know what MKMMA is. But I’m intrigued and curious. Mark and his team seem to be pretty amazing human beings. The community around is fascinating. I have this feeling that a new world is opening to me. In fact, I don’t feel lost, I feel determined. Determined to give this course the chances to support me in re-discovering my true self and expressing it naturally!

One of the many aspects that I will be exploring, is the possible links between these teachings and mindfulness. There are obvious links. And it sometimes seems as if MKMMA teachings were providing tools and exercises to put several teachings of mindfulness into practice. There are also apparent contradictions, but it might be that these are reconcilable. To know this, I obviously need to explore further. If anyone wants to share their findings / experience on this, they are mooooost welcome!

For sure, MKMMA is now for me like an oxygen bubble that already keeps me breathing in my at times tricky environment. What these teachings might lead to, is a great jump into a new – free – life for me and my close ones!

So, let’s jump now, and explore………!!!!!!