Week 9

Another week in search of harmony . . .

This week I decided to talk about practicing to focus one’s mind for control. As someone with little meditation experience before this course, I was pleased when I was able to master sitting completely still for 15 minutes. Actually, pleased and amazed.

Haanel’s assignments have been interesting and, for me, challenging. As I said, I was pleased that I accomplished sitting still. I’ve been able to accomplish the next couple of assignments as well: I’m able to (mostly) clear my mind; I’m able to relax during the sit; I’ve released negative thoughts (which I do by thinking loving thoughts). Envisioning my happy place was fun—I think I have a mental picture, but I don’t think my mental picture is clear. I believe I can sort of “see” it and I think I can “hear” my family and friends enjoying themselves. So, I will give myself the benefit of the doubt.

However, it seems I am stalled at part six since we are not supposed to progress to the next assignment until success has been achieved. This assignment entailed examining a photograph for at least 10 minutes and mentally recreating every detail of the photo in a clear mental image. Thus, I begin each session with the 10-minute examination of the photograph, as instructed, but have not yet been able to form a good mental image of the photo. Thus, I’ve been repeating (and repeating and repeating and repeating . . .) the exercise. Sigh!

Of course, I have been reading the subsequent Master Key assignments, but not doing the assigned meditation. This week we’re up to part nine. I’m now sitting for 20 minutes per session (yay!), which gives me more time to practice. I hope (and expect) the work will pay off. One session this week I sat for 35 minutes (yes, I was shocked and astounded)—but, it didn’t help. Or, perhaps it did, but I have not seen the good mental picture yet.

I would imagine that once I am able to master this assignment, the others (plus 3 and counting) will be mastered more quickly. I’m going to see if other folks in the Alliances have had this or a similar experience. Somehow, I can’t imagine I’m the only one. :)

3 thoughts on “Week 9

  1. I have certainly had that challenge too, you are not the only one, with practice we are told that it gets better, it is a good idea to put it in the Alliances area, do you get any feed back from that, , let’s keep growing keep practicing and keep doing the reading and excercisess

  2. Now we are week 11, and the lesson from Og and the Greatest Salesman is on persistence. I appreciate your persistence in your sit. Keep up the practice. It will happen for you.

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