Week 17

Seeking more occurrences of virtues this week was part of this week’s fun assignment. Just as I found that searching for random acts of kindness was fun, I found that searching for those with imagination, my choice for this week’s virtue, was equally as fun although not as easily spotted.

I needed use my imagination (smile) to find places where people (and kids, since they’re people, too) were using or likely to be using imagination. Okay, this was a little more challenging. Luckily, I often work at a center that has LOTS of little kids at various levels of pre-kindergarten. I saw a group toddle by—some of the kids were yawning, some were chattering, some were saying hello, and a couple seemed to be in a world of their own, still moving with the group but clearly focused on something else—imagination? I’ll say yes!

I love the show Master Chef Junior. Talk about people (kids and adults) using imagination! First, these kids are ages 8-13. The imagination on the adults’ part is thinking of ways to not only keep the kids entertained and engaged but also to properly challenge them. For the kids, this seems to be an easy thing. Every single one of them (the show started with 24 kids!) has already imagined their own restaurant or bakery and had already created their own (kids’ style) cookbook. And, to top it off, we’re looking at least one other virtue here, as I think you might agree, these kids are courageous!! Plus, sprinkled throughout the show were plenty of RAKs as well. These kids are amazing. Love it!

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