Week 16

We were focused on kindnesses rendered this week: those we could do anonymously, those done by us, those done by others. Often little kindnesses are not noticed—a door held here or there, making or space for people to stand or sit on a bus or subway. It was refreshing to take a longer, broader look at kindness. Those little kindnesses, it seems, really aren’t so little or common, especially when you’re looking for them.

Where I saw fewer kindnesses was on the road; impatience often rules there. It was nice to see drivers not trying to inch by pedestrians when they had barely walked by or wait for a pedestrian to completely cross the street before screeching away leaving rubber on the road. It was nice to see kind drivers allow the impatient drivers to merge, even if the impatient drivers were where they shouldn’t be (although, heretofore, I was not one who would do this as I felt the rest of us who were waiting patiently should not be subjected to such unfairness). Okay! Yes, I now employ the Law of Forgiveness rather than begrudgingly wail because I have five more cars in front of me. I’m listening to my recordings and using my mantra: I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy!!

It was/is nice to see the participants in my fitness classes set up for others just to be kind, especially for those running late. An older participant started that trend last year. Of course, I always thanked her for helping, but one evening I asked her why she set up for everyone. (She literally sets up for me and at least five others in addition to herself! She really is a dear.) Her response was that it was one of her ways of being in service. Well, I would say she is definitely in the flow of abundance and clearly an excellent role model not only for me and my new blueprint but also for others around her.

One thought on “Week 16

  1. What a fantastic week of kindnesses! I’m so glad that you are finding examples and sharing them with us. The participant in your course who helps set up sounds like a fantastic person who understands the importance of giving.

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