Week 14

I must admit, I missed the webinar this week. Sigh!

The assignment to watch the movies was terrific . . . . Rudy’s one of my favorites, but I remember the determination of the team in Cool Runnings as well. I plan to watch the other movies, eventually. I know I will like those as well.

I LOVE the flash cards! I’ve always loved flash cards, in general, but these flash cards are even more beneficial than those I’ve used previously. To flash through all the good things I’ve done was great; then, adding things for which I’m thankful daily—-excellent! Of all of our exercises, I think I like this one the most. I feel really exhilarated after each read. I have done lots of good things . . . why did it take something like this to make me aware? No matter. What’s important is that I’m aware now and it makes me feel good.

As I originally created the cards, I kept thinking, “Why didn’t they make us add the shapes?” It’s funny; I was working with my mastermind buddy as we made the cards and asked her the same question. She said, “Yet.” at the same time I said, “I’m sure that’s coming.” We laughed. Of course they were coming. I knew there was no way that we wouldn’t be linking these flash cards to our shapes.

So now I flash a lot (chuckle). At the gym while I’m riding the bike. On the bus as I journey to teach my fitness classes. At home while I’m waiting for the microwave to finish. Before bed. In the morning. Waiting for the elevator. Waiting for the bus. When I finish lunch. When I finish breakfast. When I finish dinner. More is better, right? It can only help!

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