Week 12

This was my week to catch up . . . with client work, MKE, other courses I’m taking, life! Hahaha. Okay, maybe not funny, but it’s imperative to keep things in perspective, especially while continuing work on the new blueprint and chipping off the old cement.

I had gotten off track with my sits, so I am back to 15 minutes per session. A set back, yes, but still working on the cement. Having been stuck, I also decided to go back and begin again with Chuck’s assignments (I’ll bet Haanel would not like that nickname). Since I am not able to move forward, I’ll go back and begin again. Feeling successful again will feel good and, I believe, will help me move forward.

A participant and friend in one of my fitness classes shared that she had been diagnosed with gallbladder cancer. They’ve removed the gallbladder and discovered that the cancer has spread to her liver. Already a breast cancer survivor, she has decided to return to the facility that helped her with her first experience with cancer. Of course, this was a disturbing thing to hear, but I shared my new mantra and most recent affirmation with her: I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy! Despite the news, we parted on a happy, but tearful, note. I have added her to my prayers, prayer circles, and sit sessions knowing that powerful, positive vibrations in her direction will help her on this journey.

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