Week 10

I can happily report success with the mental diet. Hooray! Finally . . . practice truly makes such a difference. Of course, the Law of Substitution helps as do the other laws. I have made great progress and feel that things are moving forward. I’m no longer hanging on to negative thoughts; in fact, it seems that they’re mostly gone.

I love that Mark and Davene have the recorded The Master Key lessons. I find their comments while reading very helpful. I also purchased an Audible version of The Master Key because I can cue my Echo Dot (Alexa!) to play specific chapters of the book while I am doing other things at home (most recently, completing my service task for the week). It has also enabled me to go back and listen to the previous lessons as well, which I also have found helpful.

I know that many have listened to Og’s recordings of both his book and the scrolls on You Tube. I like having those play in the background as well. Currently, Scroll III plays in the background in the morning while I prepare for the day. All of these things plus our regular assignments help reinforce the mental diet.

I read a book entitled, Every Word Has Power: Switch on Your Language and Turn on Your Life (Yvonne Oswald) a few years ago and began transforming my thoughts to speak and think more positively. Although this was a good start and pushed me in the right direction, I have found that this mental diet kind of slaps you around and forces you to focus on ridding yourself of the negative! So the journey toward no negative thoughts continues with much help and practice. Always learning, always growing!

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