The journey continues, week 3.

Although finishing another week, my thoughts continue in the direction of having completed last week’s chore. Hallelujah, I finished it, but woefully underestimated the time for completion. The finished project is a thing of beauty, and I congratulate myself each time I view it (daily due to its position). Completion and congratulations are a good thing, not only because I kept my promise, but also because I knew I would finish, no matter what, since I had made that promise.

For me, keeping a promise is something with which I am familiar—but only for others—other people, other people’s projects, etc. If I promised, it was imperative to keep that promise . . . I am a woman who keeps her word. Somehow, though, keeping those promises never extended to myself—everyone else came first and I never said no. Obviously, that was the old blueprint. It’s wonderful that these assignments are designed to help us chip away the cement.

So, I’m okay with dwelling on my accomplishment for now, especially since I’m still recovering from the multitude of hours required for completion. Hah! I’m laughing at myself for my massive time miscalculation. Live and learn.

Since Mark and the Fab D have told us that subby doesn’t know about size, I chose a very simple chore to complete this week, one that I know (absolutely!) I am able to complete in my estimated time. As I said, live and learn.

One thought on “The journey continues, week 3.

  1. Hi Marsha, I can relate to completing things for others. I’m glad you are chipping away at the cement to take care of yourself now. It’s a big chunk of cement to allow that.

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