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Washington, D.C. success mogul interviewed by Whoopi Goldberg.

Special edition of The Washington Post, Sunday, 09.30.2020

Installment 1 of 4

I first met Marsha Hawkins as she was departing on one of many ocean research expeditions that she sponsors throughout the year. I had just completed a live-aboard trip (dive trips during which the participants live on the boat and dive at various sites) around the Cayman Islands and was gathering my belongings to depart the boat. Ms. Hawkins and her team were boarding the boat to leave for an area in the Indian Ocean that had reported some unusual activity.

As they boarded, she recognized me, introduced herself, and said that she didn’t realize that I was a scuba diver. I told her that I loved it and inquired about her upcoming trip. It was hard not to be curious. Normally, these live-aboard boats carry fun-seeking divers to various locations. Ms. Hawkins and her team were boarding with computers, monitors, and who knows what else. I had to know what they were going to do, especially since it was clear that this was not your average live-aboard trip. After hearing about how Marsha and her team spent many months of the year looking for ways to help save marine life and our oceans, I knew that I wanted to schedule an interview. I needed to find out more about this woman who had taken her love of scuba diving and given it the supreme purpose of helping to save the world.

After chatting for a few minutes, I popped the question about scheduling an interview. Although Ms. Hawkins is a very private person, she felt that an interview about these research trips would be a great way to help inform the public about the plight of our oceans and their inhabitants, as well as how everyone can help. She invited me to meet her at her home for breakfast, after which we would move into her living room for the interview. Marsha loves to cook and likes to entertain small groups or one-on-one. It gives her a chance to show off her culinary skills.

A week later, I knocked on the door of a three-story townhouse that is across the street from a small but luscious park on Massachusetts Avenue in northwest Washington, D.C. Inside were beautiful wood interiors, clearly well-kept over time. The front window in her living room looked like a green house, and was filled with beautifully kept plants of all types. It was gorgeous. I asked her if she maintained them herself or if she had a service. She revealed that plants seemed to like her and that she found great peace in tending to them. It was only when she was on her research expeditions or training/presenting for her relationship-building business that a service was involved in the care of the plants.

Next we entered her kitchen, which covered the entire back half of her house. For a relatively small townhouse, this kitchen was huge! She told me that she had modified it when she bought the house. It was lovely and inviting, with warm, caramel-colored marble counters and a lively butterscotch hue to the room. The other big modification she made was adding an indoor lap pool. Boy, was it pretty! She said that she swims 50 laps every day after taking a walk through the city at 6am! In fact, she invited me to join her the following morning. LOL—I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that level of fitness.

We enjoyed a healthy breakfast that included strawberry Greek yogurt, homemade 11-grain wheat toast, and fresh papaya . . . yum! After breakfast, we moved into her living room, as planned, and we started our interview.

I asked Marsha how she was able to build the wealth that allows her independence. It started with her relationship business with the well-known anti-aging company, Nerium, which has 10 core commitments that each brand partner follows to be successful. And, it works—the company, the business and its mission, and the products. She also has been amazingly successful working with a company that helps people fulfill their dreams using a very simple process. It’s called Changing The Future Outcome, which is currently moving into working with CBD (cannabidiol, a naturally occurring chemical compound found in cannabis—the hemp plant). This great move by the company should help many more people as studies have shown that these products have extensive medical applications.

We moved on to the projects that she funds that for research around the world to help improve the destiny of our oceans and marine life, both of which are endangered. Ms. Hawkins has been a scuba instructor for many years. It was during that period of certifying students, diving, and participating on live-aboard trips, she realized that her true calling in life was to help save our oceans and the marvelous creatures that live in them. Since she’s not a marine biologist, she decided to hire expert teams to perform the research and Marsha would accompany them to help gather scientific data. Thus, she’s now helping to save the world in her own way!

Marsha also participates in a mastermind alliance created by Mark and Davene Januszewski. She has taken their course and is now an approved guide to help the new students every session. She has referred us to Mark’s blog where one can read about the principles and process behind the alliance and how this process helps participants find their dharma:

Stay tuned for Installment 2!

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