On to week 4 . . .

Running behind, but at least I’m not procrastinating. That, in itself, is an improvement. So, I can honestly say, “Yay me!” Do it now is definitely having its effect—who knew (besides Haanel, Og, Mark and The Fab Davene, and those who have gone through this process, to mention a few)?

I was slightly challenged deciding what to write about for this week’s blog (with so many possible topics related to this experience). I finally decided that I would write a bit about my progress with the sit. I had never really meditated, despite having purchased (many) guided meditations. They’re all on on various shelves or in boxes, some still in shrink wrap. The intention was genuine and I was sure that I would use them, but (oh, so) many other things took priority. Who really needs to meditate anyway? Ha! I guess I do!!

Now, I understand much better how critical these sessions are in our training, after these four weeks of practice sessions—yes, still practicing as I am certainly not a master—and reading Haanel’s Master Key. I am happy that I am making progress and not only can sit for at least 15 minutes each day (I’ve been increasing the sit time by 1 minute each week; last week I sat for 16 minutes each day, this week for 17 minutes daily, next week will be 18 minutes, etc.) but also have found that I’m able to focus with intention longer with each successive sit. Yes!

Haanel’s Part Four has really slapped my conscious mind up one side and down the other, especially sections 12-15. Section 12 especially spoke to me when I read that starting something and not completing it, or making a resolution and not keeping it, forms the habit of failure—absolute, ignominious failure. These words are harsh and true. I look at my life and see this habit of failure. But how can this be? I was trained that my job and others to whom I was committed came first. Thus, my goals and promises to others were more important than those made to myself. Not very smart, right? But that was how I was trained to be successful. In truth, I was really just an absolute, ignominious failure! Yikes!!

I know that I must break this habit. It is why I’m in this course. I am glad that I am learning how to do both—to take care of myself as well as others. To be sure that any promise made, especially to myself, is as important to be kept as those made to others. I am glad that I am learning to control my mind and body and thankful that I am on the path of improvement, in the process of eliminating the old blueprint, and hacking away at the cement.

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