Week 6

This week was about digging in even more. Yes, challenging but loving it!

I’m not sure why it took me so long to figure this out, but I found that part of my issue with accomplishing assignments was that everything was not at my fingertips. While I appreciate and love the feel and look of paper, it is not convenient to carry around my Master Key and workbook binders.

Plan A—I decided to print extra copies of the Master Key (MK) lessons (and sometimes the workbook assignments) to carry with me. On occasion, however, my extra copy was not with me and I was, yet again, without my current assignment.

Plan B—I decided to read the MK lesson as part of my sacred hour before bedtime. Sadly, Mr. Haanel was not keeping my eyes open long enough to complete my evening ritual (reading the blueprint builder, DMP, and final daily reading of Og’s first scroll), and would sometimes lead to an earlier bedtime than planned.

Plan C—I decided to do everything in the morning before heading out for the day, with the exception, of course, of the reading of the current scroll before retiring. My schedule has been somewhat chaotic of late, which means that I get little sleep, and when I do get it, it sometimes is at odd hours. Many of the classes I teach begin at 6:30am, so doing everything in the morning means getting up quite early to have enough time for everything. This is fine, as long as bedtime isn’t at 2am and you must rise at 4am to accomplish all tasks.

Plan D—I’ve uploaded all of my docs (including Word versions of the scrolls) to Google Docs. Everything I need is at hand if I am not at home—even my index cards (mainly because I have been challenged with keeping track of them—yes, working on that)! I know that Mark J. and crew prefer that we use paper rather than electronic versions of everything. Isn’t it better to use an electronic version and still accomplish the assignments than to not accomplish them because you don’t have a paper copy with you? I say yes.

On Monday, I’ll start sit periods of 20 minutes—woohoo! I can hardly believe that I’ve made it to 20 minutes; now, I actually have to schedule time to do my sit. I know that doesn’t make sense as it’s only an additional 5 minutes. No matter. I must say I’m quite proud of myself. At present, time isn’t the mastery issue but rather what we’re supposed to create with our thoughts. My less than successful attempts have made me want to include more sit sessions (rather than longer ones). We’ll see what happens next. It all helps, though!

I loved the movie poster board assignment. More linking to my DMP—with images—a good thing. Reminds me of doing crafts projects in school. What fun! I have all of the pieces; now all I have to do is fit it into my schedule.

I must say it’s nice to move to the next scroll. I always thought I was a loving person until I read scroll II. Apparently, not loving enough, since I see that I must love everyone. Working on that as well. I understand and look forward to seeing where I am after the 30 days of exposure and greeting each day with love in my heart. Nice thought.

6 thoughts on “Week 6

  1. Hi Marsha, I know, for me too, to fit everything in i also need to wake up at 4am to fit everything in. I do want wake up at that time – weve’ got to be diciplined which i so want to be.

  2. Organizing and keeping up has been a challenge to me. Still contemplating how to set up my movie poster, but did complete my dream board last week.
    Keep on keeping on this amazing MKMMA journey, Marsha.

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