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Moving forward, slowly but surely.

As I near the end of week 2, I must say I’m happy to be on track, even if only by the skin of my teeth. This blog is being written very close to the deadline (I don’t think I’m late yet). Then I’ll read my DMP and Scroll 1 (yes, aloud) before finally heading to bed.

I think things will become a little easier after my current work deadlines have been completed. I’m definitely looking forward to that and having accomplished my first chore. I haven’t started it yet, but have been repeating my promise three times daily (among the other requirements) and staring at the task ahead. I keep telling myself it’ll be a piece of cake, once started.

Since I always keep my promises, I know that I will get my behind in gear, get up early tomorrow to accomplish my sit, have a little time with Charles and Napoleon, and start my task. I’ll only have about 15 minutes for phase 1 of the task before I must leave to teach my fitness class. So, 15 minutes to start, then it’s a protein shake and out the door I go.

Two hours later, I’ll be back at the task. Okay, I said a piece of cake. I’m budgeting 2 hours to complete the task. I’ll even give myself a reward if I finish within the time allotted. I have a nice bottle of wine that I’ve been saving. I might as well use it to celebrate the completion of my first chore. Any others who’ve completed tasks want to celebrate with me? I’m always happy to share!!

The first glass is for completing the chore, the second glass is to toast the next to come. Bring it on . . . I’m ready!

. . . and the journey begins.

Week 1: Wow! Lots of things to get in place to begin creating the new blueprint. I’m all in.

Of most impact to me after our first webinar was: “If you don’t pay the price for success now, you pay the price for failure later.” OMG! That ranks right up there with “The world without is a reflection of the world within.” Both of those statements terrify me. Why? If you could see my apartment, you’d know why. In any case, I know why I need to be here . . . in search of harmony.

I love the MKE app. It’s great to help keep me on the path. Since I primarily lean toward being a Type A personality, making sure that all of those boxes are checked is my primary goal. That I accomplish all of the homework requirements as I check off those boxes may be secondary to me at present—so what? I still am getting things completed. Yay for me.

I know that I need to chip off the cement and rid myself of clutter. I know I need to be consistent and persistent to complete this course. For now, it’s one day at a time and checking off those boxes!

Onward . . . .