. . . and the journey begins.

Week 1: Wow! Lots of things to get in place to begin creating the new blueprint. I’m all in.

Of most impact to me after our first webinar was: “If you don’t pay the price for success now, you pay the price for failure later.” OMG! That ranks right up there with “The world without is a reflection of the world within.” Both of those statements terrify me. Why? If you could see my apartment, you’d know why. In any case, I know why I need to be here . . . in search of harmony.

I love the MKE app. It’s great to help keep me on the path. Since I primarily lean toward being a Type A personality, making sure that all of those boxes are checked is my primary goal. That I accomplish all of the homework requirements as I check off those boxes may be secondary to me at present—so what? I still am getting things completed. Yay for me.

I know that I need to chip off the cement and rid myself of clutter. I know I need to be consistent and persistent to complete this course. For now, it’s one day at a time and checking off those boxes!

Onward . . . .

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