Emerging into week 12 of the masterkey

I am tremendously excited about how the masterkey mastermind alliance is all coming together. I love the gal in the glass is a great tool, just before bedtime and right before I read the greatest salesman scroll 3. The sit also is a great tool for discovering my future self. I am getting in touch with my feelings as they were closed off for awhile. I was hanging on to some resentments, which were not serving my true purpose. I made a decision to forgive and just love and smile with everyone I come in contact with. I truly pray my DMP comes true, I am doing all of the assignments, and keeping my promises.thThis is such a peaceful place for my mind. I love the water and the smell of the fresh air, I love to imagine myself floating in the water. I use this picture for meditation, as it has a real calming effect, and brings me into the present moment.

Week 11 of the fabulous master key

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am starting to feel the tiger inside me starting to come alive. My burning desire to create and solid foundation with my creative imagination. The master key system is making this all possible for me to be a self reliant thinker. They have given me the tools, and allowed me to mastermind with others. We support each other on our journeys to live a life we create. Our dharma, true bliss from our hearts desires. I no longer have to be a copy of a copy, such a freedom to know I have immense power inside me. I am going to be honest its been challenging, but well worth it. Too get more, you must give more! it does not have to be in money, it can be as simple as sharing wisdom, giving a smile, complimenting someone and sincerely mean it. I love the masterkey mastermind alliance!

Here she comes Week 10 of the masterkey

So far my brain has been turned inside out like a pretzel, lol which is a good thing. My habits are improving a great deal. The shapes I see everywhere and I know exactly what to link them to. I can almost memorize parts of og mandino, scroll 11. My DMP and press release I struggle with actually believing my higher power and I can make this a reality. Nevertheless I continue on the journey! The guides and the people on mkmma have been inspirational. Mark and Davine are priceless. I enjoy the calls, lots of great info! Keep on keepin on everyone. Nature fills my heart, love the beauty of trees and the beautiful flowers.is

Masterkey week 9

My mind is being transformed into the person I intend to be. It seems a bit scary but I am sure it will be well worth my effort. Reading the master key and reading hennel and the greatest salesman and the sit, plus the index cards. Its new and exciting and also the hardest thing I have ever had to do. But the alternative to staying the same does not do me justice. I have many gifts I want to share¬† with the world. My heart is open to love and all the possibilities. The world can be anyone’s oyster if you want it bad enough.273301d0-d430-4310-a8f2-30c4da28b956

Masterkey week 5

I am so pumped up, this experience is absolutely the most fun and interacting mastermind I have ever been involved in. I love the group, people, guides. The hands on support is by far the best I have ever experienced. Truly Grateful and blessed to be involved in such an amazing community of authentic people. Koala


I am so enlightened and excited. This personal development is exactly what I wanted. Hands on training, the methods and the sit, the index cards, etc. I love it all. Its fun and inspiring. Mark J Davene and everyone on this journey, you are all precious. I love each and every one of you. My heart beats for all of your successes. I really love connecting with all of you. My guide Terry is amazing! I am extactic for whats too come for all of us! xoxo

Week 4 of the master key

Tomorrow we start on Week 4 of the masterkey. I am so pumped and excited about this journey I am on with Mark J and all of the guides. Davene and Dayna, there hearts are full of love and gratitude. I love this course due to the fact they are real people, no bullcrap. You actually learn awesome techniques to change your life. I am already seeing a huge difference in myself. I highly recommend this course! Blessings and Gratitude xoxo20160624_184001000_iOS