imageI am feeling so blessed, I have just been baptized in Jesus name. I am a child of God and he has forgiven me for all my sins. I am a free spirit, it feels amazingly spiritual. I was bathed in the waters of his kingdom, he dwells within me forever and for eternal life. I am grateful for all jesus has given me, and for the life he has laid out for me to live! Blessings❤️

Blessed to be alive

imageLife is short, so everyday make it your masterpiece! If you do not like where your at in life, you can change your path. Go where you are valued and appreciated, stand for what you believe in. Be honest and have integrity in all your dealings with others. Respect and love others ideas. Give guidance and support to those who love and support you. Give all you can too those who are suffering. The world needs inspiring leaders, and people who care about those who have lost there way. Find it in your heart ❤️ To treat others the way you would want to be treated. You have a gift, one life! So live it like it’s your last day. Follow your bliss!


Hi all, have not been here in awhile. Working hard on my business and meeting new and exciting peeps around the world. Love my life, and love my friends. I keep it real simple, I love to enjoy life and put positive inspiration into the lives of others. Share the love to each and everyone I meet!❤️image


imageThe attitude of gratitude is a great way to start your day. If your having a day where you think you could be further along on your journey through life, just think about all that you have in life, not about what you do not have. It will change your vibration and your mood. You will feel more positive as well. Who doesn’t want to feel grateful daily? I do


As they say we have not ended, we have just begun on an amazing journey. I am so happy that I made a decision 6 months ago to challenge myself to be a part of the masterkey mastermind alliance course. Its true there is nothing like it, I have become a self directed thinker. I am the master of my own fate. What I think I create. This training is for all who want to change there current situation into a much better life, relationships, and any other area of your life you want to improve. Grateful to the guides, Mark J Davene, Dayna, GG, Dr. Mark. You all have been a blessing in my life.8HG2QtsGSheXBUb2758L_will_og_trees

Week 24 of the masterkey

Being authentic to your true purpose. Doing what’s in your heart, and not being a sheep. Meaning follow your own bliss, not what everyone thinks you should be doing with your life. My purpose on this planet is to share my gifts, love, kindness, with the world. Giving with love, not giving to receive anything in return.lovegiving love! The greatest gift on this planet. Given freely, we find our true gifts in nature. In my sits I have found a true connection with myself, and what I truly want in life. It has been a truly amazing experience to find out what lives deep inside my soul. If you listen to the voice within the silence, you will be amazed what your true gift and purpose is here on this planet. Peace be the Journey!

Week 23 of the masterkey

As I enter week 23 of the masterkey I am feeling a little sad that the course will be ending. I have connected with so many loving and caring souls here. I sincerely hope we will stay in touch with each other. Friendships like these are rare to find, a true mastermind. I also have found a mastermind group on facebook, actually a woman in the publicity sector reached out to me, and asked me if I wanted to join there business and entreprenuer mastermind group. I said I would be happy to be a member of there group, and to share positive ideas which may help others in there business. I share this picture with all of you. I continue to say this to myself daily, it helps to keep me focused on my purpose in life. Which is to eventually create more time and more freedom to travel with my family, and to enjoy peace of mind knowing that I am the master of my fate. No one can give it to me or take it away. I trust in god and myself that my creator only wants the best for me and my family. My god does not want to see me struggle or to live a mediocre life. He wants me to engage in adventure, to laugh, to enjoy my family and life.  8HG2QtsGSheXBUb2758L_will_og_trees