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When will I begin

The Ultimate deadline :)

When will I have the ability to no longer choice?  I have been talking it over because we have 3 family members in the hospital right now so we are asking ourselves how much time we have left with our loved ones. When will it be time to make to room for whats coming and yes the price must be paid.  Lot of Love everyone,



Technology and Merry X-Mas

I wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! It’s been a fun year and I feel my family sizes has grown as an exponential rate.  Thank you all for being part of this journey for all the things we given up this year served us in the past has made room for great new adventures moving forward this year and beyond.  Currently, I’m seeking out my Computer Science degree at one of the local university and been really excited about all the technology advances coming down the pipe.  Not to undercut I feel like the MKAA is a prime example of some of the great new “technologies” coming down the pipe as they are morphing our subconscious existence and bridging it to all the new ways to implements and share our ideas. Go give praise to you all for paving the way as with each iteration and we are refining the way for us to uncover the parts of the unconscious which we use to ignore and leave to chance.

Amazing Results and tapping into the flow!

So, I have a small business and been using social media to promote the business. I think that maybe the most views we have ever gotten for a post, video, or image has been to the tune of 500 impressions.  I decided to focus on putting together a quick, fun video that would be low effort and post it to our facebook page.  Then something happened I wasn’t expecting!!

Within the first hour, we got over 1,000 views on the video! This was last night, I just woke up this morning to check the impressions and …


Wow guys! Thanks everyone for all the support!! It’s been a crazy few months and lots of love to share with everyone, Thank you all!