Down but not out..

Hey guys!

Sorry been going back and forth between the hospital for the last 10 days. Missed everyone on the call last week and looking forward to a upcoming webinar.

One thought on “Down but not out..

  1. Hello Lucas,
    This is my first time visiting your Hero’s Journey. I really enjoyed reading all your reflections and the comments you get.
    I hope your physical health is on the mend.
    This is an incredible coarse, and I am glad you are truly taking care of yourself and Making a Difference. (Also, I know you are moving at your own pace and taking what you can under your circumstances.)
    Staying loyal to the exercises and progressions we are following, and the habits you are creating will carry you into the Future.
    Please keep on blogging, it is a great means of tension release. Don’t carry a task that will pull you down.

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