Monthly Archives: September 2017

Week 1 – Learning the ropes

This is my first post, and I found that my favorite quote from the series so far has been .. Notice where you <black> …

The best and easiest thing I been looking forward to is the 15 minutes of keeping still. Last night I ran into one hickup, and everyone with kids knows being flexible is where the fun begins. I decided to schedule the Workbook readings until after I drop everyone off at school and can be alone.  The first three nights I found that I been up until 2 in the morning between school schedules, family fun, and assimilating and acculturating to the program. Having the workbook and the majority of the work done in the morning opens my day where there is one less thing for me to worry about, and I can focus on the daily tasks quickly and efficiently.

What does this have to do with <blank>.  Resistance is the name of the game so far. This has been the fun little puppy that been popping up and down.  Noticing where I <resist> is starting to give me volumes of information to digest and dissect. These a giving my gems on what habits I can release and where I have new room