Amazing Results and tapping into the flow!

So, I have a small business and been using social media to promote the business. I think that maybe the most views we have ever gotten for a post, video, or image has been to the tune of 500 impressions.  I decided to focus on putting together a quick, fun video that would be low effort and post it to our facebook page.  Then something happened I wasn’t expecting!!

Within the first hour, we got over 1,000 views on the video! This was last night, I just woke up this morning to check the impressions and …


Wow guys! Thanks everyone for all the support!! It’s been a crazy few months and lots of love to share with everyone, Thank you all!



Tons of Crazyness

Hey guys! There has been so much change around me and I been so busy.

One of the crazy things is that I’ll be heading to Florida for a quick drive then hitting a plane back! Life is throwing all kinds of curve balls at me something big must be coming down the pipe!!

Also, I went live on facebook for the first time it was fun and totally random. Wasn’t planned just happened. My family asked me to post on facebook for a open house it was fun.

(Here is the facebook link.. )



So many changes

So many things are changing in my life right now. I’m really excited and thankful for all the love around me.




You know, The compass that found me was the only one of two they had (which I got both).. but this one (the cheaper one) is my team color, has a magnifying glass, is  a whistle (To help celebrate and call the future), and hidden behind has a thermostat to let me know the current temperature (Climate).


Fun fun!

Week 4

So, While listening to the reply for the Sunday Meeting, there was a vision that kept popping into my mind. I’m not sure how to explain it.. but imagine a very large rectangle. Say it’s about the size of a road and about 10 feet tall. The block stretches on down on what looks like to be a road. You can’t see the other end of the rock but you are up and personal with the left side. Every day something unusual happens to the rectangle. It’s made up of what looks to be green marble. You are given a chizzle, and with that chizzle, you can make whatever you want on the side of the rock from the left-hand side. At the end of the day.. maybe 20 or 30 feet in.. the stone is then divided up into a fresh rectangle again. Anything that you chizzled into the rock you get to keep but any part of the rock that is intact get hauled away never to be seen again.  As the days go by I get better at chizzling .. I don’t know it’s just something interesting I been thnking about.. Though I would share.