Week 21 Master Key Experience – For Real….The Hero’s Journey

Oh my goodness, holy sh*# you guys.  I just had an “ah-ha” moment.  Forgive the language but I’m so freaking excited right now!!  I’m finally having the epiphany and it’s week 21!  Woohoo!!  Please please please, indulge me and let me explain.

So I am in the medical field, heart surgery to be precise, and I have been toying with the idea of Network Marketing on the side as a means to make a killer income (as great or better than currently) without having to be tied down to the hospital on call 24 days per month.  I get out of surgery today early and head to the library to watch the three Go90Grow videos.  I’m taking notes, I’m getting really into the videos, I’m realizing that I use (as a matter of fact, have perfected) Pareto’s Principle in my current career.  Score!  Then I realized that I used the “Framed Firelighter’s” with two of the nurses that I worked with today without having known it or even heard of it until just now.  Score again!

Then I get to the third video about The Hero’s Journey.  The same Hero’s Journey that Mark and Davene have been talking about for months, the same Hero’s Journey that I just watched the Joseph Campbell video on a few days ago.  Mark says, “Something happens and there’s a call to action.  You step out of the known and into the unknown.”  Again, he’s said this how many times the last few months?!?!  And it clicked!

Sidenote, this is going to get very personal very quickly.  If you follow my blogs, you may have noticed that I’ve been struggling very much the past two months.  A series of really unfortunate circumstances and events have blindsided me in the one area of my life that I thought to be impenetrable.  To sum up, without too much detail, my family has been broken apart by circumstances that we are dealing with concerning our children.  Starting next week, half of my family will be living with me at our home and the other half will be living in a nearby apartment with my husband (we are a blended family so my stepchildren and husband will be temporarily moving out).

At first, I resisted absolutely everything.  Then I became compassionate and decided to wrap everyone in an envelope of love.  I’m sincerely supportive of this decision now and I’m using what we’ve learned in the Master Keys daily (sometimes it seems like I’m using and redirecting my thoughts by the minute honestly).  Next week is going to be rough watching three of my boys move out while three of us stay back but I feel whole which leads me to this epiphany…”something happens…call to action…step out of the known into the unknown.”  Do you see it?  WOW!  Guys, I’m officially in the Hero’s Journey!!!

Week 20 Master Key Experience – The Seat Of The Soul

A dear friend of mine recommended a book by Gary Zukav entitled, “The Seat of the Soul” a few months back.  I saw the book at the used book store shortly after she mentioned it and I purchased it.  It has been sitting on my bookshelf since December with plenty of other books I’m planning to read.  I read at least a book per week but I tend to accumulate titles faster than I read them (hahahaha).

Anywho, I had a dream the other night of a man lecturing about compassion, heart, and soul.  Then the next day, I saw the recommended book at the local bookstore.  Last night, I had reserved the “Hero’s Journey” DVD from the library and watched it.  Joseph Campbell was talking about an entirely unrelated subject when he literally (folks, I mean literally) said, “….seat of the soul.”  Now clearly this is not a normal phrase to say so I immediately went to my bookshelf and started reading.  There is so much to be said about synchronicities when you recognize them.

I’m only halfway through but I strongly recommend this book.  It speaks volumes to what we are learning in the Master Key Experience.  I could probably write one full blog entry for each chapter in this book so it’s difficult to condense the chapters I’ve read so far.

Of particular interest to me was the chapter on “Intention I.”  The author states,

“Not all forms are physical.  A thought, for example, is a form.  What is a thought formed out of?  A thought is energy, or Light, that has been shaped by consciousness.  No form exists without consciousness.  There is Light, and there is the shaping of Light by consciousness.  This is creation.”

“You are a dynamic being of Light that at each moment informs the energy that flows through you.  You do this with each thought, with each intention.

The Light that flows through your system is Universal Energy.  It is the Light of the Universe.  You give that Light form.  What you feel, what you think, how you behave, what you value and how you live your life reflect the way that you are shaping the Light that is flowing through you.  They are the thought forms, the feeling forms and the action forms that you have given to Light.  You change the way that you shape the Light which is flowing through you by changing your consciousness.”

“Every experience, and every change in your experience, reflects an intention.  An intention is not only a desire.  It is the use of your will.”

“It is human nature to resist change, but, if you accept it, your intention will manifest physically.  It will assume a physical form.”

“You create your reality with your intentions.  How does this happen?  Intentions shape Light.  They set Light into motion.  Each intention-anger, greed, jealousy, compassion, understanding-sets energy into motion, sets patterns of Light into motion.  Physical matter is the densest, or heaviest, level of Light.”

Again, I could go on and on.  The chapters on Karma, Intuition, Heart, the second chapter on Intention…so far, this book has been a blessing.  It has reaffirmed many principles Mark and Davene teach and has put a fresh spin on them to drive them in.  It’s sort of like “rearranging the furniture” that they have us do with our shapes :)


Week 19 Master Key Experience – Polarity



In the Master Key lesson this week, we learned the following:

“In the physical world there are innumerable contrasts, and these may for convenience sake, be designated by distinctive names.  There are sizes, colors, shades or end to all things.  There is a North Pole and a South Pole, an inside and an outside, a seen and an unseen, but these expressions merely serve to place extremes in contrast.

They are the names given to two different parts of one quantity.  The two extremes are relative, they are not separate entities, but are two parts or aspects of the whole.

In the mental world we find the same law; we speak of knowledge and ignorance, but ignorance is but a lack of knowledge and is therefore found to be simply a word to express the absence of knowledge; it has no principle in itself.”

I love the Master Key lessons because I get them.  I read them and I understand them, but I yearn to get to the point where I live them daily without thinking about it.  I catch myself many times daily switching/controlling/delegating/pleading with my thoughts and I know this is a great step in higher spirituality.  I am the observer!

This week’s lesson was of particular importance for me to read because it taught me a game changer – that the perceived negative extreme of anything is just the lack of the positive extreme.  The negative condition has no principle, vitality, or life because it can always be destroyed by the positive condition:  good destroys evil, truth destroys error, and light destroys darkness.  It so damn simple yet not so easy, right?

Week 18 Master Key Experience – Boundin’

I find that parenting small children challenges me and puts me at an advantage to grow quite often.  There are many nights of stories, movies, questions, games, and imagination.  I wonder how many adults get the benefit of these beautiful presents wrapped up in everyday life?

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, without going into much detail, my family has been going through some whirlwind changes that are very heavy and I’ve been up and down and all around.  Last night my boys and I were watching a few of Pixar’s short films and we stumbled across on called, “Boundin’” about life’s ups and downs.  If ever there was a four minute lesson I needed, it was this short film….



Here are some of the lyrics…..

“Hey, Kid, why the mope?”

“I used to be something all covered with fluff,
and I’d dance in the sunlight and show off my stuff.
Then they hauled me away in a manner quite rough
and they sheared me and dropped me back here in the buff.
And if that’s not enough, now my friends all laugh at me
’cause they think I look ridiculous, funny and pink.”

“Pink? Pink?! Well, what’s wrong with pink?
Seems you’ve got a pink kink in your think.
Does it matter what color? Well, that gets a ‘nope.’
Be it pink, purple or heliotrope.
Now sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down,
When you find that you’re down, well just look around;
You still got a body, good legs and fine feet.
Get your head in the right place and hey, you’re complete!

“Now as for the dancin’, you can do more.
You can reach great heights, in fact you can soar.
You just get a leg up and you slap it on down,
and you’ll find you’re up in what’s called a bound.
Bound, bound, and rebound,
bound and you’re up right next to the sky.
And I think you can do it if you give it a try.
First get a leg up, slap it on down.”

So every year, ‘long about May,
they’d load him up and they’d haul him away,
and they’d shave him and dump him all naked and bare.
He learned to live with it, he didn’t care.
He just bound, bound, bound, and rebound.

Now in this world of ups and downs,
so nice to know there are jackalopes around.

 I’m not going to pretend I’m better than this tale of the sheep.  I, too, was feeling like they sheared me and dropped me in the buff for all to judge (including myself).  And I was down…so down.  I needed that jackalope to remind me that I had a pink kink in my think!  He’s right after all.  Sometimes I’m up and sometimes I’m down and when I’m down I need to just look around (flip my gratitude cards)…get my head in the right place and hey, I’m complete!!!  As if that wasn’t a big enough lesson, he goes on to say that the sheep is capable of more than the loss he was mourning!  He can reach great heights, in fact he can soar.  How incredible a lesson. I love this short film!  Bound, bound, bound, and rebound!

Week 17 HJ Master Key Experience – What to do? What to do?

A while back, a dear friend of mine gifted me a box of tarot cards.  My initial thoughts were those of witchcraft and cauldrons of green potion.  Interestingly and funny enough, she bought me a pack of “witch” tarot cards (or perhaps I manifested them haha).  I found out that they have pretty much any theme tarot cards you can imagine: classic, musical, animal, glittery, plain, angelic, scientific, you name it and they probably make them.

The deck came with a book for easy use and interpretation (thank goodness).  From time to time I take them out after meditating and pick a card.  When I read the corresponding description, I find my mind being open to different avenues of thought.  It is like a non-judgmental conversation with a close friend.  The beautiful illustrations tickle my senses and I start to entertain the questions and thoughts they bring up.

I found myself this past week re-exploring my DMP.  I sat on it, I talked it over with a few people and I meditated.  This morning, I broke out the box of tarot cards and pulled out the Two of Wands.  From the book, here’s the description:


This young sage has the whole world at his feet – he only has to choose which way to go. The future is an open book, a blank slate full of possibilities.  He ponders them all, wondering which path will bring success and happiness.  After all, he wants to be sure he chooses the right one.  But you have to wonder how long he has been standing there trying to make this decision or if, in fact, he will ever actually pick one and get on with it.

Things to consider:  It is a wonderful thing to have a number of choices, especially if they are all good options.  Pondering all the options and planning for the future is a sign of wisdom and maturity, and we all want to be sure we make the right selection when faced with an important decision.  But sooner or later you have to actually pick something.  Are you dreaming your life away lost in possibilities?  Do you spend more time thinking of the future than actually living in the present and are you really getting ready to make a move?  Only you can decide if now is the right time, but don’t wait forever.

I must say that I’m not at all surprised I picked this card.  It’s all about energy.  I needed to read those questions and I find it very fitting given all of the resistence I’ve felt this week as we discussed the Hero’s Journey.  I think the takeaway is that it’s good to contemplate my options, but choosing to take the Hero’s Journey must occur sooner or later.

Week 17 Master Key Experience – Nature’s Greatest Brainiac


While reading a book on the “basic” (yea right, but that’s the title of the chart) facts of your brain, I stumbled across this:

Your brain is three pounds of tofu-like tissue containing 1.1 trillion cells, including 100 billion neurons.  On average, each neuron receives about five thousand connections, called synapses, from other neurons.

The number of possible combinations of 100 billion neurons firing or not is approximately 10 to the millionth power or 1 followed by a million zeros, in principle, this is the number of possible states of your brain.  To put this quantity in perspective, the number of atoms in the universe is estimated to be “only” about 10 to the eightieth power (Hanson).

tumblr_nx1rz2R5Fb1rlq1j6o1_500I’d be hard pressed to think that, after reading this,  anyone could deny that we are truly and unequivocally nature’s greatest miracle.  If self doubt and past experiences keep weaseling into your thoughts (as they oftentimes do into my own), then I suggest reading that blurb again.  I know that I cannot deny science and numbers.  Those astonishing numbers are scientific proof when I’m feeling a little down and out that,

None that came before, none that live today, and none that come tomorrow can walk and talk and move and think exactly like me.

meditation-brainI am certainly not here by chance and neither are you.  We are miracles and I want you to join me in being grateful for our beautiful miraculousness.  Let’s make a pact that we continue to change our brain’s composition.  Let’s take the reins of our minds and steer our thoughts back on course.  We are already miracles now.  Can you imagine the miracles we can become?!?!



Week 16 Master Key Experience – Putting In The Work


Being an observer of life, I’m sure you have noticed that people who are moody tend to stay moody and people who are bubbly tend to stay bubbly.  The Laws of the Mind back these observations up and this lady right here assumed kindness week would be a shoo-in because kindness naturally occurs from me and towards me.

Imagine my surprise when I couldn’t seem to get my s#*t together!  Now I’m not saying that I was grumpy for no reason.  What I’m talking about is the s#*tstorm that was funneling around me, debris still managing to strike me with every shelter I put up until finally my defenses seemed exhausted and the mood…oh the mood mood MOOD that followed!

Quite honestly, I was forcing everything.  I was forcing kindness when I just wanted to crawl in a hole.  I was forcing smiles when I just wanted to cry.  I was forcing work when I wanted to rest.  I was forcing family time when I needed alone time.  And then it happened last night, I finally broke.  Mentally fatigued with emotions that had been held in for several weeks, I lost my cool and flipped out.  And then I cried…like a baby…for 30 minutes.  Let me tell you that crying, as an adult, for thirty minutes is E-X-H-A-U-S-T-I-N-G!

This morning I woke up with eyelids that resembled half-melted marshmallows and gave myself a pep talk in the mirror.  I thought about this quote:

Kindness is just love with its work boots on.

I guess the realization that hit me was it’s OK to change my shoes when I need to.  There’s no real point in picking up horse manure in high heels.  Even if I can, it doesn’t mean I should.  In other words, I know it’s kindness week and I know the assignments, but forcing myself to go above and beyond in the middle of a s#*tstorm just wasn’t necessary.  Love is all around me every day and I show kindness daily in my volunteering and RAOK already.  I think the best kindness I can do is take care of myself when the weather changes so I’m 100%.  I was too focused on trying to change the outside (per our assignment) instead of keeping the energy inside calm And letting it flow naturally.


Also, I’m restarting the Mental Diet today.  I think a lot of the frustration that I experienced from other people’s drama last week could have been avoided if I would have been following the  Mental Diet.

Week 15 Master Key Experience – Toolbox Expansion

This week, I saw a small “basic thesaurus” on sale for $0.99 at the thrift store.  Although a condensed version, my intention when I purchased it was to expand my toolbox.  The MKE has been gifting me with so many handy tools and I’ve been tinkering with them daily for the last 15 weeks.  Silly to say, I don’t know that I’ve added much to my own toolbox.  A thesaurus is just the ticket!


What great timing to add some dimension to my toolbox.  Week 15 in the Master Key Lesson reiterates the importance of words,

Words are thoughts and are therefore an invisible and invincible power which will finally objectify themselves in the form they are given.

The importance of choosing the correct words is not new to us and I am proud to say that I’ve been the observer of my language since we began this journey in the fall.  It’s great to be the observer but I want to grow!  I looked up the word ‘grow’ in my thesaurus and I observed abundance.  It turns out that a thesaurus is simply an abundance of words!  This is what my thesaurus had to say to me,

Grow (v.) advance, arise, augment, become, branch out, breed, broaden, burgeon, cultivate, develop, diversify, enlarge, evolve, expand, extend, farm, flourish, flower, germinate, get, heighten, improve, increase, issue, mature, multiply, nurture, originate, produce, progress, proliferate, propagate, prosper, raise, ripen, rise, shoot, spread, spring, sprout, stem, stretch, succeed, swell, thicken, thrive, turn, vegetate, widen

Yes, I love this.  I am cultivating my spirit within, finding abundance in the small powerful things like language.




Week 14 Master Key Experience – Synchronicity


This week is our “week off” and much has been going on.  In this time where it is so easy to get overwhelmed with holiday happenings, I found myself having this incredible urge to take a few moments to myself and run to the used bookstore here in Napa.


As I was browsing the ”spirituality” section, I looked down to find the Greatest Salesman book laying on top of the bottom shelf of neatly lined up books.  I picked it up and happily chuckled to myself.  I put in back down and looked two shelves up to find an Emmet Fox book.  Bingo!  I grabbed it, thumbed through it, and saw writen in the margin on page 120, “call to action.”  Hmmmm, first Og then one of Mark’s “Hero’s Journey” metaphors.  Truth be told, it had me at Emmet Fox but the rest was just the icing on the cake.  I checked out and went to the local park to read a little bit.  When I opened up the book, the salesperson placed my receipt in page 32, Chapter 3:  Thoughts Are Things.  Oh, this is too good not to share, I thought!


I fired up Marco Polo and told my tribe all about this experience.  The tribe I’m in just happens to have Davene in it and she responded back, “That looks exactly like Mark’s handwriting.”  I responded with flipping through the book to show all of the squiggly underlines and unique, weird-looking star things in the margins.  A little while later, Davene and Mark confirmed it was his book.  He showed examples from his library of the same squiggly underlines and unique, weird-looking star things in the margins.

Holy s*#t, I just manifested Mark’s old book in California of all places.  I finished reading that book in two days and it is AMAZING!  It’s called “The Ten Commandments:  The Master Key To Life.”  Please please please read it.  If it bothers you to read “God” then change it to “The Universal Mind” or whatever you believe in as it is full of prolific interpretation.


Week 13 Master Key Experience – To NARC Or Not To NARC

To NARC or not to NARC…that is a great question!  I’ve read about “Neurological Associative Reactive Conditioning” before.  Tony Robbins coined the term “Neuro Associative Conditioning” to describe what Mark and Davene taught this week in the MKE.  Tony Robbins lists the steps to this life changer as follows:

  1. Decide what you really want and what is preventing you from having it now.
  2. Get leverage.  Associate “massive pain” to not changing now and “massive pleasure” to changing now.
  3. Interrupt the limiting pattern.
  4. Create a new empowering alternative.
  5. Condition the pattern until it is consistent.
  6. Test it!

Mark gave great insight into his version of NARC and suggested I throw away my DMP, feel the pain, and charge it with negativity.  The next step is to act upon my limiting pattern.  When I do this, I associate enormous pleasure with completing this task and I get to pick my DMP back out of the trash.

I decided to give it a whirl and I combined both gentleman’s ideas.

First, I decided that what I really want most on my DMP is to be a best selling author.  My limiting pattern stumped me for a bit because I was thinking too much.  It is as simple as:  I don’t set aside time to write every single day.


Next, getting my leverage on.  I needed to experiment a bit with this one.  I thought throwing away my DMP and MKE lessons would cause me humiliation and pain but it didn’t do the trick.  I tried for two days and realized that I knew deep down that I had extra copies of my notecards, DMP, shapes hanging on the wall, compass around my neck, etc etc.  So I did the unthinkable.  “Sometimes you have to kill your darlings” echoed in my mind.  Oh my gosh…no, don’t do it!  I walked over to my bookshelf and took every book, one by one down, and threw them away.  By the second shelf, I was crying.  Some of these books are irreplaceable:  gifts from loved ones, signed copies, pages dog-eared and highlighted.  Well, THAT did the trick!



As I stood over my trash, I told myself that only a brilliant and disciplined author deserves this beautiful library and writing at least 600 words daily is the key.  So I did.  After I was done, I picked up every book and placed it back on the shelf.  I felt dignified and beamed with satisfaction.


As of the writing of this post, I am happy to say that I’ve only had to experience that pain once to keep me on track writing every day.  Unlike Mark’s example, I don’t dislike my limiting pattern which is why I was initially stumped.  I didn’t write everyday for all of the usual reasons:  kids, work, cooking, cleaning, exercise, etc.  This NARC exercise put my soul into my DMP.  Thank you MKE, thank you!