Week 16 Master Key Experience – Putting In The Work


Being an observer of life, I’m sure you have noticed that people who are moody tend to stay moody and people who are bubbly tend to stay bubbly.  The Laws of the Mind back these observations up and this lady right here assumed kindness week would be a shoo-in because kindness naturally occurs from me and towards me.

Imagine my surprise when I couldn’t seem to get my s#*t together!  Now I’m not saying that I was grumpy for no reason.  What I’m talking about is the s#*tstorm that was funneling around me, debris still managing to strike me with every shelter I put up until finally my defenses seemed exhausted and the mood…oh the mood mood MOOD that followed!

Quite honestly, I was forcing everything.  I was forcing kindness when I just wanted to crawl in a hole.  I was forcing smiles when I just wanted to cry.  I was forcing work when I wanted to rest.  I was forcing family time when I needed alone time.  And then it happened last night, I finally broke.  Mentally fatigued with emotions that had been held in for several weeks, I lost my cool and flipped out.  And then I cried…like a baby…for 30 minutes.  Let me tell you that crying, as an adult, for thirty minutes is E-X-H-A-U-S-T-I-N-G!

This morning I woke up with eyelids that resembled half-melted marshmallows and gave myself a pep talk in the mirror.  I thought about this quote:

Kindness is just love with its work boots on.

I guess the realization that hit me was it’s OK to change my shoes when I need to.  There’s no real point in picking up horse manure in high heels.  Even if I can, it doesn’t mean I should.  In other words, I know it’s kindness week and I know the assignments, but forcing myself to go above and beyond in the middle of a s#*tstorm just wasn’t necessary.  Love is all around me every day and I show kindness daily in my volunteering and RAOK already.  I think the best kindness I can do is take care of myself when the weather changes so I’m 100%.  I was too focused on trying to change the outside (per our assignment) instead of keeping the energy inside calm And letting it flow naturally.


Also, I’m restarting the Mental Diet today.  I think a lot of the frustration that I experienced from other people’s drama last week could have been avoided if I would have been following the  Mental Diet.

Week 15 Master Key Experience – Toolbox Expansion

This week, I saw a small “basic thesaurus” on sale for $0.99 at the thrift store.  Although a condensed version, my intention when I purchased it was to expand my toolbox.  The MKE has been gifting me with so many handy tools and I’ve been tinkering with them daily for the last 15 weeks.  Silly to say, I don’t know that I’ve added much to my own toolbox.  A thesaurus is just the ticket!


What great timing to add some dimension to my toolbox.  Week 15 in the Master Key Lesson reiterates the importance of words,

Words are thoughts and are therefore an invisible and invincible power which will finally objectify themselves in the form they are given.

The importance of choosing the correct words is not new to us and I am proud to say that I’ve been the observer of my language since we began this journey in the fall.  It’s great to be the observer but I want to grow!  I looked up the word ‘grow’ in my thesaurus and I observed abundance.  It turns out that a thesaurus is simply an abundance of words!  This is what my thesaurus had to say to me,

Grow (v.) advance, arise, augment, become, branch out, breed, broaden, burgeon, cultivate, develop, diversify, enlarge, evolve, expand, extend, farm, flourish, flower, germinate, get, heighten, improve, increase, issue, mature, multiply, nurture, originate, produce, progress, proliferate, propagate, prosper, raise, ripen, rise, shoot, spread, spring, sprout, stem, stretch, succeed, swell, thicken, thrive, turn, vegetate, widen

Yes, I love this.  I am cultivating my spirit within, finding abundance in the small powerful things like language.




Week 14 Master Key Experience – Synchronicity


This week is our “week off” and much has been going on.  In this time where it is so easy to get overwhelmed with holiday happenings, I found myself having this incredible urge to take a few moments to myself and run to the used bookstore here in Napa.


As I was browsing the ”spirituality” section, I looked down to find the Greatest Salesman book laying on top of the bottom shelf of neatly lined up books.  I picked it up and happily chuckled to myself.  I put in back down and looked two shelves up to find an Emmet Fox book.  Bingo!  I grabbed it, thumbed through it, and saw writen in the margin on page 120, “call to action.”  Hmmmm, first Og then one of Mark’s “Hero’s Journey” metaphors.  Truth be told, it had me at Emmet Fox but the rest was just the icing on the cake.  I checked out and went to the local park to read a little bit.  When I opened up the book, the salesperson placed my receipt in page 32, Chapter 3:  Thoughts Are Things.  Oh, this is too good not to share, I thought!


I fired up Marco Polo and told my tribe all about this experience.  The tribe I’m in just happens to have Davene in it and she responded back, “That looks exactly like Mark’s handwriting.”  I responded with flipping through the book to show all of the squiggly underlines and unique, weird-looking star things in the margins.  A little while later, Davene and Mark confirmed it was his book.  He showed examples from his library of the same squiggly underlines and unique, weird-looking star things in the margins.

Holy s*#t, I just manifested Mark’s old book in California of all places.  I finished reading that book in two days and it is AMAZING!  It’s called “The Ten Commandments:  The Master Key To Life.”  Please please please read it.  If it bothers you to read “God” then change it to “The Universal Mind” or whatever you believe in as it is full of prolific interpretation.


Week 13 Master Key Experience – To NARC Or Not To NARC

To NARC or not to NARC…that is a great question!  I’ve read about “Neurological Associative Reactive Conditioning” before.  Tony Robbins coined the term “Neuro Associative Conditioning” to describe what Mark and Davene taught this week in the MKE.  Tony Robbins lists the steps to this life changer as follows:

  1. Decide what you really want and what is preventing you from having it now.
  2. Get leverage.  Associate “massive pain” to not changing now and “massive pleasure” to changing now.
  3. Interrupt the limiting pattern.
  4. Create a new empowering alternative.
  5. Condition the pattern until it is consistent.
  6. Test it!

Mark gave great insight into his version of NARC and suggested I throw away my DMP, feel the pain, and charge it with negativity.  The next step is to act upon my limiting pattern.  When I do this, I associate enormous pleasure with completing this task and I get to pick my DMP back out of the trash.

I decided to give it a whirl and I combined both gentleman’s ideas.

First, I decided that what I really want most on my DMP is to be a best selling author.  My limiting pattern stumped me for a bit because I was thinking too much.  It is as simple as:  I don’t set aside time to write every single day.


Next, getting my leverage on.  I needed to experiment a bit with this one.  I thought throwing away my DMP and MKE lessons would cause me humiliation and pain but it didn’t do the trick.  I tried for two days and realized that I knew deep down that I had extra copies of my notecards, DMP, shapes hanging on the wall, compass around my neck, etc etc.  So I did the unthinkable.  “Sometimes you have to kill your darlings” echoed in my mind.  Oh my gosh…no, don’t do it!  I walked over to my bookshelf and took every book, one by one down, and threw them away.  By the second shelf, I was crying.  Some of these books are irreplaceable:  gifts from loved ones, signed copies, pages dog-eared and highlighted.  Well, THAT did the trick!



As I stood over my trash, I told myself that only a brilliant and disciplined author deserves this beautiful library and writing at least 600 words daily is the key.  So I did.  After I was done, I picked up every book and placed it back on the shelf.  I felt dignified and beamed with satisfaction.


As of the writing of this post, I am happy to say that I’ve only had to experience that pain once to keep me on track writing every day.  Unlike Mark’s example, I don’t dislike my limiting pattern which is why I was initially stumped.  I didn’t write everyday for all of the usual reasons:  kids, work, cooking, cleaning, exercise, etc.  This NARC exercise put my soul into my DMP.  Thank you MKE, thank you!

Week 12 Master Key Experience – A Wolf Among Sheep

For years I have listened to motivational YouTube videos while I run, videos that combine motivational words of wisdom with instrumental music in the background.  I found some time ago that music, while exercising, doesn’t pump me up as much as listening to something that triggers my brain and gets me thinking.  Not too surprising given I’m keenly cerebral.  Imagine my surprise when Mark and Davene suggested coupling our DMP to music!  Unknowingly, I’ve been using this style of learning for years while I run.



One of my favorite YouTube authors is Ed Pinero, creator of the Your World Within channel.  Please check him out if you have a chance.  His Channel is my go-to while exercising and has provided me with countless hours of inspiration.  The other day I listened to his video entitled, “A Wolf Among Sheep.”  A video that I have listened to many times before coupled with the knowledge we’ve learned through the MKE equates to listening to every word deeply as if the Universe is speaking to me directly.  I urge you to spend the 3 1/2 minutes on this video, close your eyes, and feel the words dance through your head.  I have included the link to the video above as well as the transcript of the video below:

They said I’d never get to this point, but here I stand

They warned that success is unlikely, that victory is improbable, and maybe so, but if this was for everyone, I wouldn’t want it

They pointed to their own limitations and proclaimed them to be mine

But that’s the thing about limits; they’ll exist wherever you place them, and I have placed mine behind me

Human beings make things unnecessarily complicated

Instead of drawing a direct line from point A to point B, we create 100 reasons why it’s too hard, too tough

We construct distractions

There is no hard, there is no easy

There is the goal, the price that must be paid, and the eyes observing from a distance, wondering just maybe, if they could do the same

The saying goes that a wolf need not concern himself with the opinions of sheep

That those who watch and admire are often the first to throw stones, to criticize, to condemn

Listening to them contradicts the very thing that gives the wolf its power, its strength

His ascent is threatening not because he is like everyone else, but because he dares to be different

There will be a point when the mountains tower over you, the oceans obstruct your way, and the masses tell you no


Right now is not a decision that involves debate

This is no democracy, this is a promise unfolding before your very eyes

This is truth, the new reality

Its about embracing what makes you different, not hiding from it

I’m fighting for separation, walking into what most avoid, in pursuit of a return that most can only dream of

And as far as I’m concerned you can either do the same or spend your life criticizing and wishing that you did

Sheep stay within the confines of what they know, angry at those who left, who wanted more, yet angrier at themselves for staying right where they are

This is all we get; one rodeo

One opportunity

So before you make your next move, look hard at your reflection and ask yourself, “Are you a wolf, or a sheep?”

Live Accordingly

Mark asks us how we are linking what we’re learning in the MKE.  Sometimes I find it difficult to describe all of the linking my brain does automatically throughout the day.  Other times, as with this video, I find myself automatically linking then being driven to link more.  I watched this video several times then wrote out the transcript and did my sit with it.  Here’s my brain dump after my sit:




Thank you Mark, Davene, Dayna, and my Mastermind Alliances.  I love when Mark says, “Peace be the journey” for I am loving that this journey is so awesome.  Here’s to understanding that the mechanism is perfect and the operator just needs a little more experience…the Master Key Experience!



Week 11 Master Key Experience – The Laws And Manifestation

As it goes from time to time – life happens.  I would have said, “Shit happens” but I’m sticking with life because we all know life gives us hills, mountains, rivers, valleys, etc and is all encompassing.


So where have I been?  Well, I’ve been here.  I’ve been listening to Marco Polo’s in my mastermind groups, I’ve been observing shapes and colors, I’ve been doing the readings (albeit not perfectly), but most importantly I’ve been the observer.



Mark talks of being the observer and the watchman at the gate frequently.  Up until this past week, I sort of blew it off.  Then THIS happened in the past ten days:

  • two deaths at work (I typically only have one death every 1-2 years total)
  • being called in for late night/early morning/overnight emergency after emergency at the hospital
  • another job contract to a third hospital that would increase my days on call
  • a close friend’s family tragedy and daily support of their two young children
  • feeding the mourning family and extended family daily
  • helping with hospice care for the family between the scheduled nurse visits


By the time Monday rolled around, I was done.  I was emotionally wiped out.  I was in tears, fatigued, and angry at times.  I hadn’t seen my children since Thursday night.  In the midst of the chaos, a friend of mine suggested that perhaps I sit on the Law of Growth and the Law of Substitution.

You see, I‘ve been thinking and talking to a few close friends for the past year about wanting to retire from my current position at the hospital for a life of autonomy.  I’ve been feeling quite guilty for this want because I am sincerely blessed with a career that most people dream about -yet- I am over the leash that comes with being on call 20+ days per month.  Being tied down by call and having to have a 30 minute response time to the hospital is taking a toll on me.  Then the perfect storm of the past ten days occurred….more call, more emergencies, more death and poor outcomes.


Holy crap subby, I get it.  OK Law of Growth and Law of Substitution, I get it.  What I think about grows.  Both ways:  good or bad.  I’m owning it and I’m owning it completely.  My watchman at the gate is now officially on duty!

My lesson….talking about what I don’t like in my career as reasoning for wanting a new career brought about, and surrounded me with, more of thease conditions and perfectly snowballed it to the worst version of abundance.  Man I’m good at manifesting!  Hahaha.  So here’s to manifesting my DMP and using the Law of Substitution and my watchman to allow only thoughts in that support my PPN’s.



Week 10 Master Key Experience – Universal Spirit (World Within) and the Universe (World Without)

Week 10 was a beautiful week in my MKE journey, perhaps the most fulfilling week thus far. After some slip ups the week of Thanksgiving, I began my week anew. I was feeling refreshed, motivated, and most of all the Law of Forgiveness was in full motion. I did not beat myself up for the lax experienced during the holiday week. I simply became the observer, expressed gratitude for being fully present with company, forgave, and pressed on.

On Monday, I was greeted with new mastermind partners and relationships began evolving. It’s inspiring to talk face-to-face via Marco Polo to others going through their own MKE journey. While we are all in different stages of our “Hero’s Journey,” I am positive all in the mastermind will bring much to the table and this excites me.

Lastly, we had our tribe meeting on Thursday and it was full of so much life: stories, jokes, questions, laughter, fun, sadness, and differing opinions. It’s remarkable that you can squeeze all of that into 40 minutes with no judgements and get off the call feeling great.

Which brings me to now. Now, I’m on a plane heading from California to Ohio pondering what to blog about and I feel drawn to communicate that I hit a new understanding in my Master Key lesson, specifically:

If the soul of the Universe as we know it is the Universal Spirit, then the Universe is simply the condition which the Universal Spirit has made for itself. We are simply individualized spirit and are creating the conditions for our growth in exactly the same way.

Profound. Just as we create our own conditions, the world within is reflected by the world without, so does the Universe?!? Wow! The world within (the Universal Spirit) is reflected by the world without (the Universe – that vast deep, dark, star and galaxy studded beauty). My respect for this sentence in the MK lesson cannot be quantified with words. While I admit that I have, and do, understand the weekly MK lessons, this single passage is my key to the big leagues. Coupling and personifying the grandiose Universal Spirit/Universe with my own soul/environment is a magnificent statement that I am forever grateful to deeply understand :)



Week 9 Master Key Experience – Best Affirmation EVER!


I’ve written and rewritten this blog entry four times now and I have finally realized that the reason I keep going back to it is because I don’t need to expand on it.  I believe in the simplicity and perfection of this affirmation.  It speaks to me as being both all-encompassing and simplistic…quite a feat for an eight word affirmation!

I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, and Happy

Week 8 Master Key Experience – Feed Your Focus


I felt so alive this last week, so motivated and creative.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was different at first, but halfway through the week, I realized that I was excelling at feeding my focus.  I woke up at least an hour earlier than normal every day which is not a small feat for me.  On days I work, this means a 4am wake up and on non-work days (yes, even on the weekend) I was awake by 5:30 am.  This allowed me to plan out my day on paper.

I am queen of putting a lot on my plate and when I woke up an hour earlier than my normal and sat down to write out my ‘to do’ list, I asked myself if task x, y, z fed one of my PPN’s.  If yes, awesome!  If no, does it NEED to be done or is it busy work?  One small task at a time, each day last week, I starved my distractions and fed my focus!



What’s neat is that things are clicking for me little-by-little.  I’m finally feeling…with EN-THUUUUUU-SIASM…the connection to my DMP!  And I’m getting the whole PPN thing.  By Friday, I found myself excited to wake up at 4am.  Before my alarm would have normally gone off to get ready for the day, I was already up, day planned, and I found myself reading, hot cup of tea in hand under a cozy blanket, dark outside, breathing in the crisp morning air.  The calmness of the extra morning hour was inspiring!


Week 7 Master Key Experience – Architecture vs Engineering

Part Seven of the Master Keys really spoke to me.  Visualization is something I so want to succeed at and I know I will some day.  I do well with analogies and I liked the architect analogy used this week.  Hannel states:

The first step is idealization.  It is likewise the most important step, because it is the plan on which you are going to build.  It must be solid; it must be permanent.  The architect, when he plans a 30-story building, has every line and detail pictured in advance.

This got me to thinking about the difference between architects and engineers so, of course, I googled it.  The very first page that popped up stated:

An architect will usually focus on the aesthetics of the building, including its appearance and function. An engineer, on the other hand, will oversee the implementation of the architect’s plans, determining what is physically possible, what materials will be used, and how issues of practicality and safety will be resolved.

The architect sees and visualizes a masterpiece and has faith that the end product will be exactly as he envisions.  How special is this ability?  How cool is this career?  To be able to see something so vividly without knowing the logistics of the “in between” is an art that I truly wish to master.

Which brings me to…well…me!  Guess who has a Bachelors in Engineering?!?  Hahaha.  I’ve been living and breathing engineering for the last 16+ years professionally and the last 25+ years by virtue of my family of engineers.  Suffice it to say, my brain has been classically trained to see “an idea” and then wire together every possible problem/solution/materials/etc.  I knew starting this course that part of my cement is visualizing grand, beautiful futures for myself without worrying about the means to get there.  I’ve been struggling with this honestly, but when I read the Master Keys this week I finally took a deep breath and forgave myself for my wiring….not only the normal, everyday wiring that we are all struggling with but also my career training troubleshooting every angle of a project until I’m convinced it Is safe.  In hindsight, it’s quite the opposite of what Haanel teaches us.

The “A-ha” moment this week occurred when I read this in the Master Keys:

If you are not sure, return to the chair daily until the picture becomes plain; it will gradually unfold; first the general plan will be dim, but it will take shape, the outline will take form, then the details, and you will gradually develop the power by which you will be enabled to formulate plans which will eventually materialize in the objective world.

And so I return to the chair until I have mastered this.  It make take another few weeks or another few months but I WILL master this!!!