Week 14

The Holidays are over, the family is gone, the year is almost over and a new one about to begin.

Oh the Holidays. The hustle and bustle. Some people are so Happy and cheery and others have dread and grumpy. What makes the holidays bring out such emotion and anxiety?

All the reading and reflecting and no opinions make this Holiday season and interesting one. What is important? What do I want? Why are things important this time of year? Why does family get crazy?

As I kid you believe, you dream, you wish, you know without a shadow of doubt that if you tell Santa what you want somehow you are going to wake up Christmas morning and it will be there. You know your family will be there, there will be tons of food, laughter.

Then you are an adult and the things you looked forward to you now dread. There are family members you are just not as excited to see. Who will be the one to start the drama. What do you give, why do you give? You don’t even see these people all year.

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