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Week 17 Hero’s Journey

What is a Hero?

  1. 1.
    a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
    How interesting, a hero can really be anyone. It can be you. In a world where everyone is looking for a Hero to save them, to change a situation or the world, why not be the Hero. Why not be your own Hero?
    This week I had the privilege of attending a live show called ROAR – Fierce Female Storytelling. As I sat there listening to the 5 women and looking around the theater I realized how amazing each and every person is. Everyone is on their own Hero’s journey. These women stood in front of a large crowd bearing their souls and deepest secrets and tragedies and their fight to be true and whole. Facing adversity and doubt from their closest friends and family. The audience each on their own journey and at their own stage of the way, listening for the something they can connect with, for the one line that let’s them know they are ok, things will get better.
    I just love the way I see people now, with so much more depth and understanding, listening to what lies beneath the surface. People and life are fascinating, I am glad to be on this wonderful journey and the greatest Hero of my own journey.
    Where will your Journey take you?
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Week 17 Sharing the love & knowledge

Last week our group works on Kindness, seeing it, sharing it, acknowledging it.  Wow, what an amazing week and it makes one wonder, why don’t we do this all the time? It is so easy to be kind, and it goes such a long way.

I decided as part of my kindness I would share some of the awesome affirmations that we have learned. My salon team already knows “Do It Now” the say it all day long, so this week I decide to write ” I am whole perfect powerful strong loving harmonious and happy” on our break room chalk board. I figure well at least they will see it, maybe think about it, maybe read it a few times, maybe that subby will do its thing and it will start working on their thoughts.

What happens??? This



I almost wanted to cry, through out the week they added more, beautiful positive affirmations. The culture has been changing over the last few months, all the things they teased me about “being positive” are now rubbing off.

I can’t wait to see what happens next…..

Week 16 – Look at your self

This week has been interesting. There have been a few Ah-ha’s the past few days.

My year began with a few bumps, I asked my employees to do the end of year inventory. which of course needed to be complete and correct by year end. 2 people haphazardly miss count the items, they next person needs the day off and my manager comes down with the flu. Guess who goes in on Sunday to get the job done, the owner (ME). Now I could be mad that I will now spend my Sunday working, at the end of 6 hours at work I come home so relieved and happy, I tell I Jason I have finally figured out what the years inventory problem has been and I fixed about $3,000 in inventory. Not mad that I was there, not mad I had to do it, not mad they did it wrong, it was perfect, I figured out the problem, it all worked out, if all that stuff didn’t happen I would not have gotten it done. I cannot help but think that all this work the last 16 weeks has brought me to a place of peace and comfort in knowing that it was all exactly the way it was suppose to be.


As I listen to others speak about situations in their life, I can’t help but refer to week 16 line 31. The evidence is clear, Natural Law! everything works in perfect harmony with your efforts in life. ” Why do things like this always happen to me?” ” I don’t know but things Like this always happen to people like you”  Why focus on the obstacles? Find the small nuggets in everything you do and revel in them. You are doing it, you are learning and growing every minute, every situation. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, you can make it the best or you can dwell on the crap.

” You better check yourself before you wreck yourself” ~ Ice Cube

Week 15

The more I listen to people the more interesting people become. The more I wonder about life. Why does this time of year cause so many to dreadful and sad. Why do they just want the year to end and say good ridden? They can wait for the new year to start over, and then come December they repeat the same thought and sayings.

At what point do you realize the the date isn’t going to change you? This is where part 14 #4 hits home, we get results in exact accordance with our understanding of the law and our ability to make the proper application. You have to apply the knowledge and change.

One of my favorite quotes seems appropriate this week:

“Be the change you wish to see” ~Gandhi

Week 14

The Holidays are over, the family is gone, the year is almost over and a new one about to begin.

Oh the Holidays. The hustle and bustle. Some people are so Happy and cheery and others have dread and grumpy. What makes the holidays bring out such emotion and anxiety?

All the reading and reflecting and no opinions make this Holiday season and interesting one. What is important? What do I want? Why are things important this time of year? Why does family get crazy?

As I kid you believe, you dream, you wish, you know without a shadow of doubt that if you tell Santa what you want somehow you are going to wake up Christmas morning and it will be there. You know your family will be there, there will be tons of food, laughter.

Then you are an adult and the things you looked forward to you now dread. There are family members you are just not as excited to see. Who will be the one to start the drama. What do you give, why do you give? You don’t even see these people all year.