Week 13

This week as I read I find such truth to the paragraph about the athlete. It holds so much truth in life. So many people feel like they are an expert just by reading an article or a book, without ever experiencing the subject. The real knowledge and growth comes from the practice and the life experiences. Most people would never expect to be a body builder by just reading about it so why would so many think they can run a business or tell others what to do with their life when they have never experienced it. In my industry I see it all the time, ” I watched a youtube video on doing my own color, so I know how to do hair” I had to go to school for 2 years and even then I didn’t fully understand all that it took for a few years later. But, yep you go ahead and color your own hair.

Definitely read and read a lot, research, do your homework, but put it to practice and practice some more. Live it breath it.

Flash back a few weeks to No opinions unless you are an expert. Interesting…

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