Week 12- Power of thought

Glad to be at week 12 and done with 11. I had a hard time getting focused on week 11. I  totally get ”Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them” , heck I know it is true, but the rest??? …eh. I could have been just fine with that one sentence for the whole week.

The power of thought, wow what a concept. It is amazing where your thought can take you. A split second blip in your mind can snow ball into days of thinking about a thing.  What amazes me is how easy and acceptable it is to think and share negative thoughts, share them on social media get others to agree with your thought and negativity. Then you think positively start seeing things different, and people don’t know how to act or think with that. It is so hard to get that ball rolling and growing. People want to know what kind of weird stuff are you in to? Oh that won’t last…

Just imagine what would happen if we could all tweak the power of our thought just a little. If you could be a little more open minded and focus your thoughts in a more positive way, what an amazing thing that could be, what an amazing day that would be, what an amazing world that would be. If only all you needed to do is to try to focus on changing your thoughts ….hmmmm.

If only there was a system, a book, a class that could help people with how they think…

How awesome to know that your thoughts of wanting more, your thoughts of change, brought you here right now on this insane journey of MKMMA. Your thoughts are changing your life right this second

What do you want to think about now?

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