Week 10 Is this Real Life??

I am in the Flow!

The last week has been an Incredible whirlwind. I am living my PPNs & DMP everyday and  I love it.

I meet 2 wonderful ladies who’s passion is to help teens and provide a safe great place to be after school. Jason & I  wanted to help and connect with these awesome kids. We went to the teen center we were excited and nervous about how they would take to us. It was great, we decided to bring supplies to help them make Aromatherapy Bath Soak so they can have a Christmas gift to give their Mom’s. They loved it and actually thanked us at the end. What a great feeling to ” Give a Gift” to 40 kids to ” Give a Gift” to someone else.

The next few days have been right out of my DMP. I have been named Top 200 salon in the Nation, Named Best Salon & Spa in Vancouver from a local magazine, and Business of the Week from the Chamber of Commerce. I threw a Holiday client Appreciation event, to thank everyone who has made this year amazing. We gave out tons of gifts and had a bunch of fellow business people beg to be part and give us prizes and gifts.

To top it off I took the “Liberty” to take today off to enjoy these amazing wins and of  course go network and give back at another Holiday fundraiser for the chamber. BTW I went knowing I would Win a raffle and Heck yeah… I did!

I am Blessed and Living my dream and purpose and I always keep my promises


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