Week 8 – Let the music speak to me

Here we are 8 weeks into the journey of the rest of my life, my dreams, my goals.  This week started with me getting another year older, as I reach 48 with a smile I embrace the journey thus far.

Each morning as I drive to the salon I look for my shapes as I try to sing Do It Now and I can be what I will to be along with my favorite songs. I am an 80′s rock girl so it makes it pretty entertaining.  I have also made my recording of my DMP to 2 different songs. One is used in many motivational videos, very high energy. I was a little embarrassed at first having my husband help me, but got into it so I got over it. Now I am ready to record all of my writings so I can listen to them whenever I want.

Here is the background song I chose https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCebJodm0lY

Another interesting thing my I noticed is how much nonsense people talk about, I mean it really has no meaning or value. Most people really spend most of their time talking about nothing or other people.

I wonder what would happen if everyone spent a week without opinions….

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