Week 3 – Limit 400 words

Let’s all take a moment to Thank and Apologize to Mark, Davene, Dayna and all the MKE guides.

I for one had lots of bad things to say and thoughts of quitting this week. I am sure everyone’s ears were burning. I even sent a huge email to sweet Nancy who agreed to help guide a bunch of us on-top  of her own busy life.

First, What do you want??? Are you kidding? How the heck do I know, I haven’t thought about myself in 25 years.

Second, OK I know what I want. Now write it out but only in 400 words. Oh but wait, it has to have ENTHUSIASM. Oh and it has to be descriptive with dates by when you plan on achieving these.

Third, Good start but MORE details. Close but MORE DETAILS! MORE DETAILS! Oh yeah don’t forget no more then 400 words. Are you Kidding me? One more thing can you tell me what you are sacrificing for all this? How about my patience and sanity?

Finally, Light bulb goes off peace comes over me. I GOT IT ( I hope)

I am still waiting for the stamp of approval, but this one feels right, it sounds right. It flows. I have already had 1 thing come to fruition and working on another.

I know this will be worth ever emotion, feeling and second.


4 thoughts on “Week 3 – Limit 400 words

  1. Yes, Lisa, the precise nature of the DMP is a challenge, and can be somewhat frustrating — to say the least. However, you appear to be handling it well…and well is good… and “good” means better — and better means best!

    You’ve got this!!!

  2. That’s so great to hear you DMP is coming along. I can relate to the frustration. My big struggle was putting in the feelings. I thought I was! Apparently not, but now I’ve figured that part out better. Thank you for being so open about your struggles. It’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth it. Keep it up! I’m looking forward to reading more from you. :)

  3. You say it like it is Lisa. That’s all you can ask of yourself. Do the best that you can because when you do your best, you get better. It’s when you do nothing that becomes nothing. It’s better to have a purpose and change it than to remain lifeless! Keep it up. Cheers

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