Weeek 11

Here we are past the first trimester of MKMMA. We made it through the hardest part of this mysterious mastermind class. What is this, how does it work, what do you want? We have made it through the reading, writing, index cards, late nights, tears and happiness.

There has not been much to report except just going with the flow.

I love reading everyone’s blogs and and can relate to all of them in some way. I cannot wait to see where this class and my desire takes me in the next few weeks

Week 10 Is this Real Life??

I am in the Flow!

The last week has been an Incredible whirlwind. I am living my PPNs & DMP everyday and  I love it.

I meet 2 wonderful ladies who’s passion is to help teens and provide a safe great place to be after school. Jason & I  wanted to help and connect with these awesome kids. We went to the teen center we were excited and nervous about how they would take to us. It was great, we decided to bring supplies to help them make Aromatherapy Bath Soak so they can have a Christmas gift to give their Mom’s. They loved it and actually thanked us at the end. What a great feeling to ” Give a Gift” to 40 kids to ” Give a Gift” to someone else.

The next few days have been right out of my DMP. I have been named Top 200 salon in the Nation, Named Best Salon & Spa in Vancouver from a local magazine, and Business of the Week from the Chamber of Commerce. I threw a Holiday client Appreciation event, to thank everyone who has made this year amazing. We gave out tons of gifts and had a bunch of fellow business people beg to be part and give us prizes and gifts.

To top it off I took the “Liberty” to take today off to enjoy these amazing wins and of  course go network and give back at another Holiday fundraiser for the chamber. BTW I went knowing I would Win a raffle and Heck yeah… I did!

I am Blessed and Living my dream and purpose and I always keep my promises


Week 9 Thankfull

Here we are at the last week of the session. It has been filled with high emotions, planning, reading, reading, reading, webinars. This Thanksgiving has been and interesting blend of peace and gratefulness mixed with complete talking of nonsense.

I have been listening to people more in depth and talking less.. who am I kidding I am not talking any less, I am speaking more selectively. Think before you speak has never meant more than now.

I also feel like my heart is just a little more open and at peace. I feel I have always had an open, giving and grateful heart but now it is a little different. I cannot quite put my finger on it but it has been amazing. I make my decisions a little easier and with love, even the difficult ones.

One thing is for sure, I am Thankful for this journey and the amazing things that have been happening in my life.

Week 8 – Let the music speak to me

Here we are 8 weeks into the journey of the rest of my life, my dreams, my goals.  This week started with me getting another year older, as I reach 48 with a smile I embrace the journey thus far.

Each morning as I drive to the salon I look for my shapes as I try to sing Do It Now and I can be what I will to be along with my favorite songs. I am an 80′s rock girl so it makes it pretty entertaining.  I have also made my recording of my DMP to 2 different songs. One is used in many motivational videos, very high energy. I was a little embarrassed at first having my husband help me, but got into it so I got over it. Now I am ready to record all of my writings so I can listen to them whenever I want.

Here is the background song I chose https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCebJodm0lY

Another interesting thing my I noticed is how much nonsense people talk about, I mean it really has no meaning or value. Most people really spend most of their time talking about nothing or other people.

I wonder what would happen if everyone spent a week without opinions….

Week 7

All you need is LOVE …..

What a great scroll this is. I try remind myself of this every time one of those opinions enters my mind.  Everyone is on their own journey at their own pace, I am working on remember that. Not everyone sees things my way and that is ok.

I have also learned in this week of visualizing my ideal salon, that I am not sure what that looks like. I can see me, I see how successful my team is, but the actual esthetic and design is not quite clear. Is it grand or small, is it simple, contemporary, earthy. The answer is I can see all of those being right. Maybe the answer is I need to have 4 locations so I can have them all. How amazing would that be?

I will sit with that for a while.

Week 5 – So much to do

Here we are at week 5. Read, read, sit, repeat these words, read, read out loud…. it reminds me of my childhood going to Catholic church. Sit, kneel, sit, stand, sing, sit, pray….

The law of giving and receiving has been unbelievable. I have had the pleasure to help some groups and people this month and it feels amazing. In return I have won some raffles, and in a surprising twist a client at my salon wants to give me my dream dog, a purebred show dog, little fluff ball Pomeranian. what the heck??

I have discovered by all these blog posts and writings that I really like to write. Half the time I am crying because I am laughing at what comes out from my hands,  I am surprised what comes out of my mouth also, ironically so are most other people, but I am  Italian so go figure.

I am so proud of the people I know who are taking the leap and taking this class. The journey will be long and hard but so worth the reward. I wish everyone much success with their bliss.

Week 4 What the Heck is Happening

What a week it has been. DMP is done, services are getting done, I am feeling great. I wake up every morning with a Vitality I have never known before.

Colors, shapes and signs are every where.

I have had so many amazing people, opportunities and gifts coming to me. I have strangers come up to me at networking and business events telling me they are intrigued by me and need to get to know me and what I am doing. I have 3 people tell me they want to be more like me.

I have been able to give so much this week it has been amazing.


Week 3 – Limit 400 words

Let’s all take a moment to Thank and Apologize to Mark, Davene, Dayna and all the MKE guides.

I for one had lots of bad things to say and thoughts of quitting this week. I am sure everyone’s ears were burning. I even sent a huge email to sweet Nancy who agreed to help guide a bunch of us on-top  of her own busy life.

First, What do you want??? Are you kidding? How the heck do I know, I haven’t thought about myself in 25 years.

Second, OK I know what I want. Now write it out but only in 400 words. Oh but wait, it has to have ENTHUSIASM. Oh and it has to be descriptive with dates by when you plan on achieving these.

Third, Good start but MORE details. Close but MORE DETAILS! MORE DETAILS! Oh yeah don’t forget no more then 400 words. Are you Kidding me? One more thing can you tell me what you are sacrificing for all this? How about my patience and sanity?

Finally, Light bulb goes off peace comes over me. I GOT IT ( I hope)

I am still waiting for the stamp of approval, but this one feels right, it sounds right. It flows. I have already had 1 thing come to fruition and working on another.

I know this will be worth ever emotion, feeling and second.


Week 2 – 2 in and Impacting Already


What a whirlwind. Getting in the groove of the requirements. Some are easier then others to accomplish. The sit is still my biggest struggle. You would think taking 10 minutes to just relax would be easy. Just sit and don’t think of anything this week, Nice! Ok nothing… nothing… oh yeah I need to remember to do this today… dang it! Start again, nothing… breathe… nothing… nothing… I’m doing it I’m not thinking…. DANG IT! I’m thinking about not thinking. UGH!!!! I have managed to birth and keep 2 human beings alive for 18 and 20 years how can I not manage to take a dang break and just be for 10 minutes???

The impact already is amazing. My eyes have opened to so much already, I can not wait to see what comes my way the rest of the year. Blue rectangles everywhere ” I always keep my promises” My entire team at my salon is now seeing Blue Rectangles and saying “Do it Now” we have also attached ” Every Client Every Time” to it. Since my husband has gone through this class previously and my girls and staff have witnessed the shapes around our house. One of my hairstylist came to me the other day and said she was sitting at home doing nothing and all she could hear in her head was ” Do it now, Do it now” so she got up and cleaned the kitchen. How amazing is that? We have helped another person get motivated to clean with 3 simple words she heard me say and a picture she saw at my house over the summer.

The power of this class is incredible and has no limits. I can’t wait to see what happens next week.