Week 16 – Kindness and Colour Code

So, this week so far has been quite lovely. It is so nice to be aware of kindness everywhere and to really make an effort to be kind to everyone too. It’s amazing how much kindness you actually see when you open your eyes and your mind. It’s like, when we are looking for it, actively looking for it, it really pushes out our opinionated thoughts or negative thoughts and desperately tries to only see the good in everyone and everything.

I’ve really enjoyed sharing in the alliances area and seeing everyone else’s kindnesses being received and being given and also when people reply to my comments, it really makes me feel good too so it’s all round a great experience.

I also enjoy the Franklin makeover. Every evening before I go to bed I sit there with pen to paper writing in my dots and every day it increases and I have to think about it less and less. And also you start realising all these tiny little kindnesses that you took for granted were actually and are actually around you all the time. What a lovely realisation and such a lovely thing to do right before you go to bed!

Another thing I did today was I finally got my full Colour Code personality test which was also discounted by 10 dollars to my surprise, which I was very greatful for!! An added kindness to the day :) Well this has been something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time but to be honest, just completely forgot about it. There was a second, fairly dominant colour that I’ve been wondering about. And now, I finally know and it actually makes sense….of course!! I wish I did it sooner but do you know what, now was probably the right time for me to do it and Not sooner! So, I am predominantly a Yellow, which I already knew and also a big chunk of Red.



I really am very glad that I did the whole test because I really think this will help me learn more about myself a bit sooner than I might have without it. I’m sure I would have gotten there eventually but how great is it that I might be able to speed up the process!

Lots to read and learn on top of everything else but I look forward to it!

Week 15 – Back in the flow

This week was better than last week. I got back on top of my readings, managed not to fall asleep through every sit and am feeling a bit better about things so all in all a better week.

So much crazy has been happening in my life at the moment and its so nice to get away from it all doing my readings and my sit. I’ve managed not to let nasty thoughts seep into my sit which I am quite happy about.

I really enjoy reading the BPB out loud whilst doing the Brain Gym. It really does make you feel much more energised and positive. I think I enjoy that combination the most at the moment.

My Mental Diet has been helping me through this week and will definitely be coming in handy for the next few that are waiting for me. I have to admit I had a few little vents here and there but overall I’ve been staying calm and keeping my thoughts in the right place.


Also, I’m really enjoying lesson 15 of the Master Keys. One of my favourites so far. I just love how everything is linked. It’s very straight taking this one. Just what I need. I’m sure this will be one of the lessons that I will frequently refer back to as the weeks go on.


Week 14 – slipped away

That was a tough 2 weeks, not because of anyone or anything in particular but just the change in routine. I let it get the better of me and my old blue print ended up having a great time. I slipped behind on my readings and my sit’s and was aware of it the whole time. Its crazy how fast it can happen and spiral out of control. I am determined to get back on top of things and really do myself justice. What is the point otherwise. I have come this far, why would I not go for 110%? What is holding me back? I know its my Old Blue Print but what is it exactly…what aspect of it exactly? I’m still trying to figure all of this out.

Anyway, I am still being mindful of my Mental Diet, I think I am getting better with my Opinions. Really need to improve on my sit, still struggling with falling asleep but I am doing it in 3, 5 minute blocks so I have 1-2 minute sleeps instead of 10 minute sleeps!!

I’ll get there.

Next post asap will be my notes from Cool Runnings!

Week 13 –

Back on time with my blog. As the weeks go on with the MKMMA, I am finding it harder to keep on top of things and to keep my enthusiasm levels up. Even if I don’t necessarily feel it I always read with enthusiasm or else, whats the point?!

I am eagerly awaiting for my light bulb moment, for my “penny to drop”! Obviously with mental effort and persistence. I long for some more positive weeks, not that they have been overly negative the whole time but I would just like things to flow a bit better for me.

I am so looking forward to the Christmas period but I am also very aware that I will need to make sure to put time aside to do all my readings and my sit etc. I don’t want to fall behind and let that old blueprint have a better time than me!!


I can’t believe 2018 is around the corner. Where have the last 13 weeks gone!! Here’s to the next 14 :)


Week 12 – Disconnected

Last week was a strange one for me. I felt very disconnected. To be honest, I was not in the alliances area much, if at all. Late with my blog, which is not like me and feeling quite lost and like I am aimlessly meandering through life.

The week prior was a very emotionally challenging week and last week was the aftermath. I felt physically and mentally drained, absolutely exhausted. Thank God for positive affirmations. I was screaming them in my head for that entire week and they definitely helped me to stay in a somewhat more positive state of mind. I can’t imagine what way I would have been without them. I feel like I used an abundance of energy and mental effort. I am on the other side of it now and I owe it to myself to power on and to give 110%. I just have to or else I’ll be stuck in stagnant waters.

I am hopeful my Week 13 blog will be a bit more positive :)

Week 11 – Affirmations and Haanel :)

This is the first time a little late with my blog. Life has just been so crazy the last 2 weeks and the last 2 days in particular. Its amazing how ingrained my old blue print is. I’ve been struggling with it all week. You think you’ve really turned a corner and then it rears its ugly face just to bite you in the bum!


Some serious peptides floating around and I just find myself screaming out loud in my head,

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!

I know I said it last week but I LOVE this affirmation. It has gotten me through these last few days. I admire people that are like Part 22 from Week 11 of the Master Keys…

The operation of this thought process is seen in those fortunate natures that possess everything that others acquire by toil, who never have a struggle with conscience because they always act correctly and can never conduct themselves otherwise that with tact, learn everything easily, complete everything they begin with a happy knack, live in eternal harmony with themselves, without ever reflecting much what they do, or ever experiencing difficulty or toil.

I LONG for the day that I am anything like this. I will always strive towards it. How amazing and content would I be and the inner peace and tranquility. Just fantastic. Such a great paragraph. Thanks Haanel!!

Still searching my world within for what I really want in life. It’s a little frustrating at times that I have not figured it out yet but I know if I keep going it will come to me. I sound like a broken record!! But I just have to keep telling myself that.


Week 10 – Black square…white, yellow…red!!

My my this is turning out to be quite the challenge!! Firstly, I feel like I’m going a bit mad staring at the wall…desperately trying to see, even just the first line of the square at least, never mind white one, yellow Or red one but, to no avail……yet! And secondly….I thought trying to stay awake when visualising with my eyes closed was a challenge. Turns out, its just as hard when I have my eyes open!!! Who would have thought..!?

I admire the people that can actually do this challenge from Week 10 of the Master Keys. I know they have had plenty of practice but still, I am impressed.

To be honest, these last few weeks have been tough. Life couldn’t be more mental at times and I know it is no excuse, thats not why I’m saying it but just that it requires a hell of a lot more mental effort to stay positive and not allow myself get sucked into the old feelings of sadness, anger, worry, wonder and confusion. Drama surrounds me and I absolutely avoid it like the plague as I don’t want it rubbing off on me but some of it is completely unavoidable…:( None of my own, thankfully but some from certain people that there is absolutely no way I can avoid…for the time being anyway. If I could, I’d run for the hills after writing this post!! But sadly, that is not a solution at this moment in time.

At least I know the old me from about 6 months ago might not be dealing with things as well as the current me is right now. Not that I was a disaster or anything but I’m just mindful of my own feelings and I am trying to make sure to keep my affirmations going. I need to protect myself. You wouldn’t believe some of it if I told you! I know I said it before and I’ve noticed many other people on the MKE course quote the same affirmation but…I love, love, LOVE….

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

It’s just perfect! I am using it more often and would like to use it even more. With time I will get better but I have already improved in the last week. The Law of Substitution!!!!!!!!! SO IMPORTANT!!!

Unfortunately my mental diet is continuously being restarted. Some days are ok and then others…today being one of them, I’m back to square one. I will never stop striving for the full 7 days and beyond!

Opinions……much the same but maybe a little improved. I cannot WAIT for the day when I can put my head on my pillow at night and be absolutely delighted with myself that I kept my trap shut and my mind positive, all day long!! It will come, I know it will….I just wonder when..?! When the time is right, I’m sure :)



Week 9 – Lift off!!!

So, just trying to keep up with every with everything. It’s always in the back of my mind that I have to do my exercises so if I get delayed with one it’ll be on my mind till I get it done…which is a good thing I suppose.

One of my aims is to be able to get up early in the mornings and get my sit done first thing. I am such a sleepy person in the mornings and have been an alarm snoozer for many, many years!! Those damn Nokia phones and their snooze buttons that fed my habit from the 90′s.

I watched something the other day, a short 3 min video about a woman, who is now very successful and wasn’t always successful. She was talking about the time before it all when things were really, really bad. She was becoming bankrupt, house was being repossessed, life was falling about, seriously depressed and all she could do in the mornings when she would hear the sound of her alarm clock was to…..press snooze on her alarm. She didn’t wan’t to face the world and felt like there was nothing for her to get up for.

Then, one day she watched a program about NASA, rockets launching and all the in’s and out’s around that. She was watching a rocket doing the count down about to launch itself up into space…5….4….3….2….1…..BOOM!!!


All of a sudden she thought “that’s it, I have to be like a rocket to get out of bed in the mornings”. So the next morning, when her alarm clock went off, she counted out loud, 5…4…3…2…1…and SHOT herself out of bed. She was up! It worked!!

She said, there is a 5 second window where your brain will either pull you back into your old habit or just adjust to the new behaviour you are forcing it to do. She did the same thing the next day, and the day after that and just kept doing it until she started being able to get up with absolute ease in the mornings. She then started applying the rocket launching to the rest of her life and things started coming together, finally!!

So, yesterday morning….I tried it. I normally snooze my alarm about 4 or 5 times. It’s set to go off every 3 minutes….so off it went at 7am….SO tired…..just a quick snooze, I said to myself…..which I admit, I did snooze my alarm once but then at 7.03am, off it goes again. Out loud I said 5…4…3…2…1…and shot myself out of bed. I DID IT!!! I just got up.

I know for some people this may seem silly but for me it was a huge deal. Even my partner commented later in the day about it. I was quite proud of myself. I want to set a challenge for myself to do that every morning for the next week and see where it gets me.

I want to start my days early, rising with ease and enthusiasm. I can’t wait for that to happen. I am on a mission to make it happen!

Still waiting for my aha moments and my epiphanies!!! But I will wait and I will persevere. I have faith that it will come when my time is right!


Week 8 – Battling with the Battleship!

This weeks Masterkeys exercise was quite enjoyable but also quite a challenge. I like that we have to visualise the battleship from finish to start. Its an interesting way to exercise the mind. It amazing how much of an effort you have to put in to concentrate on one thing for a prolonged period of time….the magnifying glass!


I find myself starting out strong and working my way back through the construction of the ship. The ship in the open water, back in the dock, loads of scaffolding, workmen everywhere, imagining myself on the scaffolding looking up at a wall of steel and pop rivets and walking on the beach with the dogs, going for ice-cream, driving to the shops, what will I have for dinner………Wait!! Hold on a minute….How did I get here?! For God sake! Where was I?!! Back to the ship, and it continues.


I have to laugh at myself a little. It’s making me realise how much work I have to do. It would help if I didn’t fall asleep 90% of the time when I do my sit, so I could actually make some bigger progress but I think I am getting longer stints at times before I fall asleep. Frustrating but I know it will get better…..won’t it?

The metaphor of the magnifying glass is so much more clear now. I understood it before but it seems to really make sense when applying it to the battleship, for me anyway.

Still having challenges here, there and everywhere but I was sharing some of my new found insight with 2 different friends yesterday and I felt great afterwards, I think they did too!! Everything I was saying seemed to make sense to them and made them think and understand things a little differently. It all just Makes Sense!!

I am so excited for 2018 and for the many years to come. The life lessons and personal development that has been gained and most definitely will continue to be gained through this course and everyone involved with it, is fantastic and the limits are endless. I just have to stop limiting myself!

Week 7 – …….?!

I don’t really know what to say this week….I’m at a loss for words. Some frustration, emotions, questions, confusion. I look forward to some clarity.

I know how important our DMP’s are and I really want to figure out what my other PPN should be. I know I spoke about this before but it is on my mind a lot. What do I want?! What do I Really want?! I don’t KNOW!! Sometimes I feel sad, other times frustrated and other times I know it will come to me as long as I keep trucking away at all of the exercises we have been advised to do.

Hearing other peoples success stories are lovely but it also reminds me that I am yet to have a real breakthrough….one that I am aware of anyway.

The no opinions thing is ridiculously difficult for me. It seems like others are having an easier time of it….although I think I am not the only one having this struggle…? Its a constant challenge for me but I will stick with it! Some days will be better than others but thats ok as long as I am moving in the right direction.

The 7 day Mental Diet is such a brilliant thing. It is also difficult but it just makes you so much more aware of yourself. How you think, what you say, how judgmental you are, cynical….mean!! And then how lovely, caring and thoughtful you can be when you realise its so much better and nicer to be like that! Its great that we get to restart. Can you imagine if we didn’t!?! I strive for improvement every day with this.

Anyway, I look forward to sharing some more positive and exciting thoughts but for now its just my struggles. Sharing them seems to be quite cathartic so I will continue doing so until things starts looking up!