Week 6 – Up and Down and Up

It’s been an interesting week. Monday was an amazing day. I felt great. All the exercises were flowing, I had a lot of emotions behind them and didn’t need much effort to do them. I remember thinking about the service card and what I would put on it and my brain said whatever you choose, it’s already done! That was pretty cool!

Then Tuesday came and I felt different. Monday I was up, Tuesday and Wednesday I was down. Not sad, just blah, like my old blueprint was pretty much in full control. Everything was a struggle. I had to force emotions to every single read and exercise. I procrastinated doing the exercises, but I did get them done. I had to be very intentional to actually keep all my promises. I did and that was awesome, but it was just a freaking chore! All that said, today (Thursday) was a great day – up we go again :-) ! Things came much easier today and I feel really good.

The whole opinion exercise I am still struggling with. I still find myself finishing a conversation and then after it’s over and then realized all I did was give my opinion. However, I am much more aware today and I am finding myself thinking about it during conversations and trying to stop it from happening. Progress!

Movie Poster is in process. I seem to be procrastinating on this.  Not sure why, but it’s obviously the old blueprint. That’s going to end Friday as it’s getting done period! My goals and shapes are up. I think my wife thinks I’m nuts. Ha Ha! Have one in my car on my dash too – thanks for that awesome idea Mark! I do take long showers so maybe one their too :-) .

I still have to intentionally remind myself to look for the shapes and colors and associate them. But that’s ok. I know one day it will just start happening w/out even thinking about it.

At the end of the day, I know things are beginning to change. I will keep doing the work day in and day out. Keep building the foundation. Keep building momentum. I form good habits and become their slave! I’m worth it. I can be what I will to be! I Love You Keith Toborg! :-)

Week 5 – I Can Be What I Will To Be!

Over the past 5 weeks I’ve knocked off some cement that’s for sure, but there is so much more work to be done! The adventure has just begun!

Completing my DMP and getting final approval was a major milestone and that just happened yesterday. I am not sure what anyone else’s experience has been, but just in relation to my DMP I dealt with a lot of emotions: Anger, anxiety, frustration, I prayed, felt like crying, felt at times that I was never going to get it done, and part of me, at times, just wanted to give up. But I also experienced happiness, joy, pride, and finally satisfaction. Through it all, though, I was determined to finish what I started. And here I sit writing that it is done. I’m sure I’ll have tweaks here and there, but I feel fantastic about my DMP.

As far dramatic changes in my life where I’m suddenly taking action or just find myself doing what’s on the service card – that hasn’t happened YET! I still need to be intentional about everything I am doing. However, the reason I chose to use the word “YET” is because this is actually the first week where I have this feeling that something  is changing. Something is happening inside!

Again, nothing dramatic, but I have this feeling in my gut that something is beginning to shift. My old blueprint is reluctant to change, but I choose to be relentless about doing the work day in and day out. Just like the bumper sticker I saw last week that said “DO THE WORK”. I am committed to this process. It may take a while to build a solid foundation, but that’s ok. I have lived as an onion tree, and it has not pleased me! I promise to continue bombarding my unconscious mind with my new blueprint/DMP, doing all of the intangible and tangible assignments with enthusiasm and emotion, linking, linking, linking. I Can Be What I Will To Be! I Form Good Habits  And Become Their Slave! Do It Now, Do It Now, Do It Now!

Oh, and the whole opinion assignment this week? Wow, I have a freaking opinion about everything! I find myself sometimes spouting out and then after the conversation I realize what I did. It comes so natural to me. I began thinking about how the heck I defeat this and begin to take control and the answer I got back was “Ask Questions”. Be more interested in them than you are about saying what you believe. Focus on the other person and make them the most important part of the conversation not myself. I’ll focus more diligently on this approach going forward.

Looking forward to Week 6! Peace!

Be Legendary! Inspire Legendary!

Week 4 – Do The Work!

On this weeks call, Mark reminded us to look for the shapes and colors so that we are continually bombarding our unconscious mind and interrupting our old blueprint. This is one item I have not been good with the past couple of weeks. I seem to forget to look for them during the day. However, this week I drove to Indianapolis for my companies Leadership conference. This gave me a solid 3.5 hours to intentionally do this activity on the drive down and I’ll do the same thing on the way back home on Saturday. At first I struggled to find them, then as time went by I was seeing them more and more; they were always there I was just not focused on them until I forced myself to. I’ll have to say it really fired me up and it felt great.

Also on my drive I noticed a bumper sticker that was kind of torn with some words missing, but the remaining words said “Do The Work”. That made a heck of a lot of sense to me. Just do the work Keith, and the payoff will come! Just keep doing the work! So that is what I will do. This is by far the longest time I have ever done this much intentional daily work to make changes. So I’m still all in and that’s the way it’s going to stay! I’m worth it!

I’m still working on my DMP mod this week. Again, another challenging time. The feedback I’m getting is great. My challenge is taking that feedback, modifying my DMP, and staying under the 400 words while keeping everything I want still in it. I’d say I’ve spent another 10 hours on it this week and I’m still not there. I’ll get it done, but man this is quite a growing process for me!!

Until next week……

Week 3 – Striving For Clarity

This has been a week of working to gain clarity on my DMP and my PPN’s. I now feel rock solid about my PPN’s, and continue to work on my DMP. It’s just not where I want it to be, but I know it’s absolutely going to get there; it’s just a matter of time, effort, feedback, and refinement. The Sunday call with the examples was great. Then a call with my guide helped me even further.  This has been quite a process for me, but Clarity I need and Clarity I shall have!

When I started MKE I committed to myself that I was going to be all in.  And that’s exactly how I have approached it. Even when it’s been hard I’ve done the exercises, written the blogs, worked on my DMP, connected with my guide, been on the calls, and stayed consistent with everything. I made a promise to myself and nothing short of keeping that promise will do!

Although I have not personally experienced much in the way of change up to this point, a part of me feels like I’m getting closer and closer to the edge of taking flight. I’m not quite sure how else to describe it. One part of me is saying hell no and is fighting the process, the other part is saying hey we just might be able to do this and make some massive changes.

Quite a process this has been so far. I’m looking forward to gaining more and more clarity on my DMP and becoming the man I was put here to be! Anything short of that is just simply unacceptable!

Week 2 – The Fight For My Life!

Wow! Week 2 of the Master Key Experience (MKE) is flying by!

First off, I’d like to say that I love the way MKE is designed! If it wasn’t for the structure, documentation, and accountability aspects of this program my brain would simply use confusion or find another reason as an excuse to remove the anxiety I’m feeling, keep my old blueprint, and quit. Thank you Mark and Davene!

So what’s my Title about this week? Well, I literally feel like I am fighting for my life! The life I know I was destined for. The life I know I’m capable of. The man I know I was put here to be and that’s inside of me just waiting to come out! The life of living BIG!

Week 2 has been challenging in a number of ways:

First, I feel like both my conscious and subconscious minds are fighting against any kind of change. They want to stay with the current programming. My conscious mind out of fear, my subconscious mind because that’s all it’s known for most of my life and it is not readily accepting any kind of new blueprint. But that just means I have to be persistent, have patience, and continue the repetition to bombard my subconscious mind so that it will one day finally accept the new blueprint. I am excited for that day and I know it’s coming. It’s only a matter of time!

Secondly, my old blueprint is really trying hard to prevent me from doing my daily MKE exercises by trying to make me forget, stall me, and/or make me mad. The worst experience I had this week was when I was frustrated working on some school homework for a class I’m taking. I was trying to get a paper done, but I couldn’t get my thoughts out. I had spend 4 – 5 hours on it already and it shouldn’t have taken me more than a couple of hours so I was a bit frustrated. Then my 6 month old lab/Shepherd mix puppies got into something they should’t have and I just lost it. I started yelling, screaming, and cussing at them. I got myself so worked up and pissed off that I skipped my MKE exercises that night. I know that was just my old blueprint doing everything it can to reject the new programming and remove the anxiety it’s feeling, but man that was not a proud moment for me. I’m actually kind of sad about letting that happen, but I’ve forgiven myself, and now I’m even more committed to seeing this thru.

Lastly, I spent a ton of time on the revision of my DMP. I don’t mind spending time on it, but the challenging part for me was trying to get my brain to think in clear pictures and statements of what I want. It isn’t used to doing that so working thru that process was a bit frustrating. Frustrating because I know it’s in me, but my subconscious is being stubborn and blocking it so it doesn’t flow easily. I’m very happy with how my DMP turned out, and I’m really looking forward to my guides feedback so I can continue making it better and better!

Yes this week was challenging, and as you can tell a common theme for me was the word “frustrating”. However, I didn’t expect this kind of change to be easy. And actually that’s OK because THE FIGHT FOR MY LIFE IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT ALL!

I will Persist! I will Succeed! I will Win! I BELIEVE!







Week 1 – Let The Adventure Begin!

Have you ever felt like you’re not even close to living up to your full potential? Do you feel like something inside is holding you back and although you’ve worked on it for a long time and have tried a lot of different personal growth strategies you still have not been able to  breakthrough? Well, that’s exactly where I’m at!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve certainly had a lot of success in my life. I could create a long list of what God has blessed me with, things I’ve learned, goals I’ve accomplished, places I’ve gone, things I’ve done, people I’ve been blessed to help, friends I’ve made, as well as talk about having an incredible family that I love and that loves me. All that is awesome stuff, but when it comes to truly living up to my full potential, I absolutely know that I haven’t even scratched the surface.

I’ve read self-help books, listened to tapes, CD’s, pod casts, and webinars, and I’ve gone to intense personal growth seminars,  and even tried hypnosis. I’ve certainly made progress and have learned a ton, but I have never truly been able to overcome the underlying fears of what other people think about me (rejection), self doubt, and failure.

The adventure for me over these next 26 weeks is all about Forging a new Psychology, installing a new Blueprint, and totally destroying the old blueprint that only wants me to stay put and play small ball. The key challenge will be to deal with the old blueprint when it comes up, which is already happening as it wants me to stay put. Like Mark said, when this stuff happens I’ll need to remind myself that it’s the old blueprint, and then focus on moving forward with the new blueprint and actions that come from that.

I can’t wait to look back 26 weeks from now and see all of the progress I’ve made and the changes that have taken root.

Let The Adventure Begin!