Week 17 – Things are manifesting!

Things I’ve envisions are manifesting into the physical world.  Luke had a Facebook/YouTube channel contact him and promote one of his videos.  It is now at over 3 million views!  His fan following has more than quadrupled since Sunday!  Then they called him again wanting to help him with two more of his videos.  Then he gets a call from another company wanting to use his videos!  Having a profitable YouTube channel and online presence for his woodwork has been in my visualizations and on our movie poster.

We’re getting our finances together and debts paid off using the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover and good things have happened ever since.  I landed a new job where I will get paid for sleeping for about half of the shifts and during the other half I’ll have new opportunities for making new networks and friendships.  Plus it’s totally accelerating our debt payoff and we already paid off one whole debt since the beginning of the month!  I truly believe that as we take care of the money we have now, the Universe will know we will use more money responsibly; use it not for our pleasure but to help us further fulfill our purpose on this earth and to cooperate with the Natural Law.

And then guess what we learned about in my Be the Change yoga session this week??  Focused thought!  We went over breathing techniques, movement, mudras, mantras, and meditations to help us focus our thought. And the instructor even used the example of the magnifying glass!  The Universe just making sure I stay on track with focusing in on my true purpose so it can manifest in the Outward World!

Week 16 – Ask and You Shall Receive

I can’t give too many details at this time but I’ve been envisioning something for Luke and I during my sits.  I also have a picture on my movie poster pertaining to this particular goal.  Last night, Luke got a call that has opened the door to some wonderful possibilities.  Proof that the Universe really does provide and with a focused intention, you shall receive!

I’m so excited to see where this adventure will take us.  This is all the more encouragement to keep our intention focused, sit, think, and visualize and let Subby fuel your actions so it will be manifested in the World Without!  I finally get WHY we keep hearing to make friends with our future self and stay consistent to the daily exercises.  I am just now getting to the point where I am thanking my past self for doing the things days, weeks, or months ago that just now are starting to manifest in the outward world.

One more thing…I was strategic with the placement of my movie poster.  It is right on the bathroom counter propped against the mirror so every time myself AND Luke wash our hands, brush our teeth, simply look in the mirror, shave (this one only applies to Luke), or put on makeup (this one only applies to me) we are looking at or right past the poster.  Though Luke isn’t a Master Key participant, he’s been following what I’ve been doing, seeing the change take place within me, and is immersed in the shapes hanging about, movie poster, and my out loud readings.  I know this had something to do with the manifestation that’s currently happening!

Week 15 – Themes I’ve Realized

Though I started my total life make over long before 2018 and I know “resolutions” don’t work, I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learned along my journey. While I’m in the midst of a total mind makeover, a total business makeover and a total money makeover there’s a lot of themes I’ve noticed over and over and over again.  I’ve begun my Total Money Makeover with Dave Ramsey and he coaches on these things.  I had a training with my Market America business yesterday and every training I’ve ever listened to in the business coaches on these things.  Of course, everything I’ve learned through the Master Key Experience has been based around these things.  And lastly, a four week transformation yoga session I’m going through is teaching on these things.

1. Intention – one must wake up everyday with intention. If you continue to just go to work and let each day pass you without intentionally changing or growing, one will deteriorate and continue to be controlled by their circumstances.

2. Discipline – The opposite of making excuses. Everyone can make excuses but only a few have the discipline to truly get what they want in life. Start to truly listen to others and you will hear what I mean.

3. Harmony – Realize you are a part of something much bigger than yourself and you are here for a much bigger purpose than most of us will ever realize. You are One with Everything and Everyone. Many of us have yet to be in complete harmony with our own self let alone anything else in the world. Harmony brings happiness.

4. Goal – Dreams are just dreams and forever will be unless WRITTEN into clear measurable goals and put to action. Once WRITTEN it must be READ everyday multiple times (no excuses, no exceptions). You MUST be able to measure, monitor, adjust and control.

5. Find the gold – Shed the “shoulds”, by no means try to fit in, find the gold within that’s been covered by years of being told what you “should” be or “should” do, and once you do these things, your world will change forever.

Lastly, if you are told you’re weird or you’re not doing things like everyone else then you’re probably on the right track to fulfilling the above.

Week 14 – Ready to Buckle Down

Old Blueprint was trying to break the surface on Christmas Day.  It was a habit of mine in the past to lose my patience before big events such as hosting parties at our house, going to Christmas, having a graduation party, etc.  It would come down to the hour or two before the event and I’d be behind schedule.  This would then lead to me losing it and becoming not a very nice person which is unfortunate because it would happen before being around a big group of people…I don’t even want to think about the negative energy they were getting from me.

Well, Christmas Day that old person was beginning to come out.  Thank goodness for Luke because he was able to talk me through it and within minutes, I had pushed that Old self out of the way and carried on with my positive energy.

Another thing that has been weird is yesterday I was feeling a little down.  One thing I have learned through all of this is to analyze WHY this feeling was creeping in instead of just carrying on with my “bad” day with the assumption it’s out of my control.  So I did just that…I looked deep inside to analyze what is really going on.  And I think I figured it out.  I haven’t been doing everything 100% (missing a read at night or forgetting to do the Gal in the Glass now and then, forgetting my blog last week) and I know I am made for much greater things.  So, what did I do today knowing I have complete control?  I woke up saying it’s a great day, the Universe is going to provide, thank you Universe for everything I am blessed with, and I got to work.  And I didn’t forget to celebrate as I completed things today because that has been one of the things I need to do more of as well.  I need to focus less on the things I DIDN’T get done (because that old blueprint tries to creep in and do that once and a while) and instead celebrate everything I HAVE done.

Life is good, good things are coming my way, there are wonderful things just around the next corner and I am a person that deserves celebrating.

Week 12 – 50 minutes of Amazingness

So I will admit I only did about 5 minutes of the sentence on Sunday during the webcast.  I got sidetracked with other things (a business proposal I’m writing up which is another thing that the Universe just kind of handed to me through some action on my part of course).  However, I just got done with my 50 minutes of mirror work right now!

I felt like that 50 minutes flew by.  I had my dream board in front of me so I could go back and forth between looking myself in the mirror and looking down at my dream board.  By about 30 minutes in I was beginning to say my sentence so matter-of-factly.  I was definitely feeling like everything I was saying was already happening especially since I had the pictures on my dream board right in front of me.

This was the first time I had a true sense of what it feels like to have residual income.  I’ve heard many times that “if you knew how residual income feels, you would walk through a brick wall to get it.”  Well for a second during that 50 minutes I had that feeling.  Was it the best feeling ever…yes!

Another thing I began thinking and this is still going on in my head as I write this, is how could I have ever thought otherwise.  What I mean by this, is how could I ever think that these things were out of reach or too good to be true or too big to achieve.  It all just seems so matter-of-fact right now.  I am so certain they will absolutely happen that I have this weird urge to start adding some bigger goals.

This makes me want to do one of these 50 minute things everyday.  I’m sure I can find 50 minutes somewhere in my day to devote to this.

Week 11 – The Universe is Providing

Oh my goodness!  Talk about the Universe providing.  This week I’ve really been focused on “Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them.”  Well get this!  While having coffee with a friend yesterday I knew I wanted to bring up my business and ask if he’d take a look.  I was waiting for the right time when all of a sudden he looks at me and says, “do you happen to need any help with your business.”  WHAT?  And then today I get a call back from a guy I had called over the weekend and with what seemed as little effort on my part, he offers two referrals and wants to talk in more detail next week.  What in the whole world.  I’m really diggin’ this whole ask and ya shall receive.  This is so exciting!

Week 11- Falling Into Place

I feel like I’m letting go of the reigns and beginning to trust the “I”.  I love it!  The action steps are getting easier and the results are becoming more apparent.  I’m not sure if I’m just noticing the positive more or if there’s actually more positive happening.  I suppose since what you feed grows, by noticing the positive more, the Universe is providing more positive.

I have more customers, customers are seeking me, and business partners are appearing.  What at one time seemed a daunting task of getting a business partner started correctly, now is seeming quite fun!  My mindset is changing as I no longer feel a burden to people but feel like a blessing.

I also find it really fun to dance with loud music playing right in front of my movie poster and shapes.  I believe this covers athletically, musically, spatially, and mathematically!  Plus I get to work on my mad dancing skills.  One of my goals on my DMP is that I have time to take up salsa dancing so I guess I’m getting a head start on that too!

Week 10 – I Just Realized Something!!!!!

Seconds ago, it just dawned on me that I have acquired more customers in the past two months than I had acquired over the last two years of being in business!  Ummm…..what!!??  Things are changing!  It’s starting to get exciting!

Also, whenever I feel some hesitation before making phone calls, I put myself physically (at least physically in my mind) in my dream house looking out over the “acres of prairie grass bordered with wooded land”.  I’m connecting those phone calls to getting to my dream house because I know if I want that result I must go through the process.

This second scroll has helped me with my sales too.  Instead of worrying that it’s going to seem pushy or sales-y if I follow up with customers, I have come to the realization that I am following up because I love them and I have full faith that I am helping them.  Why would I not want to follow-up and make sure all their concerns are met and questions answered!  I find myself asking how I could have ever thought differently before.


Week 9 – Ok, I’m getting better but it’s time for perfection

Just the fact that I’m late posting this shows that I need to be more loving towards my future self. I still find procrastination creeping into my life which I’m taking as a sign to work that much harder towards 100% and loving my future self.

About a week ago, the universe taught me a lesson on the value of time. I was planning on waking up at 7:30 because I had to take the recycling bin to the end of the driveway. It was 7:34 when I actually got out of bed. Thinking I had enough time since the recycling truck usually comes around 8, I grabbed the bag of recyclables from the kitchen, opened the front door, and watched as the truck passed our house. I was seconds too late. If I had woke up exactly when I was planning to, I would have had it out there in time. I knew it was the universe teaching me the value of a minute.

I still have those thoughts of hesitation when it comes time to do those daily actions that are hard (or at least that my old self thinks are hard). I know it’s because I’m not 100% faithful to my daily exercises.  Though I am noticing things in my DMP are starting to happen (talking to more people and retailing more product than I ever have)!  So exciting though I know I can do more. I am vowing to myself right now that I will do everything 100% from here on out! The next 2 trimesters will bring so much growth!


Week 8 – Should really be week 7

So fell a little behind last week as I was traveling.  Old blueprint getting in the way trying to tell me my schedule was too busy and too mixed up to work on my master key alliance.  But I’m back on track with getting my DMP approved, getting everything (readings, sits, etc.) in, catching up on blogs, doing my 7 day mental diet.

Starting fresh today with the mental diet and have been doing excellent so far.  Almost had to start over when Luke and I started talking about the healthcare system but I quickly turned it into a positive with thinking of my PPN, True Health.

That’s all for now since I have some catching up to do but knew I needed to get some blogging accomplished and will be back soon!