Master Key Week 2

Seeds of Success

6 For which cause I am reminding you to be rekindling the gracious gift of God which is in you through the imposition of my hands, for God gives us, not a spirit of timidity, but power and of love and of sanity. 2 Timothy 1 CLT

The struggle of re-writing your old blueprint.
Will I apply myself to the process; or quit like I’ve always done. Good question, right? Mark tells us that “The feeling of being overwhelmed is your subby telling to quit. OVER-RULE IT!!”

Monday, I started strong.
Tuesday, I was so concerned about revising my DMP, with EMOTION; made the decision to go back to the old blueprint. I have never been comfortable sharing my feelings; they always seem to come across wrong. Also have been taught to live by truth not feelings. i guess i take things too literal. Ended strong, “And I make a solemn oath to myself that nothing will retard my new life’s growth. I will lose not a day from these reading for that day cannot be retrieved nor can I substitute another for it. I must not, I will not break this habit of daily reading from these scrolls and, in truth, the few moments spent each day on this new habit are but a small price to pay for the success and happiness that will be mine.”
Wednesday started and ended strong with a mindset change to move forward towards my new blueprint.
Thursdays been great so far. My About page has been finished and here’s week 2. Woo Hoo!

Have really enjoyed the challenge of getting in the readings and other activities. Sitting; completely sit without thoughts; is a challenge and am looking forward to it getting easier with practice.

I have taken seriously the reading of the Scrolls, 3 times each day; since the first of October. And am happy to say it is going very well.
With the recent terror attacks; one hear close to home and then Vegas; I found myself meditating on these words in Scroll 1
….”my desire to meet the world will overcome every fear I once knew at sunrise and I will be happier than I ever believed it possible to be in this world of strife and sorrow.

I did have a challenge deciding what my pivotal needs are. After a few days of careful reflection and the use of the dictionary; I believe that True Health and Liberty are at the top of my list.

A Seed planted; must die to bring new life. So as these seeds of success are buried; our new Blueprints will emerge.
I am ready for this change AND belief in my definite major purpose will drive my actions home.

Policing Myself so others don’t have to.

Peace is Yours

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  1. Kimberley, Thank you for your honesty! I have always been told that I have to much emotion and that i shouldn’t show so much emotion. I have always felt like I was damaged this way…NO they are wrong!!!! We are to embrace the emotion and energy of life in a functional level. I am VERY VERY Blue, sounds like you might be as well. We are full of love, and caring. Don’t ever let anyone tell you how much passion you should put into your life <3 A Seed planted; must die to bring new life; I never really thought of it this way, and I LOVE it!!! Peace be the Journey! -candy

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