Week 3 Dramatic Changes allready

3 weeks in and the changes are undeniable

My outlook  has changed but more importantly for me is my inlook on life has changed. When things go wrong it is very easy to play the blame game and become the victim with all the why me crap and I don’t deserve this, poor me boo hoo sad stories.

All the reading and repetition and being aware of the power of subby has awakened me to the dangers of the victim mentality that negativity breeds negativity.

It is like someone has flipped a switch in my mind and when I am faced with something I can no longer do I remind myself to look at  all the things I can not do,

The universe is moving time and space to bring  everything I need to propel me forward from illness back to health from poverty back to abundance. MKMMA is not advertised but it found me when I needed it most.

I really enjoyed the speed reading and some of the exercises were great fun, I may get cross eyed  trying to get my eyes to follow my finger round in circles but it works.

I think what I really like about this training is it is fun.

I am really looking forward to see what changes  will have happened in 6 months

Hello world!


Exciting times ahead as I get ready to embark on another journey of discovery.

Throughout my 59 years I have had the satisfaction of starting with nothing and building a good solid business and  then lose everything through bad business  decisions. I have done this a few times and had to start from scratch again and again. Early Retirement was forced on me through ill health and although I am not happy about this, It may be a blessing in disguise it has giving me the time to reflect on my life see my successes and failures and see the pattern repeating itself time and time again. This pattern is my belief system or belief programme installed in my subconscious mind and while it may have served me well as a child it is now obsolete and no longer fit for purpose.

My Journey to change the Blueprint of my Subconscious mind  is about to begin……

Look out world I am coming back.……….again

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