This week it feels that all readings have been deepened and have become a little easier than before, also this last day I feel something diferent like something has change, like having a better understanding on what I am doing or feeling extrange about practical issues that I hadn´t define it yet.

I just keep working on the chores readings and practices and looking for the right feelings in doing so, I look for this as instructed, as an important part of the MKE as in what I do related with my DMP, it feels HUGE to emphasize the right feelings on what I am doing, like an esential part in all that we have been working on.

Physically I have not done so much because of tha tearing back I have, and I have been focusing more on MKE even when it has been still a little hard to get to  an internet connection.

The people that were living on our building are still looking for resources to fix it and we are been setting guards to keep it safe day and night, and also we are getting support to do it so. It looks like this is gona be a long way to get it done and we are just doing what it takes to do it so.


This has been a tough week, I felt overloaded, overwhelmed, exhausted carring things from a place to another and going to a various places and meetings, I slept and eat late, I even get a tearing of back so I can´t now even carrying anymore things even when I have to L . All this have made me to want concentrate me even more on my inner world and my DMP, it has carried even more important, now it is more important to get to the causes than before, it seems to not have too much sense to do the best you can and be struggling with what one wants instead of enjoying it.

I also has struggled with finding a place with internet connection since I´m out of my home for the earthquake,  a lovingly cousin gave us my mother and I a comfortable place to live, only we have no telephone or internet connection on this moment and have little time to be there.

By the end of the week it felt diferent in a good way to do the exercises, readings and meditations, I felt more calm and less stressed by doing them.


This week I´m still learning what to do and I still don´t get the rythm of what it takes, I only do what I can to do the tasks we need to do, it gets interesting but at the same time with the events in mexico city I can´t get easily an internet connection and I have a feeling all the time that I miss information, it feels that are too many things form me to get clear on what I am doing.

I try just to keep going and doing what I need to do even if sometimes don´t know if it´s complete, it´s enough, or simply it´s right.

I get still and looking my thoughts in the morning and sometimes it´s like I don´t know if I´m watching my thoughts or just thinking that I´m watching them :P

Reading the Og Mandino´s scroll 1 is like from time to time it says something new …or I undestand something new.

I´m just doing what the cards say and completing the chores, I feel like this is only a “complete the tasks” thing, I expect this is enough for this tasks.

I´ve also been doing so much others things for getting what I need to do to retrieve calm in my life and not getting stressed, sometimes it´s like I can´t do much but keeping doing required things…


   Struggling a little bit after the earthquake in Mexico City and after my building became uninhabitable.

   I begun my Dmp with less time that I had before and I´m reading daily Og Mandino´s book first scroll, this helps me to get more hope from the future and more learning to practice on my blueprint and getting the feelings that I´m willing to get :)