Week #10 – Keep on Keepin’ On

In all honesty, I am sitting down writing this blog because I am supposed to and because I always keep my promises.  I don’t really feel I have much to say re: MKMMA insights on my behalf since my last blog.

Right now so much goodness is falling into my lap that I am having a hard time keeping up with it all.  For instance, this week my son who I gave up for adoption 38 years ago found me.  I am sure you can imagine the whirlwind of emotions swirling around everyone right now.  It’s a beautiful thing and we are in the process of deciding what we want this to look like but it definitely has my head spinning.

But rather than go into all of THAT, which has nothing to do with MKMMA, I will simply state that because of this and other things that just keep happening – all good – on November 30th I was seriously considering dropping out and trying again next year.  In the morning of December 1st, my Master Mind partner and I had our early morning call, I expressed this to him, and he asked if I had read Scroll III yet.  I hadn’t.  I had forgotten we were supposed to go to the new scroll that morning.  I could only laugh when I went there and saw a chapter on persistence.

Amazing how these things work out!

Week #9 – Love is a Beautiful Thing

Well, all traveling for the year is done, family coming for Thanksgiving is a thing of the past, and all Christmas decorations are up.  I feel like I can breathe again.  And while I have fallen behind on some of the assignments, I seem to have developed a new habit that has caused me to be truly lovely

It has to do with Scroll II.  I LOVE this scroll – yes pun intended.  I’ve always been a loving person and truly believe that everyone is lovable – just some people you might need to dig a little deeper to find what their lovable characteristics are.  And life has taught me that if I focus on those lovable characteristics, it maximizes the good and minimizes the bad when dealing with someone.  One time I sent an e-mail out asking people how they would describe me and pretty much everyone who responded said that I had the ability to love people unconditionally.  So, of course, Scroll II resonated with me.

But I put into practice one thing from that scroll that I had not been doing before.  And that is I formed the habit of looking at people, even if it’s someone who is simply walking past, and mentally saying “I love you.”  The results have been fun to watch.  While in San Diego, one gentleman that was walking in the opposite direction literally stopped right when we were alongside each other, looked at me and said, “It really is a beautiful day, isn’t it?”, as if he was responding to something I had said.  I hadn’t say anything, he was just feeling the “love” energy.  Another woman at the gym was listening while I was talking to my trainer and the owner of the gym about my networking business, I turned and smiled at her, mentally said “I love you,” and she told the owner of the gym, “I’ll have some of whatever she’s having.”

So last Sunday I was at church and at least four people that I can think of off the top of my head stopped to tell me how beautiful I looked.  Did I cut my hair differently?  Did I lose weight?  Is that a new necklace?  (It’s a diamond pendant I have almost always worn for more than five years now.)  Of course, this pleased me to no end but at the same time stumped me…..until I got into my car and was driving home.  Then it dawned on me that I had not been to church almost all month due to traveling and other commitments.  This was the first time people had seen me since forming the habit of mentally saying to each person I saw “I love you.”

Love really is a beautiful thing.


Weeks 6-8 – Am I Even Allowed To Do This?

Well, I am posting with a bit of trepidation here this time. Having been out of the country and then at a conference, I thought I would be able to keep up but just couldn’t. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that there has been no growth.  i remained faithful to the reading and time spent visualizing (visualizing on a beach is easy to do).  I have also attempted my Mental Diet but have not made it past two days  Which is funny because my friends call me Miss Positivity  Most of my negative thoughts have been along the lines of being behind and wondering if I’ll ever catch up and expectations I am allowing others to place on me as to what to  with my time

The crazy thing is that everything I am learning to do is showing up in big ways in my life. To the point that even my husband is asking me what the heck. I have so many people to follow up with who have flat out said they want to be a part of my team that it’s crazy. The conundrum is that my old self would have said I just don’t have time for MK-MMA. Look at all this work I have to do. But my new self realizes the reason this is happening is because of Mk-MMA. So today I turned off my phones and paid attention only to catching up on the tangible assignments. I am committed to seeing this through.   And even more exciting for me is that I don’t have to travel again until March.  Who would think someone would be happy not to have to go to the beach or to San Diego, etc. But it makes me happy because I want the time to work on mastering this.

Week #5 – Will The Real Me Please Stand Up

In my DMP, I state that I will earn $1,000,000 in 2022.  Lofty, yes, but doable.  But this week the question kept coming into my mind – Why?  In Week 1 I would have told you it was all about leaving a legacy of liberty.  But I can do that without a million dollar year.    So, why?  And what do I mean by liberty?  I knew that what liberty meant to me wasn’t just about my family being secure.  I knew that what it meant to me was that we would be able to give freely to the people and causes God puts on our hearts to help.  I just hadn’t expressed that portion of WHY in my DMP, even though my guide kept asking me what that would look like.

Then in church last Sunday, I started literally being able to “see” who could be helped.  And it was more than just the teenagers who want to go to Summer Camp (it’s in my DMP to make sure that everyone who wants to go is able to go).

Then reading and re-reading my Giving and Receiving card every day and reading Emerson’s Law of Compensation, I got it.  I really got it.  Give More/Get More.  My million dollar year has nothing to do with my family, although they definitely benefit.  It has to do with all the lives that I can have a part in improving.

This is actually pretty emotional for me because, well, I used to be the most giving person in the world – whether it be time, money, the shirt off my back.  By most standards, I’m still an extremely giving person.  The difference is that for the past 20 years, I have been giving only what I felt I could truly do without.  I think that comes from ending up as a single mom with times when I had $5 in my bank account.  And I didn’t even have a salary that I could budget with.  I owned a spa and I always felt like I needed to hold on to as much money as possible to protect against the months that would be lean.  I never did this until I became a single mom.  I always trusted that things would work out, but now I was responsible for my daughter, not just me.  I don’t know if anybody else can relate.  So while I may be a very giving person, for years now it hasn’t been giving that required sacrifice and trust.

Then one night this week, that part of me that never sleeps told me it was time to return to who I truly am, the person that God created me to be.  And the passion that has always been in my heart has been troubled teenagers and young adults who are struggling.  I used to work with a group called Teen Challenge, helping get kids off the street, helping unwed mothers get on their feet, helping kids get over their drug/alcohol addictions.  But when my daughter was born, I felt it was time for me to put that away because it could be emotionally draining, not to mention downright dangerous sometimes.  It was time for me to concentrate on the precious bundle of joy God had blessed me with.

I thought I would get her on her feet and return to what I had been doing, if not with Teen Challenge then another non-profit.  But as time went on, I realized that I didn’t have the passion for the boots in the street side of it anymore.  Yes, if I see a teenager or young adult in need, I always provide an ear, financial aide if that’s what I feel is appropriate, I’ve even had a few kids come up and work with the horses to learn self-confidence and responsibility.

Crazy thing though?  While I don’t have the passion for the boots in the street side of it, my daughter has been passionate for the past ten years about helping rape victims and victims of human trafficking.  She has put in countless hours volunteering, has gotten her degree in neurology, and is now pursuing her masters in Christian counseling.  Both of our passions are so aligned it’s not even funny – only she is passionate about being “in the street,” and I am passionate about making that financially possible.  Talk about coming full circle.  I will have a million dollar year because that allows me to move into the true legacy and liberty chapter of my life.

Thank you MK/MMA for these subby exercises that I thought I didn’t have time for.  Thank you for helping me find my passion again.


Promises Kept

I am so proud of myself right now. I have always kept my promises to other people, but only sometimes to myself. It’s easy to make excuses to myself – I’m too tired; I’ll do it tomorrow, etc.

But I am so excited to find myself keeping my promises to myself. Yes, right now they are simple promises, such as on our Service Card. And I know this is such a small thing, but last night I kept a major one. I was getting ready to wind down for the night when I realized that my Greatest Salesman and DMP were in my car – normally not a big thing. But last night my husband was taking pictures of the stars. He’s an amateur astronomer – not astrologer :) Taking astral pictures requires as much darkness as possible, so all of our lights outside on our 11 acres were off. Remember, we’re in the middle of nowhere. And, of course, I had left my car out by the barn, so it was a bit of a hike…..in pretty much pitch black darkness.

So I told myself that I would go to bed and “think” about the Scroll we are on and my DMP. I’ve read them so many times I pretty much have them memorized. But then the phrase “I always keep my promises” popped into my mind. I pushed it back a couple times but finally got up, put my shoes on, walked out to the car and got what I needed in order to keep my promise. I then read Scroll 1 out loud and my DMP with ENTHUSIASM…..then went to bed.

I always keep my promises


Week #3 – If It Isn’t Written Down, It Isn’t Real

To be quite honest, up until yesterday, I had no idea what I was going to write about my Week 3 experience. I wasn’t experiencing much. But then I had my eureka moment and in the span of 24 hours, it has changed everything for me.

Up until yesterday, my week was a struggle. Taking my mom to her daily radiation treatments, picking up my sister from post-op surgery on her foot, etc., etc., I was completely stressed out. No matter how much I tried to remind myself that I am blessed to have created a residual income that allows me to dedicate this time to my mom, since March I have spent several hours every week transporting her to doctor’s appointments and quite frankly, I wasn’t tired.

And then to top it off, my sister threatened to sue me over her ankle. She fell walking down our perfectly good stairs and doesn’t have health insurance so needed a way to get surgery paid for. We ended up paying cash for the whole surgery – a plate and three pins. I wasn’t upset about the money. Once again, we’re blessed to have it and there’s more where that money came from. It was that instead of turning to us and asking how she was going to pay for this, she tells me in a text that she thinks her only option is to sue us unless I can come up with another option. Seriously?

And lastly, every time I put my DMP in, I was being asked what was I going to sacrifice. What was I going to give up. And I was like, gee, I don’t really need to give anything up. I just need to do it. So I was getting a bit frustrated with that.

So I was truly struggling how to move forward with MKMMA. I was struggling not letting bad thoughts embed themselves into my subconscious – bad thoughts about my sister and bad thoughts about how much time it took getting my mom to all her appointments. And I was stumped on what it was I was supposed to give up or sacrifice.

But then in my “sit” time on Thursday, it came to me that, first, my sister was simply acting out of fear. I didn’t need to be mad at her about not using more wisdom in how to talk to us about the situation. So, poof, anger and resentment gone. Seriously, it was that simple – just making the decision to let it go.

And shortly after that, I had clarity that I was feeling stressed because I was letting others dictate how I was spending my time. Yes, I am doing worthy things with my time, but I was totally at the whim of everyone else. And then the words of Mark J came to me when he tells us to put our MKMMA time into our calendar. I heard his voice saying, “It isn’t real unless you write it down.” And I realized that because I had not taken the time to put things in my calendar – time for MKMMA, time to work my business – things weren’t getting done business wise and I was feeling in-congruent because my DMP will be achieved THROUGH my business.

So I got up from my “sit,” feeling no resentment or animosity toward my sister, and went and put my work schedule and my MKMMA in my schedule. And I have to say, I have accomplished more in the past 24 hours toward manifesting my needs – legacy and liberty – than I have in the past six months, and it feels awesome.

Now, you may be asking, but what about the “sacrifice” part. What are you sacrificing? I realized that I had gotten in a habit of figuring that things would get done whenever they got done. If I was sitting at my desk making phone calls and a friend called to go have lunch or something, I was in my car on the way to lunch. I have reveled in the freedom to do that. I have reveled in the freedom of being able to take care of my mom. I mean, yes, these are wonderful things. The ONLY thing that has been in my calendar were actual appointments such as coaching calls, team calls, three-way calls, etc. Other than that, nada. And being a solid six-figure earner, yes, I CAN do that. But the stress was coming from the fact that I am NOT done. I still have things I want to accomplish. My subby has told me more than once that I would finish what I set out to do if I would simply put my work time into my calendar, but I have fought that for probably four years now. Maybe that’s the flip side of “liberty” being one of your needs.

And the funny things is that when I told my mom I couldn’t do something right then because I was working, she was like, “Oh, okay, honey, whenever you can is fine with me.” My hubby came home last night and told me that I looked like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders – it has. When my best friend called me today to go to lunch and I told her, “No, I’m working until 2:00,” she said, “Well, can’t you do that later?” I told her “No, this is the time I have scheduled to work.” She was a bit confused because it’s a new good habit that I am creating, but she’ll get used to it :)

Week 2 – It’s A Choice

As I mentioned in Week 1, when I first started checking into MKMMA, my mind went first to “This is SOOO not the time to commit to something like this.” Week 1 found me out of town on business and yet little pockets of time kept opening up for me to be able to do what I needed to do re: MKMMA. I had thought if I could just get through Week 1, it would somehow be easier to find the time. Boy, was I wrong!

My life is not always this hectic. Let me explain. Please know that I am explaining this, not for anyone to say how sorry they are or to feel bad. I am simply explaining what is going on in my life right now so that a) you will see that if something is important to you, you will figure out how to get it done, and b) to state publicly that even though it is only Week 2, without MKMMA, I don’t know that I would have made it through the last few days.

Let me explain: I run my own business. I also have a small farm which requires attention. Life was already busy. Don’t get me wrong – it’s been busy with things that I receive a lot of joy from. Six months ago, I made the decision to move my mom from Georgia to Texas so that I would be closer and more able to help her out with various health challenges. Because we live on a small farm, the closest independent living facility to me is about 30 minutes away. But it was still closer than Georgia

She showed up with a diabetic ulcer on the bottom of her foot. So within a week of her arriving, I found myself taking her to the doctor at least once every week for wound care treatment. This would pretty much knock out my entire afternoon. That’s all right – it’s my momma and that’s what I moved her here for. Shortly before she was released from the wound care specialist, she was diagnosed with cancer. The decision was made to do radiation only, but that has required daily trips to the doctor.

The business trip I took last week was a must-go, so my sister flew in from Georgia the Friday before I left so that she could take Mom to her treatments while I was gone. Problem is she fell down my stairs Saturday morning, crushing her foot in the process. We figured it out and off I went on my trip. I returned from the trip to take care of not only my mom, but now also my sister. But I figured, I can make it just another week – my mom’s treatment ends now in six days and then we will get a six-week break before they decide whether she needs any further treatment.

Yesterday as I was driving to my mom’s to take her to another treatment, she called and said she wanted to tell me before I got there – that she couldn’t bear to tell me face to face. The diabetic ulcer is has opened back up, which means back to the wound care appointments. It was almost like a punch to the gut, so much so I had to pull over for a bit.

And HERE is the point of my sharing this with you. I got out of my car, leaned against it, trying not to cry. I’m tired, and there are so many things in the other parts of my life that are suffering from neglect. I had a little talk with my Father and told him that I KNOW that He never gives me more than I can handle. I learned a long time ago that if I was stressing out from having too much on my plate, usually it was because there was something on the plate that no longer was supposed to be there. So I’m talking to Him, asking him what in the world am I supposed to take off my plate – my husband, my daughter, my farm, my business? All of those things are appropriate things to be on my plate. “God, what are you trying to tell me here?”

And then the words of Mark J from Sunday’s webinar came to me. I get to CHOOSE how I respond to any given situation. It’s a choice. I took a few deep breaths, got back in my car, and by the time I arrived at my mom’s, I was able to go in and give her a hug and tell her it was going to be all right. Because guess what? I could CHOOSE to either be overwhelmed or thankful that the foot issue didn’t rear its ugly head again until we were pretty much done with the radiation treatments. I was able to tell her that, “Heck, Mom, we are going from every day to probably once a week again. This is going to seem like a walk in the park after what we’ve already done.”

Thank you MKMMA for showing up at the “wrong” time and for helping me truly “get” the fact it IS a choice how we respond to life, oh and also the fact that our conscious mind is the guardian of our precious subby.

Week 1 MKMMA – Where there’s a will there’s a way

Week 1 started out a bit overwhelming as is probably the case with most. But I am sitting here in amazement how the Universe has honored and confirmed my commitment. Let me explain

I am a network marketer with quite a large team. The primary thing that I work with my team on is the fact that I can teach them all the techniques on building a successful business that they want, but it’s moot if they don’t work on their thought life. And it just doesn’t seem to be getting through to them, which has led to me throwing my hands up in the air

As I’ve pondered my inability to lead them in this direction- because you’re not leading if they’re not following – a little niggling thought kept popping up that I, myself, had not truly done the work I needed to. I’ve read and re-read all of the books that have been mentioned so far, written out my DMP following Think and Grow Rich’s pattern, read them to myself every day, but I have never had accountability through a master mind. I’m actually a fairly private person and extremely independent, and have balked at these two concepts – accountability and a true master mind

A week ago Sunday, I was going over my outline for Monday night’s team call and scrapped everything. I was feeling like I was wasting my time. Went to bed and in the morning, started perusing the internet to see if I could stumble on some inspiration. I was already a Training Solutions member so went over to the Recruiting materials and started looking there. In the process of this, I saw several emails from Mark J re this MKMMA thing and decided to finally look at it. I spent the next four hours doing everything required for the scholarship. I needed to know that this was something good before I introduced it to my team on the team call

While I loved everything I was seeing/hearing, that little voice in the back of my mind kept telling me I didn’t have time for this right now. My daughter is currently in the middle of a divorce and I am her rock right now; my mom has cancer and I am driving her to treatment every day. I was alread finding it hard to spend time on my business due to these two factors. Oh,and did I mention my company’s convention was coming up so I would be out of town and in meetings pretty much the whole first week. Oh, and did I mention we were having company come in from Thurs to Mon? Totally horrible timing for a commitment from me like this

But part of what I attribute my success to is that I realized a long time ago that the “right” thing tends to pop up at the “wrong” time in my life. Maybe it’s the Universe’s way of testing how badly I really want something

So here I am, in Salt Lake at convention, and I keep finding little pockets of time where I can honor my commitment. I was so tired when I got back to my room after the Diamond dinner that I will admit I almost fell asleep while reading my DMP and Scroll 1 out loud. But the amazing thing is, those time pockets keep showing up. Ended up with an extra hour right now so went somewhere I wouldn’t be interrupted and here I am writing my first blog.

As I said in my title, where there’s a will, there’s always a way!