Week 16- Letting Go

This week has been a bit of a bumpy ride as it feels like my old blueprint  is holding on for dear life. I have been including this affirmation with my daily practices- “I am ready to release what I no longer need, so I can receive what I desire!” and the Universe seems to be responding. Letting go of the past has been a challenge for me in the past, but this time I am determined to move forward and not drag things along that no longer serve me. I  really appreciate ALL the help I’ve received from my guide, Eulaine; Mark and Davene; and the rest of the MKMMA! Without all this support I know that I probably would be stuck in a lot of “cement”. As challenging as things have been it’s all been worth it because I KNOW that things are getting much better. Thank you all! I believe I am persisting and I am succeeding!!!

Week 15

A new year is upon us and I am feeling like a new person already! It’s awesome to know that I AM a new person already and I am loving my “future self” so much. The work we’ve done so far in these first 3 months has been a bit of a challenge for me and I feel extremely grateful for all the knowledge and support I’ve received. Now it’s time to put all this into action. Knowledge does not apply itself and so 2018 is the time to meet myself and who I have become. Conscious language is imperative to being aware of my thoughts and putting the words into action. It is one thing to be aware of our thoughts and then to be able to be aware of our words is paramount to putting those thoughts into action, because accuracy in building words and sentences IS the highest form of architecture in civilization and IS a passport to success. if I persist, if I continue to do my best, if I continue to charge forward, I succeed! I Persist Until I Succeed!!!

week 14

It certainly has been a wonderful challenge to keep applying all that I’ve learned this year in the MKMMA throughout the holidays. To have no opinions and be judgement free has been a real challenge and it’s been such a great learning experience to be the Observer of my thoughts. Also to keep practicing the habit of saying ” I love you!” has been a real blessing, especially with the ” Guy in the glass”. I can feel myself shifting in my attitude and in my actions. The latest exercise of focusing on Harmony has been an awesome experience during my sits. I feel that this is going to be one of the best keys to movng forward and maintaining a connection with the Unversal Mind that we will have. I am whole, perfect, strong. powerful, loving, HARMONIOUS, and happy! I hope everyone is doing great and having an awesome holiday experience! As Mark J. would say, “Peace Be The Journey!”

Week 13- Halfway Point

Well, here we are at the halfway point of the MKMMA experience, more or less. I would like to share some insights about how far I(we) have come and what I have learned on this fabulous journey so far. Here we go:  Concentrate,     Focus,     No Opinions,     Give More, Get More,     Love My Future Self,      Do It Now,       Have Fun,      Lighten Up,     Keep a Sense of Humor,       Be Vulnerable,      Intention vs. Method,     Commit to the Thought,  Detach from the Old Blueprint,      Read Less,Think More,       Be the Observer of Thoughts,       Repetition Creates Demand,       7 Day Mental Diet,      No Negative Thoughts,     Judgment Free,       PPNs-Personal Pivotal Needs,     DMP- Definite Major Purpose,     PMA- Positive Mental Attitude,     WPOA- Written Plan Of Action,      Autosuggestion,     Mastermind Alliance,      Be Enthusiastic,      Thoughts+Feelings= Belief,       Faith & Optimism,        Control My Thoughts, Control My Feelings,      Do My Best,       Fearless Victor or fearful victim,     I Am What I Will To Be,        Write It, Read It, Promise It, Do It,                  I Persist Until I Succeed,      Love All, Serve All,   Give Without Expectation of Reciprocity,           Repetition Creates Demand.                                                             Thank you for letting me share some of what I have learned and experienced thus far. Any additional feedback and/or insights are more than welcome. I hope everyone has a great new year as the days get longer and the nights get shorter- Lots of Love Coming Your Way!!!

Week 12- I Persist & I Succeed

Improvement takes patience, persistence, and practice. Everyone goes through periods when we’re doing a lot of the right things- thinking well, practicing efficiently, etc.,and we get no tangible results. This is the point where successful people bring to bear the powers of faith, persistence, and will. As we believe, so we are. By the thoughts we choose to allow into our hearts, we thereby choose the kind of life we experience. We always, always, always have a choice.                                                                                                             We are usually choosing between 2 main options: 1) We consciously and carefully plant, nurture, and harvest our own thoughts and visions, or 2) We unconsciously allow the random thoughts and belief seeds of the mass mind to enter our systems and grow themselves through our lives.                                  We either sing our own song or some other force uses us to play it’s tune.        Doubt ourselves and we see doubt everywhere.                                                        Judge ourselves and we see judges everywhere.                                                             If we listen to the sound of our own voice, we can rise above all doubt and judgment , and we can see forever.                                                                                        I Persist and I Succeed!!!

Week 11

The lesson in part 11 of the Master Key is one that for me was pretty challenging to read and really understand what Haanel is saying. It reminded me of reading Emerson’s Law of Compensation. The idea of understanding that whatever we pray for is already accomplished and that we just have to have the Faith to believe it. There are an awful lot of words there to explain this concept. I have taken my time reading and it still is a challenge to comprehend all that is written. Thank goodness there is the exercise which helps to understand what he means. The progression is working and the method to the madness is becoming clearer and clearer.

Week 10

Things are really heating up now. As the progression gets deeper and deeper I see a lot of change going on with myself. I find that being aware and observant of my thoughts is 1 of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. This past holiday certainly brought up a lot of my old Blue Print and being aware by observing my thoughts was certainly a big part of the progression. By continuing to practice the exercises and being aware I know that my old blueprint is leaving and my new blueprint is on its way. Learning to visualize My New Self as being my best friend is certainly a worthwhile and wonderful exercise. At first I did not see where all these exercises were going to come together but trusting in the process was something I turned over to the universe, just as finding this course was a godsend. Sometimes it feels like I am stuck in my head, but I know as long as I keep progressing new thoughts and new actions will be taking place so it will all be worth it. So let’s just Keep On Keepin On!!!

Week 8

This week has been a very challenging time in that my old blueprint rose up and let me know it’s still around. Being much more conscious of my thoughts all the time has been great and yet it is definitely a work in progress. All the stimulation is starting to pay off in little ways. New habits are forming and celebrating this recognition is extremely helpful. Love is making things easier all the way around, especially during the blueprint relapse. The Battleship story is very interesting and it really opens my mind to the world in a whole new light. Imagination is much more powerful than knowledge, and learning to really use it as well. Practice, Practice, Practice!!!

Week 7 continued

I would like to share a prayer that has really helped me learn to forgive others. It came from a lady named Catherine Ponder. Here it is:                                                                                                   All that has offended me I forgive.      Within and without, I forgive.  Things past, things present, things future, I forgive.    I forgive everything and everybody that can possibly need forgiveness of the past or the present.   I forgive positively everyone.    I am free and they are free too.     All things are cleared up between us now and forever.   Amen