Week 2 Overcoming the battle of change

I have been researching and learning how to fight a battle for years now. A constant battle, a spiritual battle. How to take thoughts captive and cast them out. It’s a tough battle and it can be done. but you have to do it correctly and you have to believe you can do it. I was so excited when I heard Mark say we can change our fleshly thoughts. Our thoughts from the world within, our subby, our blue print. How cool is that! It will be a battle! It will be hard! We don’t like change. But it also will have to be done correctly and you will have to believe you can do it! 

    I’m  fighting the battle to keep up with MKE. To not give up, not quit. I have a lot of reasons and excuses. But I really want and need to do this. So I am kind of enjoying the battle because I think I have an Idea of how it will change me. And I want and need that change. Looking forward to kicking fear and procrastinations butt!        

Week 1

  Well I finished my DMP.  I hope it was received. That was the kind of stuff I  completely avoided my whole life. I so wanted to avoid this but wanted to do it more! I hope it was done correctly. I had no idea what to do. So I didn’t know how to explain to the person I paid to do it for me. I’m not comfortable putting stuff out there. Hope I don’t get back a WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?? Then go straight to this blog thing. GEESS!This is all blind faith. I need to see something, visual. Your straining my brain. Gotta go rest my brain.