Master Key – Week 22

It’s week 22, and I enjoyed the post from last week so I think I will stick with the idea of posting on the book I am reading.

This week is Dr. Joseph Murphy’s “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” .

This book ? Quite possibly my favorite book so far. Amazing. I have gone through a couple highlighters already and I am only halfway through it – SO MUCH of it coincides with & reinforces what we are experiencing in The Master Key program with Mark J & Davene .

Ok, enough of the hype, let me flip through and find a section to write about …. Honestly, I may not even post a comment on the section I share, but rather leave you to read it and come up with your own interpretation of what it means for you.

“As previously outlined, your subconscious cannot argue. It acts only from what you write on it. It accepts your verdict or the conclusions of your conscious mind as final. This is why you are always writing on the book of life, because your thoughts become your experiences. ‘Man is what he thinks all day long.’ ………..

All your experiences and everything that enters your life depend upon the nature of the mental building blocks that you use in the construction of your mental home. If your blueprint is full of mental patterns of fear, worry, anxiety, or lack, and if you are despondent, doubtful, and cynical, then the quality of the mental materials you are installing in your mind will come forth as more toil, care, tension, anxiety, and limitation of all kinds.

The most fundamental and the most far-reaching activity in life is that which you build into your mentality every waking hour. Your word is silent and invisible; nevertheless, it is real.

You are building your mental home all the time, and your thoughts and mental imagery represent your blueprint. Hour by hour, moment by moment, you can build radiant health, success, and happiness by the thoughts you think, the ideas you harbor, the beliefs you accept, and the scenes you rehearse in the hidden studio of your mind. This stately mansion, upon the construction of which you are perpetually engaged, is your personality, your identity in this plane, your whole life story on this earth. Get a new blueprint; build silently by realizing peace, harmony, joy, and goodwill in the present moment.”

Master Key – Week 21

For whatever reason, at times it seems challenging to come up with a blog post . So this week I am just going to go with a bit of information on the book I am reading this week.

I had set out at the start of the year to read a book a week . I am keeping that promise . This weeks book is by Shawn Achor . The book is “The Happiness Advantage”  .  I bought his book as a result of the Ted Talk we watched during the Master Key a couple weeks back.

I treat the books I read more like workbooks (I highlight and write in them), so for the sake of this post, it will be some quotes from the book that I highlighted , and my take on them.

The 20 Second Rule. “Lower the activation energy for the habits you want to adopt, and raise it for the habits you want to avoid. The more we can lower or even eliminate the activation energy for our desired actions, the more we enhance our ability to jump start positive change……… In Homer’s Odyssey where Odysseus tries to guide his ship past the dangerous sirens, those beauties with the voices so seductive they could lure any man to certain death? Odysseus knows he will be powerless to resist their call, so he tells his men to tie him to the ship’s mast, ensuring that they will sail safely by. Because he knows willpower will fail him, he puts enough activation energy in between him and the path of temptation

What has been my “siren call” to this point? 100% truth? Many things. When I am working – I check my email, or a text comes in, or I grab my phone to look at some mixed martial arts website. Another one for me WAS that I used to follow politics like a junkie. I would read SEVERAL different political blogs DAILY. I would check them many times per day. I listened to talk radio in the background for the better part of the day.

Funny enough, regarding the political “addiction”, I had implemented some of what Shawn recommends even before reading his book . On my phone (and computer), I blocked ALL of the websites I used to visit with a password so if I wanted to read them, I had to go into settings, enter a password, and then turn off “parental controls” . The talk radio was actually conscious decision – there is no way to block that preemptively that I am aware of. Anyway, long story short? It WORKED. No longer do I even think about nor check those blogs, I don’t listen to talk radio ever, and I now have more time and I am happier without it.

The current task at hand is the power of focus and eliminating the other distractions (the cell phone with internet, email, text messages, social media, etc). Here is the current course of action

1. I turned off email alerts (the sound your phone or computer makes when an email comes in)
2. I turned off text message alerts on my computer ( I have a mac so even my computer would ding when a text comes in).
3. I am not big on social media anyway, but I want to use it for networking, catching up with friends, etc but I limit myself to checking, replying, posting, to 10 mins in the morning and 10 mins in the evening.
4. The cell phone – When I am making dials for my network marketing business – I put my phone on “do not disturb” . If I am working on things other than dials, I place my phone across the room so it takes more effort to get to it and I don’t just grab it “on autopilot” “just to check” whatever may be going on.

Anyway, to quote Mr. Achor “Our best weapon in the battle against bad habits – be they Slurpees, Seinfeld reruns, or distractions at work – is simply to make it harder for ourselves to succumb to them. ”

This is based on just a couple pages of the book;  the other chapters are less about habits to eliminate and more about techniques for greatness and happiness. A good read.

What habits (“siren calls”) would you like to change/eliminate ?


Master Key – Week 20

This week I focused a lot on gratitude and looking for the positive in every situation.

Funny stuff starts to happen when you focus on that. Things that may have caused anxiety or stress go away. Here’s an example of something that happened this week

Monday night, my wife and I went to our friend’s home to watch “The Bachelor” (don’t judge me lol) . Anyway, as we walked out and got in our car, I told my wife “I think I left my wallet there; I guess I’ll get it tomorrow”.

The next day my friend’s said they couldn’t find it and I hadn’t left my wallet there. So now I start thinking “ok, what was in my wallet? what cards do I have to cancel? I have to get a new drivers license, I had a special permit from the government that is a hassle to replace, etc” . Not to mention, the wallet itself was $150

I don’t worry about it on Tuesday, I think to myself, I will find it. It must be in my car, or at home, or at my Monster-In-Law’s house (I’m kidding…. sort of) .

So I check ALLLLL of those locations over and over again – no wallet. Now I am starting to get just a little stressed , not too bad though ; no activity has yet occurred on credit cards, etc. so I still feel like the wallet is misplaced.

On Wednesday (Valentine’s day) at 245pm, I finally decide to let go of it and just get stuff replaced.  I figure I better start with the Drivers License since I need that to get the government permit replaced as well. Who shows up at the DMV on a Wednesday without an appointment?

I expect that I am going to have to wait , and I am prepared with Jim Rohn on audiobook, and patience abounding. As I walk in it doesn’t look that busy. I get in line and make my way to the counter – I smile BROADLY at the dour lady behind the counter and say ” before we get to anything else ; HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY !”  – she chuckles  and says it back to me and hands me the form I need to fill out (and of course tells me the next line I have to get into).

No problem, 1 line down, Jim Rohn playing in my earphones, next line to go. Same process, “Happy Valentine’s Day” and the next lady laughs and says it back, gives me the OK on my paperwork and tells me to wait for my number to be “called” . Now it’s time to go sit down and wait. All in all, it has been about 35 minutes so far.

As I am sitting there (listening to Jim in my ears), I am looking around at everyone, smiling at those I make eye contact with and browsing the internet on my phone a bit.  My number get’s called ! I get up there , same drill, “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY” ; She laughs, takes my payment, and gives me the temporary paper license. I ask her “Can I take a new picture? I was not a fan of my last one”   …. She says “sure, just take this over to that line”  .

The last line is next… the photo line, only a few people in front of me . I get up there , tell the lady “happy valentine’s day” – minimal response from her. She was probably the toughest to have fun with today. I say “Hey can you help me take a good photo? The last one I looked like the guy that ate me” … Crickets.  I was having fun anyway. I get my photo taken and I walk out. An hour and 15 minutes TOTAL. That’s AMAZING. I am so grateful to be in and out so quickly ! And better yet, I GOT A NEW PHOTO on my driver’s license !

Now I just have to get credit cards canceled, and replace the government permit thing. “I’ll do that tomorrow” . I think to myself, “Hey, I was wearing workout pants on Monday night when I sat on the couch. I wonder if somehow my wallet slipped out and went between the cushions”

I go over to my friend’s house around 5:15pm and in a final, “last ditch” effort, I slide my hand down between the cushions and slowly feel around until…. VICTORY !! MY WALLET !!

Anyway, long story short, I was grateful for everything this week, I stayed focused on being happy and positive (even if I was going to have to replace everything), and I GOT IN AND OUT OF THE DMV IN AN HOUR – WITH NO APPOINTMENT ; and the end result? I got a new drivers license photo when I never liked the previous photo anyway.

Pretty cool !  Sorry for the long post. Appreciate if you took the time to read it all.

Happy & Positive – Make it happen

Master Key – Week 19

Mark had mentioned that if we hadn’t been one hundred percent faithful to the exercises or a specific part of the program that perhaps we should go back to them and start over .

The catch for me is (or at least in my mind) , WHERE to go back to?

I have received tons of clarity and new perspective during the Master Key but there are in fact things I have missed here and there, and for whatever reason, I have this feeling that I need to “redo” those things  and yet then I start to question “is that the old blueprint trying to sabotage?”

LOL. Self awareness can be both humorous and frustrating .

Master Key – Week 18

I was watching Rocky Balboa this week (again =) ) and one of my favorite parts of the movie came up and struck me as oddly in context with the master key journey (at least for me anyway) .

In the scene, Rocky is talking to his adult son. The son has just complained to Rocky about his life being more difficult because of Rocky’s fame and a decision to fight again . Most of that to me is just the set up for the golden nugget that Rocky shares next

“Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place, and I don’t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done! Now, if you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hits, and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you wanna be because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain’t you. You’re better than that!”



Master Key – Week 17 Hero’s Journey


Powerful week already. Going back and doing the sit exercise of master key lesson 9 was powerful, and honestly FUN. The progress I have made in perspective, thought process, mental control, etc in the last 8 weeks is amazing.

I am REALLY looking forward to Thursday reading my press release and then “Battle Shipping It”  . Just the thought of that process excites me !

I feel like I am going to get sooooo much out of that. Think about it . You create your perfect life on paper, your definite major purpose. You wrote it in great detail as though it is already achieved and completed.  Now, in your master key sit exercise, you go back and imagine EVERY step it took along the way to make that perfect life / definite major purpose come to fruition ……. ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?  That is GENIUS .

To this point I had made choices that made the master key more challenging / more work than it really is. It was the “old blueprint” and I had to fend it off and stick with it. Really looking forward to Thursday. So happy to be part of the Master Key and to have fought through my own prior habits and excuses and to have come out the other side .

Looking forward to whats next.

Master Key – Week 17

This week I made the conscious decision to focus on the virtues in others, to recognize them, and to praise / compliment them when I witnessed them.

Several interesting things happened as a result.

1. The more I paid attention to people, and the more I looked for persistence (this week’s virtue on my list) – the more I saw it. I saw it in a friend that beat stage 3 colon cancer inside of 3 months WITHOUT CHEMO when the doctor told him it would take 6 months of chemo. I saw it in a friend’s husband who refused to settle for a lateral move with a company, held out for something more in line with his self worth and is now making a quarter million per year in a job he loves. I also saw persistence in a child that , while I believed it to be misbehaving, was certainly persistent in his attempt to get what he wanted LOL !.

2. The compliments I paid to the people in which I saw the persistence were received with surprise, sincere appreciation, and gratitude . It seems that so many people are unaccustomed to receiving unsolicited praise that they don’t know how to handle it when it comes there way.

I also REALLY spent a lot of time repeating in my mind master key lesson 17:28 (also in the workbook) … ” You may be pursuing the symbols of power, instead of power itself. You may be pursuing fame instead of honor, riches instead of wealth, position instead of servitude; in either event you will find that they turn to ashes just as you overtake them. ”

Caused me to double check my SMART goals, my DMP, and my focus just to make sure I am on target with what I want and not just the representations of it.

All in all, a very interesting and valuable week.

Master Key – Week 16

Kindness Everywhere !

This week one of the exercises was to focus  on noticing (and performing) kindness .

It’s been really eye opening to focus on kindness and all of a sudden see it everywhere – and then you start to realize , it was there all along, you just have to look for it. It seems as if the Law of Growth (what I focus on grows, what I forget atrophies) is at work and this week was a prime example.

Flashing through the cards is creating such a positive effect on my attitude & focus that my business performance is increasing exponentially and I notice that I am happier and more productive

Master Key – Week 15

This week we celebrated my wife’s 30th birthday with friends in Paso Robles, Ca.

I achieved my readings, service card, POA card, DMP, etc. “The Sit” was non existent for me this week. We rented a large 5 bedroom house with game room, etc and I would like to say that I just couldn’t break away, but in reality – I didn’t make time for it nor did I attempt to.

On the positive, grateful, and fun side … We had a great time. Next week’s post will be more related to the MKE

Cheers from Paso

Halter Ranch - Paso Robles

Master Key – Week 14

Feel The Rhythm – Feel The Rhyme – Get On Up – It’s bobsled time ! COOOL RUNNINGS !

Persistence – One of our “tasks” over the last two weeks was to watch  a movie from a list provided in the Master Key. My choice was a movie I have enjoyed for YEARS but this time I watched it with a purpose. To focus on and notice the story and habits of persistence in the movie.

Cool runnings is based on the true story of the Jamaican Bobsled Team. If you are looking for persistence, you can stop right there and realize the persistence necessary to have a bobsled team from a nation located in the Caribbean .

But in the movie, there a several story lines that run with the theme of commitment and perseverance. Junior Bevil, who shows courage and persists despite his father’s disapproval and demand that he quit.  Yul Brenner who continues to chase his dream of being an Olympian in bobsledding after coming up short in the olympic trials for track and field.

And of course Derice, the main character , and his stubborn persistence in the face of  disgraced bobsledding coach Irv Blitzer’s refusal to coach the team, eventually winning the coach over.

The team, once at the Olympics, endures being mocked and doubted by other teams and they persist. They don’t have a sled when they first arrive and yet they persist and obtain one. *Spoiler Alert* =)  Their sled breaks on them while they are on an amazing run and yet they get out of the sled, pick it up, and carry the sled across the finish line.

Persistence . Great Movie. Congratulations on persisting through this post hehehehe