Master Key – Week 16

Kindness Everywhere !

This week one of the exercises was to focus  on noticing (and performing) kindness .

It’s been really eye opening to focus on kindness and all of a sudden see it everywhere – and then you start to realize , it was there all along, you just have to look for it. It seems as if the Law of Growth (what I focus on grows, what I forget atrophies) is at work and this week was a prime example.

Flashing through the cards is creating such a positive effect on my attitude & focus that my business performance is increasing exponentially and I notice that I am happier and more productive

Master Key – Week 15

This week we celebrated my wife’s 30th birthday with friends in Paso Robles, Ca.

I achieved my readings, service card, POA card, DMP, etc. “The Sit” was non existent for me this week. We rented a large 5 bedroom house with game room, etc and I would like to say that I just couldn’t break away, but in reality – I didn’t make time for it nor did I attempt to.

On the positive, grateful, and fun side … We had a great time. Next week’s post will be more related to the MKE

Cheers from Paso

Halter Ranch - Paso Robles

Master Key – Week 14

Feel The Rhythm – Feel The Rhyme – Get On Up – It’s bobsled time ! COOOL RUNNINGS !

Persistence – One of our “tasks” over the last two weeks was to watch  a movie from a list provided in the Master Key. My choice was a movie I have enjoyed for YEARS but this time I watched it with a purpose. To focus on and notice the story and habits of persistence in the movie.

Cool runnings is based on the true story of the Jamaican Bobsled Team. If you are looking for persistence, you can stop right there and realize the persistence necessary to have a bobsled team from a nation located in the Caribbean .

But in the movie, there a several story lines that run with the theme of commitment and perseverance. Junior Bevil, who shows courage and persists despite his father’s disapproval and demand that he quit.  Yul Brenner who continues to chase his dream of being an Olympian in bobsledding after coming up short in the olympic trials for track and field.

And of course Derice, the main character , and his stubborn persistence in the face of  disgraced bobsledding coach Irv Blitzer’s refusal to coach the team, eventually winning the coach over.

The team, once at the Olympics, endures being mocked and doubted by other teams and they persist. They don’t have a sled when they first arrive and yet they persist and obtain one. *Spoiler Alert* =)  Their sled breaks on them while they are on an amazing run and yet they get out of the sled, pick it up, and carry the sled across the finish line.

Persistence . Great Movie. Congratulations on persisting through this post hehehehe


Master Key – Week 13

* Update * – I realized I had post published as draft status. Not sure why. Anyway – Below is the original post from Thursday 12-21-17.

The law of substitution at work !

This week has been great, rolling along with all of the master key exercises, flash cards, listening to my audio, back on track with all of my positive habits, etc  and then BAM !!!  An external hard drive of mine crashes………

STRESS ! Trying to remember everything that was on it. Wait, did I have it backed up to the cloud? Nope, crashplan changed from hosting home users to just businesses back in October and I hadn’t picked a new online backup yet.

My external hard drive had literally ALL  of my personal development audios, videos, training courses for search engine optimization, and A TON of network marketing information on there. So for the last 36 hours I have been in absolute despair about all of the information I think I have lost and then a thought occurred to me. “How can I reframe this situation?” “What thought can I substitute for this instead of my current attitude toward losing all of this information?”

And then it hit me – all of that information, all of those videos, audios, etc ; I had listened to some of it, but that information had been on that drive for a good while and I hadn’t gone through it and in fact there were times where I recall feeling “overwhelmed” by all of the information I had to go through. So here is the new thought / substitution ” I am free of the weight of all of that training material, I can focus on specific new things of my choosing” .

This has been a striking example for me of putting one of the laws of the mind into practice, and I IMMEDIATELY felt better once I chose to view it this way.

Anyway, IT WORKS !  ;)   Have a great Christmas !

Master Key – Week 12

Life -

Wow, over the course of the last 3 months (man it goes by fast), I have made the commitment and intend to keep it here that I  make zero excuses  and I own my actions, my inaction, and the results of each.

100% truth – I mentally checked out of the master key for the last 2 weeks. I attended the webinars , but I just got off track. It wasn’t a conscious “I don’t want to do that”, nor was it that I was so incredibly busy that I couldn’t make the time. Don’t get me wrong, I was busy with several things , but nothing that could have nor should have kept me from the tasks, services, exercises.

I can’t say for certain, but maybe it was “the old blueprint” rearing up. I got behind on a couple of the assignments and I kept telling myself I would block out a time and get completely caught up ….. But that time never came . I did not “do it now”, which would have just made it all better.

Anyway, I logged in to post this blog and I thought I had posted week 10 . I knew I missed week 11, but I didn’t realize it had been 2 blog posts !  -

Some valuable reminders and lessons (for me anyway) regarding the last 2 weeks, my old habits, and how unproductive they are and can cause me to be.

One last thing , I noticed that for the last couple weeks, I had been feeling not quite right, or certainly not the same as I had been when I was doing all the exercises etc. I had been less motivated, more grumpy, and just not very positive.

I won’t say with 100% certainty it was that I had sort of unplugged from the master key ….. But I can’t think of anything else that had changed .

Hopefully Mark and Davene and my very supportive guide Danny have seen this before and it isn’t beyond hope  ;)    .. That is a bit of hyperbole

Zero excuses. I am the result of every decision I make (and don’t make) .

Back at it .

Thanks for reading.

Week 9 – Master Key – Thanksgiving !

A lot going on this week !

Family in town, “friendsgiving”, “thanksgiving”.

I was listening to the audio I created while out for my daily walks when I felt inspired/compelled to start jogging. It was pretty cool actually. Kinda like when you accidentally drive faster than you mean to because a good song comes on the radio; same idea .

Another thing we got this week : “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy” . That’s a new affirmation we got this week…. Kinda catchy don’t you think?

Master Key 9:34 Every success has been accomplished by persistent concentration upon the object in view.

As Mark likes to say… “FOCUS DANIEL-SAN” !

Week 8 – Master Key

This week has been fantastic .

The Sunday webinar was great and clarified a lot of what we have been doing.

Lesson 8 in Haanel is huge on the importance of imagination but he points out that imagination is not to be confused with day-dreaming.

One of my favorite things from the lesson was the following quote “Learn to keep the door shut, keep out of your mind, out of your office, and out of your world, every element that seeks admittance with no definite helpful end in view” – This being part of the mental diet.

The law of dual thought – Thought is a combination of ideation and feeling. We can attach any feeling to any thought that we want.  My imagination combined with this law makes anything possible, and then when you combine that with the law of the subconscious mind (as soon as the subby accepts the idea, it goes to work nonstop on how to make the idea reality) .

A lot of realizations and clarity this week. Anxiously awaiting sunday’s webinar for the next part of “connecting the dots”

Week 7 – Master Key

Week 7 of the master key has been hectic.

Life bubbled up left and right and made completing the exercises more challenging.

This week we were to create an audio recording with music we like with our voice over it.

We also are doing a sit exercise where we picture our future self and interact / get to know that person. This was more challenging than I expected

This is a really brief and choppy post I know. Apologies for this one.

Week 6 – Master Key

Week 6 -

Love Love Me Do !  =)

This week was the start of Mandino’s scroll #2  & The Guy / Gal in the Glass.

“I will greet this day with love in my heart. For this is the greatest secret of success in all ventures” . And with that, Mandino starts scroll 2. Scroll 2 delves into the necessity of Love in all things and for all people. The feeling I have when reading Scroll 2 makes me smile, it is a great start to the morning and then through the day it reinforces it and has helped my interactions with everyone I meet and talk to.

The Guy / Gal in the Glass poem is a great read and great daily reminder of the most important person I have to check in with and whose approval is vital.

One last point in this brief post – I had written in my Definite Major Purpose of wonderful and amazing vacations I take with my wife, Cassie. The locations I have written in my DMP are Italy, Greece, Ireland, Australia, and Japan……..

On Tuesday I got an email alert for an absolutely incredible price to fly from Ontario, California (a relatively small airport 10 minutes from my home) to Venice, Italy for $470 per ticket. THESE ARE NORMALLY A MINIMUM OF $1100 !

It may be coincidence, but I think something larger is at work here and it was super exciting to see that manifest itself.

Things are happening .

Stay tuned  ;)


Week 5 – Master Key

Week 5 -

Opinions …..

This is gonna be relatively short and sweet. Part of this week’s assignment is to limit / eliminate sharing and in fact even having personal opinions.

Let’s just say  “baby steps” . I had to start with recognizing that  the lion’s share of what I thought and in fact had to say was opinion. Not sharing, let alone thinking, my opinions was an EYE OPENING experience . To be an objective observer is quite the exercise and one I admit I failed at miserably this first week.

I’m a very passionate, and (I now realize) opinionated person. To keep those to myself felt like torture ! Not really, but you get the idea. It began to be humorous to me as I would catch myself often “breaking the rules” of the assignment .

Anyway, self awareness has been the first week. Going forward I will work on actually eliminate the sharing of opinions and progress to truly being the “objective observer”

Cheers !