Week 8 soul sight

Someone said to me this week, start looking at everyone you meet as a soul, try to meet and appreciate them at a soul level, for thats the true essence of the person. Well, its one thing to say it, another mind-blowing workout with the  mind and heart to actually do it. Judgement: out. Petty: out. Victim: out. It really goes along well with the 7 day Mental Diet: its all keeping me on the stretch and grow path! Thankful for all the wisdom shared in this course.

Week 7 — Feeling some changes

Well, some inner changes are happening, very subtle but I notice it. My Guide has been very helpful in asking tough questions about my DMP, and motivating to be more specific.  Boy have I been slowww getting going with this!!

The description of getting to know your future self intimately as a friend – what a different way to approach it.  When I view  my friend like this, the DMP Smart Goals are happening in a different natural way in my day to day. Eating healthy, exercising, is unfolding easily and naturally.  I’m not questioning it – Yae!




Week Five: Blog Post – chaos into some kind of order

Hi – I have not written a blog for awhile. The course I have found to be very confusing, and overwhelming. I know we are not supposed to say this, but it’s my experience. I’ve been helped by some dear friends who have taken this course, benefited from it, and are still very involved. For that I am very grateful.

I’m currently taking this day to review the materials, and try to catch up. I believe in the principles and really all of it, just haven’t been able to keep up. So there it is.
I will be drafting that press release, and putting up on the site within the next few days. As well as redoing the DMP to feel more believable. My mind just outright rejects the ideal DMP when I read it; thus really it’s counter-productive. I’ve written an interim one that feels like I can do it, although still a stretch.

I just wrote the press release, and that was fun!

Thanks, Jenny

2nd week

Well, I’m slowly getting up to speed with these assignments; the DMP the blog, reading watching the videos, wow.  The main truths and ideas are slowly absorbing into my consciousness. I think mainly I’ve been afraid to really dream internally again– it seemed impractical. Tonite I did allow myself to just imagine in the present, with details, a few of my interwoven, cherished goals. It really felt good.  I also started to understand the importance of these short chores, and the statement “I always keep my promises”

First blog post

Well, here is my first blog post.  I’m a very private person, so I don’t have much interest in sharing personal thoughts beyond myself and very trusted, dear friends.  I want to remain open about this process, especially since I have a good friend who has benefited tremendously from this experience, and kindly told me about the MK experience and class.

So, onward.

End of First Week

Well, this is the second week of the course.I want to love it, and so far it’s been a dizzying affair of links not working, emails not arriving in time, and a hodge podge of webinars and homework.  And yet, I think the principles make much sense, and they are getting absorbed in my mind, even if not in as consistent and clear way as I would like.

I’m waiting to hear back from my Guide, to get their suggestions about the DMP I sent. So far Ive heard from him that he did send it, but I never received it — looked in spam, searches, etc.  So there is probably a fluke with the email. I’m eager to hear his suggestions, as I am not sure at all what my DMP is– I have a list of things I want to bring about in my life. It’s a start.