I am still focusing this week on Kindness because it is really what strikes me the most in my daily life. At home, I observe a lot of daily little miracles with my family members: it seems as if harmony, tolerance and understanding between my wife, my son, my 3 daughters and me have risen to a much higher level.

I spent a whole afternoon playing with my grandson Liam and I really saw the power of unconditional love and kindness that young children display in such a gentle and natural way…  Children can be our best teachers…

I was in a hotel in Nice on the French Riviera attending a 2 days event with my MLM Company. A woman in the lobby ( she was not a distributor) stopped me and told me that I had a wonderful smile and she thanked me for that. I made a  new friend, we talked for 5 minutes and she told me a lot of things about her life as if we were long lost friends. She told me that her husband  was fighting against a cancer in the pancreas, so I gave her a written prayer to use for his recovery. It may help, maybe not, but I was so grateful to see a glow of hope in her eyes when she left the hotel…


Hello, I am going through my week and I wish it would go on forever!!! Being and staying focused on kindness for 7 days is one of the most exhilarating experience I ever had in a long time. It is as if I had dumped my grey glasses and put on my pink glasses instead. For the last 5 days,  I have the impression oft entering a whole new world painted in pink : acknowledging so many acts of kindness around me , seeing people from a positive and tolerant outlook has helped me to live a lot of wonderful moments that I will treasure for a very long time I hope.

The paramount lesson that I get from this week of noticing acts of kindness and doing random acts of kindness altogether is this one: Everyone on this planet has an immense reservoir of Good inside!!! The sad thing is that it takes ( at least for me)a certain amount of effort and awareness to express this divine aspect of our personality. Maybe it’s because we are not encouraged in our  selfish and materialistic world to express that behavior that is so natural when we are children.

The other thing I must confess is that I found it really difficult ( but not impossible) to do acts of kindness without being caught.: which made me realize that I was not as loving, caring and benevolent as I thought in the first place.

Anyway it has been so far a very good experience and I am planning to repeat this “Kindness Week” thing and see where I can go from there. Because as an Observer, I feel that these last 6 days have already made a slightly better human being of me.


This week has been very interesting:  writing down 3 gratitudes everyday for 2 weeks now is forcing me to become a better Observer and I must confess that I now have a much better outlook on life in general. I become less and less judgmental of others even if it’s still quite hard for me to restrain from giving an opinion.

I wake up every morning with a feeling of positive expectation for what’s coming up this day and I have noticed that my energy level is slowly but surely increasing every week:  When l decided to exercise and do morning push-ups, on week 2 of MKMMA, i was able to do only 6 push-ups but it was hard. Now, 13 weeks later I can do 18 push-ups easily: I feel proud about myself but I still have a long way to go because my ultimate goal is 100 push-ups in a row every morning!

“I AM NATURE’S GREATEST MIRACLE”: Thank you Mr Mandino for writing such a life-changing book like “The Greatest Salesman in The World”.

See you next week!!!


This is my last week in Rawai, Thailand and in 3 days I will be flying home to Paris , France. A big change from beautiful sunshine and weather ( 32°C on average), people smiling all the time and delicious food to dull and cold weather ( 3°C°) and sad faces always seeming to complain…

But strangely enough, I am in a very good mood because since I started writing down 3 cards of gratitude everyday, everything seems easier to do: reading my GS and MKS, repeating my daily affirmations, exercising and doing my services : it all takes less time to preform. Maybe it is because I feel gratitude in my heart every hour of the day and I really see all the invaluable things that my life is filled with.

I have made 8 new friends this week, my daughter Beryl has reached a new pin rank in our business without our help, and my quality of sleep has improved tremendously. Things are starting to move forward for me…


Very funny week: I am still in Phuket, Thailand and I still feel the remaining effect of the exercise we did last week in front of the mirror for 50 minutes.

Everytime I think about it, I have a feeling of strength and certainty that I am on the right path to becoming a better version of who I truly am on within. I know that “I CAN BE WHAT I WILL TO BE!!!”


Hi everybody, this 12th week of MKMMA gets off to a fast start: big time!!!

I want to share my experience with the 50 minute- exercise that we did under Mark’s guidance.  I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror holding my index card with my single sentence that I chose last week from my DMP. At first it felt ackward and I wouldn’t look at myself in the mirror. I started saying my sentence very slowly at first and  then I started speeding up. I sometimes stumbled on my words and it felt horrible!!! But I kept on and as time was passing by, the tone of my voice became firmer and louder, and I noticed a grin on my face that turned rapidly into a big smile. I didn’t feel ridiculous at that point and I really started to enjoy the experience.

I even tweaked my words a little bit, adding new words but I was feeling this deep enthusiasm surging from deep within me. I started shouting in the bathroom my embellished sentence and I felt  a strange mixture of various feelings including power, joy, gratitude,enthusiasm. At the end, what I was feeling was LOVE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and I had a hard time recognizing who was this guy in the mirror looking back at me! I had never lived such an experience of elation: it was really incredible.

I am right now in Phuket , Thailand, and the webcast started at 4:am local time and at 6:25am I was still on the call, listening to other MKMMA members’ feedback on their own 50 minute experience in front of the mirror: I was glad to hear that it has been also a great experience for many others…

I was not able to go to bed because I was so excited so I stayed up till 8:15am with the sun already very high in the sky. It’s been one of the longest night in my life but WHAT A NIGHT !!! I am sure something profound has happened within me and I can feel a new ME that is about to reveal himself.

I am looking forward to reading different posts from you MKMMA guys.

Have a beautiful and productive week.



I am writing this blog from Bangkok Thailand. I am in the “Country of the Smile” and walking in the streets of Bangkok reminds me all the time of the Law of Giving and Receiving: everywhere I go, I am greeted with a smile and a “Sawadee” (the Thai equivalent of Hello). Every morning I feel much more gratitude in my heart because I feel alive and more aware of the beauty of Nature and of all those little gestures of kindness all around me. I suspect that one of the side effect of being part of MKMMA is that you put on your pink glasses and start looking at the brighter side of Life.

Talk with you next week.

Have a wonderful and magnificent day

WEEK 10: becoming aware of the Source (Continued)

I spent this week with a strange feeling of something lacking: maybe it’s the fact that we didn’t have our weekly webcast with Mark and Davene last Sunday.

Anyway, I am becoming more and more aware of the importance of the thoughts in my life: it’s still a challenge for me to stay faithful to my mental diet, I can stay positive one hour or two maximum, but I know I’m improving in this area everyday. As the Observer, I realize that most people ( me included) have been programmed negatively and that using the Law of Practice and the Law of Substitution to constantly reframe our thoughts and wording should be taught in kindergarten!

I am very proud of myself because I was forced this weeek to fully understand and practice the Law of Substitution. After my business trip to Spain last week ( which went perfectly well by the way because we helped the local leader in Cordoba reach a new pin rank in the business), I was scheduled to fly to Aalborg, Denmark, and help another group there.  The meeting was great, and I created very good rapport with at least ten distributors there. After 2 days, I had to fly back home through Amsterdam and take a connecting flight there to Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport. I woke up at 5:00 am, my plane took off at 6h30 am in Aalborg and landed in Amsterdam around 7:45 am. My connecting flight was scheduled at 8:15 am and supposed to land in Paris CDG at 9:30 am. But because of bad weather conditions ( a huge fog lingering over Amsterdam area), they delayed my flight: not only five times but in the end they cancelled the flight!!!! I had to wait 10 long hours in the Schiphol Airport : I first felt angry, then hungry, then sleepy, then frustrated to say the least!! I started telling myself positive affirmations like” The way to fight darkness is with light… The way to fight cold is with heat… The way to overcome evils is with good… Affirm the good and the bad will vanish!” (MKS 9:28).

And the miracle happened: instead of entertaining a self-pity party in my mind and feel soory for myself, my mood completely changed and I made a very good experience out of a previously annoying situation. I took time to observe people’s behaviours ( trying not to judge or have any opinion), I discovered and tasted some Dutch Delicatessen, and I realized that I had consciously changed my thoughts to focus on the positive. Ultimately, I decided to take a Thallys train to get back to France: I finally arrived home at midnight. It has been a weird but nevertheless positive experience.

WEEK 9: Becoming aware of the true source

This 9th week of MKMMA is very special: I  am noticing  some subtle changes in my daily life: I sleep a little bit better, I am more energetic and I feel much more patient than usual. I feel that I appreciate people more and I sometimes find myself thinking “I love you” when I see a stranger in the street. I have also noticed a little raise in my weekly income and my relationship with my wife and kids is definitely improving for the better. As Charles Haanel wrote ” The 3 things which all all mankind desires and which are necessary for his highest expression and complete development are Health, Wealth and Love”.

I am 100% sure that what’s happening to me right now is a consequence of me doing the exercices and the affirmations, the sit and the read of GS and MKS.

I am flying to Cordoba , Spain, at the end of this week to train one of my MLM team and instead of teaching  only the usual technical topics on MLM, I think that I will take some time to share with my distributors what I am discovering on those three major values in life that are Health, Wealth and Love.


It’s been a very busy week: lots of decisions to take, new strategies and tactics to put in place for the family, the business and for myself. I talked to my father about what I had started with MKMMA and he was very appreciative and proud of my endeavours. I can see some subtle changes in me: I am less judgemental, I think more about the words I want to say before I say them. The more I do my daily exercises, the easier it becomes and I find myself encouraging my daughter Beryl who is also on the program.  The Master Key System is definitely a great book to have, to read and to study.

I like myself a little bit more every day and I think that I am making a new friend every night when I read “The Guy In the Glass” before I go to bed. I am wondering what I am going to discover about myself next week…..

Talk to you soon.