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It was a cold winter, late afternoon, nestled up in the mountains of a private lounge up in the Salt Lake City Resort in Utah.

Master Pro 10 Jelcia Baker is attending the Pro 5 Summit this year and I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to set aside time to really dig deep into who she is and her massive success, not only in life vantage but in the whole network marketing industry. The cameras are all ready to go and I’m excited to give you all an inside look into this young woman mind and heart.

How are you doing this evening? Darren Jensen enthusiastically asked.

“I’m doing awesome Darren, glad to be here at Pro 5 summit. It brings back a lot of memories being here and I’m truly honoured to be apart of this incredible event and play a small part in helping these Pro 5′s get to the Elite Ranks!” Jelcia replied with a huge smile light up here face.

“Me too!…. Well jelcia, thank you for taking the time to train at Pro 5 summit but also thank you for your contribution to the industry as a whole. I wanted too do this personal interview with you because I believe a lot of people both young and old can be truly touched by your experiences and your story.” Said Darren


“Thank you Darren, I appreciate that, I will do my very best to provide as much value as I can in this short period of time” replied jelcia.


Ok well I’m going to just go through some questions that I think the audience would want to hear or know more about…


1) First off, what’s your story? Prior to network marketing where did you come from? What created or lead you to this life you have now, what’s your background?

Awesome ok well I grew up in Vancouver, Canada…. Absolutely love it there, it is truly my home I cannot imagine living anywhere else…. going back to my childhood I was always the shy sorta awkward kid lol! Very quite but I had a strong inner drive since I was young, very competitive and stubborn attitude… but anyway we moved a lot, my parents were renters so whenever there was a change with the homeowners… we had too go, which was quite often…. So I never really had a problem with change in that sense because I was just used to it hahaha.


My parents, two incredible loving people, I wouldn’t be who or where I am today if it wasn’t for them! My mom worked in a traditional job, I saw her work Monday to Friday 40+ hours a week. I retired her a few years ago now and she is LOVING every moment of it. On the other side, my dad was a network marketer, so growing up I was surrounded by the industries and people and families who were successful in it! I remember my dad constantly working on himself , we use to go to meetings all the time….. even when we would be out in public I remember my dad ALWAYS prospecting and talking to people.


So ya I remember being really intrigued by the whole concept, although I didn’t fully understand when I was younger as I got older and near the end of high school it became something that I wanted to be a part of! The thing that grabbed my attention.. was the freedom… the possibility of wealth and freedom! The relationships and the people were amazing…. people full of life!


People would always ask, what do you want to do after school? Where do you want to go to school? …..and I remember I would always say I’m going to do what my dad does! I’m going to have my own business loo!!!

D: So how did you get introduced to Life Vantage?

I remember when I graduated from high school…. I can remember so distinctly how I felt in the following months… I felt extremely lost! I was just working like crazy, trying to fill my time with work. I just felt stuck and lost in that moment of my life… because I knew exactly what I wanted but I didn’t know how to make it happen! My dad introduced me to the ABC news clip and I remember watching it and was in complete shock! I knew this was the vehicle I was looking for and my prayers had been answered, and I signed up a week later


D: So you get going, you start building, what was it like in the beginning? Take your self back to that process?

Woww! Hahaha! Darren this journey has by far been the hardest thing Ive ever done, but it has also been the most worth it thing I have ever done…. now in the beginning I struggled a lot! I struggled with belief in myself and lots of fear. But plugging into the system and starting to alter my environment and spend my time with people who were on the same journey as me.. I started to grow and my belief grew! Honestly Darren, It was a lot of overcoming in the beginning, overcoming my self doubt and starting to listen to myself… There were a lot of emotional time, a lot of  times I felt like, will this work for me, but one thing I’ve had since I was a kid was an inner driveee! I do not quit! And it was that internal drive that Ive always had! That truly pushed me through a lot of those dark time, and surrounding myself with the right people and my faith. I wouldn’t be here with my lord and saviour…


D: In the beginning where did your drive come from? Why do you think you wanted financial freedom at such a young age?

Well honestly I believe my dad was a HUGE part of it… my dad use to give me books to read like “think and grow rich, the Magic of think big” etch… and I was reading these incredible books when I was like 12 loo! And success breeds success right. Constantly pumping that message into my mind since I was a kid, I think sort of built this inner desire to become financially free and more than that, become my best self! And why is because I knew what life I wanted for my future family, my dad was a network marketer but he never made a large sum of money in the industry, I come from a very middle class family and we couldn’t afford to go on family vacations, I didn’t get to play basketball till I was in grade 10 so I think hearing “we don’t have the money” over and over through my childhood and on the other hand reading all these books on success… I came too a point where I just never wanted to say that to my kids and wanted to take care of my family and future family in a big way! No limits kinda life style..


D: Let me ask you this.. there are a lot of people that started around the same time you did… and aren’t earning what your earning …. there is something about you that’s different, some people would say luck, some would say timing, I don’t believe that. I believe you did some things that others weren’t willing to do or as consistently as you, which separated you from this other group. So what makes you different?


I think my desire to be success… my consistently for sure, if you can commit to doing small daily actives for a long period of time you can achieve anything. Lastly I would say my persistence, that refusal to give up! Keeping the faith and committing and deciding that you will until!

D: How important is contribution to you while building your business?

IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!! This business, as you know, is allll about helping others! Contributing to other peoples lived and if you want to make it to the top, you have to at some sort switch from yourself to others. In the beginning it was about the money for me and getting MY time back hahaha…. but once I started to grow in the company I realized, wow… having an impact in someone else’s life is way more rewarding!


D: How important are events in the growth of your business?


Events are everything! It was my first event that changed me life and that is where I made the decision  that no matter what! No matter how long it would take me! I was going to the top! You would either see me hit $1,000,000 earner status or dead on the side because I wasn’t turning back. The events are where people make the big decision to go all in! And they should be a non negotiable event for anyone who is taking it serious.


D: What is your leadership style?

I definitely have a more direct and strong kinda style, it was the leadership style I responded to the most. But its so cool because in this industry there are so many different personalities and leadership styles and they all work and there all inspirational

D: defining moments …. where something changed for you and U made the decision to go all on….?


I attending an ELite Academy in Orland Florida, in November of 2017 and I remember I was alone at the event. But that whole weekend I swear was just for me! It hit something in my heart …. where I asked myself… what am I waiting for! Its now or never! And my business took off afterwards… and I remember there was no more hesitation, there was no more being half in. It was ALL in.


D: These people want what you have… they have tuned in to listen to you because they want to achieve financial freedom. What advice do you have for them? What would you tell them?

Wow! Love this! First off, follow the system! make decision that you will commit to following it. PUt aside all your excuses and go all in! No more dipping your toe in. Life is way to short to play half in. This is your life and your in control! Make a decioon and don’t look back, I believe in you, I know you can do it! Keep the faith, believe in youself and never ever ever give up! I love you all. Thank you Darren for the opportunity to share.






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