Master Keys: Week 16

Well I have successfully gotten back into the rhythm of things, thanks to guidance from my guide and focus and determination on my part! This weeks lesson is sooooooooooo profound! We hear “thoughts are things” all the time, but this was the first time in my life, that the message has realllyy hit me! Haanel does an amazing job at articulating the importance of gaining control over your thoughts and programming them in the positive tense and towards what you ultimately want to design in your life. This lesson has got me very serious about my 15 minute quiet time ritual and  I have not missed a day since I read it. I understand now and my goal is to make my goals and dreams an obsession!  By the end of this course and this year I want my goals and dreams to be SOO crystal clear in my mind, that I honestly cannot even tell if its real or not! Grateful for growth and the knowledge I am gaining. Kindess! Kindess! Kindess! :)


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