Master Key: Week 5

What a great week! Extremely busy but great!

Right now its really interesting performing all these little tasks and disciplines because we don’t really know what its adding up too…. I’m looking forward to when it will all just click and an “aha” moment happens lol!

I am very proud of myself because everything I said I would do this week, I DID! everything on my Service card, I DID! Its getting reallyyy hard for me to say something and not do it….. I even find myself thinking a lot harder before I make a decision.

The press release is taking a lot of internal digging, I have figured out the context now im just putting it together, I wrote the beginning of it yesterday and I found myself getting really excited! The picture of my future life was becoming a lot clearer in my head. The no opinions this week has been quite interesting looolll! Definitely something I am working on consciously remembering and thinking before I speak.

The quote that stood out to me in the lesson this week was:

“We have found that mind pervades every part of the physical body and is always capable of being directed or impressed by authority coming from the objective or the more dominant portion of the mind”

This was very powerful for me to hear because although its a straightforward statement and I knew that mind controls the actions you take and what not, I have had issues with prospecting for a bit now with hesitating. I still get it done but my execution and mentality isn’t all in. I found myself asking the other day, whats holding me back? I want to dive in, I dont want to feel hesitation or keep questioning myself and what others will think or what if this happens! I just want to go! So one thing I would love to get from the MKE is freedom from that, that fear and doubt would not haveĀ  a hold on me and I will dive head first into my purpose and chase after what I want.

Cheers! Hope everyone has an excellent week! :D

4 thoughts on “Master Key: Week 5

  1. Sounds like you had quite a productive week … Congratulations ! I found that doing the Press Release was a ‘release’ and very freeing. It’s been rather confining to do our DMP in so many words and in a certain way. But after playing with the Press Release it really opened up thoughts of what can be. Enjoy the process… It’s getting better all the time !

    1. Hey Jan! I did experience that once I finished it, I still need to do some tweeking on it, but it was a freeing experience for sure!

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