Master Key: Week 17

Goood morning everyone!

Hope everyone is have an excellent week and that all your goals and dreams are beginning to manifest!

For this weeks lesson there were a lot of powerful  messages (as there always is in this book)

1.The first one was the power of Intuition, I never really explored Intuition or  how to develop it till I read this passage….

“Intuition arrives at conclusions without the aid of experience or memory. Intuition often solves problems that are beyond the grasp of the reasoning power. Intuition often comes with a suddenness that is startling; it reveals the truth for which we are searching, so directly that it seems to come from a higher power. Intuition can be cultivated and developed; in order to do this it must be recognised and appreciated; if the intuitive visitor is given a royal welcome when he comes, he will come again; the more cordial the welcome the more frequent his visits will become, but if he is ignored or neglected he will make his visits few and far apart.”

2.Also this next passage hit me hard as well, taking time to be silent!!! I have consistently been doing my quiet time ritual for about 2.5 weeks now, and even though my thoughts are all jumbled and crazy its a  time a calmness and peace that I get from consistently blocking out all distractions and noise and just sitting in silence with myself and visualising my future and where I’m going to be. Also a therapeutic escape…


” Intuition usually comes in the Silence; great minds seek solitude frequently; it is here that all the larger problems of life are worked out. For this reason every businessman who can afford it has a private office, where he will not be disturbed; if you cannot afford a private office you can at least find somewhere, where you can be alone a few minutes each day, to train the thought along lines which will enable you to develop that invincible power which is necessary to achieve.”

3. This is another one that spoke to me, Every challenge I face while building my business or in life, yes it may have been hard while I was going through it, but when I come out on the other side I have noticed my faith has grew because I persevered through.

Every obstacle conquered, every victory gained, will give you more faith in your power, and you will have greater ability to win. Your strength is determined by your mental attitude; if this attitude is one of success, and is permanently held with an unswerving purpose, you will attract to you from the invisible things you silently demand.

4. Lastly, I have been really focusing on getting better and mastering my quiet time ritual, beginning to intentionally begin to gain control of my mind and thoughts and this passage has really helped lay out a clear outline on how to do exactly that. Even during my life when Im beginning to thing fear, anger, jealousy or any other negative thought…. I immedietly try to shift to something positive like abundance, courage, love etc! So powerful and its such a simple change but I know it will have a profound impact in the long term….

3. For your exercise this week concentrate as nearly as possible in accordance with the method outlined in this lesson; let there be no conscious effort or activity associated with your purpose. Relax completely, avoid any thought of anxiety as to results. Remember that power comes through repose. Let the thought dwell upon your object, until it is completely identified with it, until you are conscious of nothing else. 34. If you wish to eliminate fear, concentrate on courage. 35. If you wish to eliminate lack, concentrate on abundance. 36. If you wish to eliminate disease, concentrate on health. 37. Always concentrate on the ideal as an already existing fact; this is the germ cell, the life principle which goes forth and sets in motion those causes which guide, direct and bring about the necessary relation, which eventually manifest in form

Wishing you all the greatest success! Happy Friday :)



Master Keys: Week 16

Well I have successfully gotten back into the rhythm of things, thanks to guidance from my guide and focus and determination on my part! This weeks lesson is sooooooooooo profound! We hear “thoughts are things” all the time, but this was the first time in my life, that the message has realllyy hit me! Haanel does an amazing job at articulating the importance of gaining control over your thoughts and programming them in the positive tense and towards what you ultimately want to design in your life. This lesson has got me very serious about my 15 minute quiet time ritual and  I have not missed a day since I read it. I understand now and my goal is to make my goals and dreams an obsession!  By the end of this course and this year I want my goals and dreams to be SOO crystal clear in my mind, that I honestly cannot even tell if its real or not! Grateful for growth and the knowledge I am gaining. Kindess! Kindess! Kindess! :)


Master Key: Week 11

Gooooodd morning everyone!

So my last blog I expressed how I completely fell off my disciplines and readings, but I am happy to say I am getting back on schedule. My readings have become more consistent again, I have been prospecting again and my main focus is showing the plan 15x per month. I am regaining excitement and kicking that negative thinking to the curb. I came across a quote the other day from Steve Jobs, I have seen it many times but I still remember how much it impacted me when I first read it:

“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death. Leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart”. – Steve Jobs

The truth is, we only have this one life and the decisions we make every day, matter. I am sooooo excited about the future and I’m truly grateful for another day of life. I encourage everyone to figure out what you truly want and realise that you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by going after it!

Hope you all have a magnificent week! <3

The Master Key: Week 9

Wow, I completely dropped the ball last week, fell off a lot of my disciplines and requirements. I  had a crazy busy week and literally dropped all routines. All I can do though is pick up where I left off and continue forward and learn from this. One thing that I was truly noticed is that routines and planning your days are soooooo important and they can be the difference between a productive day and a crazy unorganised day. On to week 10 I am going to re-engage and re-focus and start by just putting one foot in front of the other.

Hope everyone has an excellent week! :D

Master Key- Week 8

I’m grateful for this week!

I haven’t sat and made the firm decision to do the 7 day mental diet yet, I am going to re-read the booklet on it and go at it! I have heard many people talk about it and the impact it has made in there life.

This week I have caught up on pretty much all the assignments, I have the rest to finish this Saturday. Being on track feels gooodd lol!!

This weeks lesson of master key was veryyy powerful for me and also an eye opener because I never fully understood the power of thoughts…

Two quotes really stood out for me:

1. “Look To This Day For it is Life, the very Life of Life. In Its brief course lie all the Verities and Realities of your existence; The Bliss of Growth; The Glory of Action; The Splendor of Beauty; For Yesterday is but a Dream, And tomorrow is only a Vision: But Today well lived makes every Yesterday a Dream of Happiness, and Every Tomorrow a Vision of Hope. Look well, therefore, to This Day!”

THIS PHRASE IS SOOO POWERFUL! It struct me while I was reading it and even now as I read it… The perspective and the meaning behind it was liberating for me. The perspective of truly understanding the value of today and stepping out into your day with the correct thoughts and understanding that a day is valuable and how you use every single day leads you either up or down.

and the second quote….

2. “We all know that this is by no means easy. Mental habits are difficult to control, but it can be done and the way to do it is to begin at once to substitute constructive thought for destructive thought. Form the habit of analysing every thought. If it is necessary, if its manifestation in the objective will be a benefit, not only to yourself, but to all whom it may affect in any way, keep it; treasure it; it is of value; it is in tune with the Infinite; it will grow and develop and produce fruit a hundred-fold. On the other hand, it will be well for you to keep this quotation from George Matthews Adams, in mind, “Learn to keep the door shut, keep out of your mind, out of your office, and out of your world, every element that seeks admittance with no definite helpful end in view.”

Until this course I have never taken the “thoughts are things” statement as seriously as I am now. I find myself analysing every single thought, and all this time I have thought I was a pretty positive person, but I am finding that negative affirmations and disbelief enter my head throughout the whole day! I am focusing now on really analysing every thought and substituting it immedietly. I am soooo excited to get control of my thoughts and really start to design the world within, which will therefore translate into my reality.


Week 7: Master Key

Happy Thursday everyone!

This week I fell a bit behind as I was travelling for work! I tried my best to keep up with the daily tasks but definitely dropped the ball a bit. No worries though because I am back at it this week and on top of it! This weekend I will be catching up on the homework from week 6!

I was away in beautiful Orlando, Florida and it was an amazing trip, I learned a lot and have returned home inspired and determined to get where I want to go!

I’m very grateful for the people that have came into my life, whether mentors that I haven’t even met, or people in my business that have all had an impact in my life, whether big or small.

I started the 7 day mental diet today… I am going to read the information on it over again. Im very excited to do this, I have heard great things from others on it!

Right now everything is sorta messy and no real connection but once I catch up I believe it will all make more sense and I’ll begin to see things clearer.

Excited for another week and super excited to get back on track!!

Hope everyone has an excellent week!


Week 6: The Master Key


I am writing this blog post from the sunny and warm Orlando, Florida! I am here for  a corporate event. I have been a little less consistent with my readings while traveling but I’m making sure to stay on top of it!!!

Its soo funny because there has been a consistent theme ringing through the teachings in my company and I swear it is just for me!! And message is too GO ALL IN! I am sooooo done with playing small and I’m extremely grateful for this course because its reprogramming myself and truly making a difference.

Master Key: Week 5

What a great week! Extremely busy but great!

Right now its really interesting performing all these little tasks and disciplines because we don’t really know what its adding up too…. I’m looking forward to when it will all just click and an “aha” moment happens lol!

I am very proud of myself because everything I said I would do this week, I DID! everything on my Service card, I DID! Its getting reallyyy hard for me to say something and not do it….. I even find myself thinking a lot harder before I make a decision.

The press release is taking a lot of internal digging, I have figured out the context now im just putting it together, I wrote the beginning of it yesterday and I found myself getting really excited! The picture of my future life was becoming a lot clearer in my head. The no opinions this week has been quite interesting looolll! Definitely something I am working on consciously remembering and thinking before I speak.

The quote that stood out to me in the lesson this week was:

“We have found that mind pervades every part of the physical body and is always capable of being directed or impressed by authority coming from the objective or the more dominant portion of the mind”

This was very powerful for me to hear because although its a straightforward statement and I knew that mind controls the actions you take and what not, I have had issues with prospecting for a bit now with hesitating. I still get it done but my execution and mentality isn’t all in. I found myself asking the other day, whats holding me back? I want to dive in, I dont want to feel hesitation or keep questioning myself and what others will think or what if this happens! I just want to go! So one thing I would love to get from the MKE is freedom from that, that fear and doubt would not have  a hold on me and I will dive head first into my purpose and chase after what I want.

Cheers! Hope everyone has an excellent week! :D

Master Key: Week 4

Week 4 has been a character building week for sure! I am beginning to stretch my capacity and complete all my disciplines and tasks in a day more smoothly.

Its weird but I have noticed that I am beginning to make better decisions daily with my health, money, time etc…

One quote that realllyyy stood out to me in the lesson was:

“The Universal cannot express through you as long as you are busy with your plans, your own purposes; quiet the senses, seek inspiration, focus the mental activity on the within, dwell in the consciousness of your unity with Omnipotence. “Still water runs deep;” contemplate the multitudinous opportunities to which you have spiritual access by the Omnipresence of power.”

Over the past few years I have crammed my schedule with things to keep me “busy” because I thought that had me moving in the right direction, but what I am coming to realise is that, its in those moments of quietness and stillness that you tap into your inner self and gain more perspective and clarity.

I love the habits that are being created right now. I’ve been working out daily, waking up as soon as my alarm goes off (no snooze) , eating better and prioritising my time and using it wisely. Although it has been mentally challenging right now forming these new habits and really refining what my purpose is and where I want to go, I know that only good things will come from it and I will come out stronger and better on the other side!



Master Key: Week 3

What a crazy and awesome week it has been!

After receiving my 2nd revised copy of my DMP back and all the additional requirements and adjustments that were made for week 3, I was beginning to feel overwhelmed, but then I corrected myself and made a decision to take a couple minutes every night and plan out the next day, WOW! what a difference, I completed everything I needed to complete both personally and professionally and all the feelings of being overwhelmed vanished!

I have noticed that my readings are becoming more emotional for me and I’m starting to feel a bit more connected to my DMP and the Greatest Salesmen reading, although its not a huge change I do notice a slight one.  I’m also managing all the assignments and disciplines a  lot better.

Probably my biggest challenge or area that I feel needs strengthening is my 15 minute quiet time, I feel like I’m not as in tune as I should be in that moment. I also find it verryyy hard to sit very still and remove all thoughts…. so definitely something I want to get better at

Overall, I feel this week has been a step forward. Although I dont notice any huge change in my life I feel like im moving in the right direction. Looking forward to week 4!