Rewriting DMP week 4

After a shaky two weeks of fighting off the old blueprint I have to bring into  realization a thought that I want to make a reality. I have been plugged in to the teachings of mark and his team for some time and really admired the entire concept he has as far as schooling and teaching people to elevate themselves in there personal and business life. for  me mark and the team brings something far  greater than anything that I been able to be a part of. Having this opportunity to be an outstanding student in the Master Key Experience reeled me back in when I was throwing blows with the old blueprint. I want to be living proof to everyone that gets involved with mark that this program does work if you work it. I want that recognition from mark and the staff as one of the top students in there class.

I realized as I was finally going through some comments in  the members area the level of participation and involvement of exercises being done by other members and that brings the competitive side out of me and makes me ask a question in my head. have I been slothful. and the answer is yes. I been wanting to change these thoughts and sequence of actions and with this class and activities I willing go forward and accept the challenge.

Pushing through Week 3

Finishing the third week I really like live webcast I had to watch the replay. I like that I’m getting into my DMP a bit more I like what I have down so far but I have much to rewrite but I feel I’m learning how to express myself a bit better. It’s been awhile since I’ve been in the school like environment and after a couple weeks going through homework and activities I realized I must give full effort in order to create real change. I realize I must submerge myself in my master key community and become a little more involved as far as searching through the members areas and reading what people have to say I think it’s important to put my heart into this even more than what I’m already putting in. I started noticing a couple comments here and there I realize the type of support will be getting by the guides and helpers and that gives me courage to keep on going to know that there will be help actually there is help.

The Challange Shows Face Week 2

I find myself here in week two with a much clearer understanding of what the Master Key Experience is all about. I always thought that when the time came to replace my habits that I would be firm and loyal to my decision. I would here the experience of people going through this transition and here about the difficulties that they faced with thee reprograming of there minds. I never really pictured myself struggling with the course but always was warned about it.i finally know what mark , the guides, and some previous member hinted about for example,’this will be the hardest but most important thing you will do for yourself.’ I think about this and marks voice always pops up in my head,just abumnch of his sayings like ‘with challenge comes change’. a bunch of his teachings come to mind and for the first time, here in week 2 these words and ‘old sayings’ penetrate my body and go straight to the heart. I could literally feel it in my chest, the fact that these are defining moments in my life and that I have a choice! the choice part comes after realizing what’s happening in my thought process and remembering that its my old blueprint causing these thoughts attached with feelings that I don’t want. This gives me courage because it makes me feel like its not only me going through these difficulties and demons that threaten my future, IM sure that everyone goes through this and I just have to keep pushing forward and eventually ill have less set backs until my pre dominant thoughts are those that I’m learning to place in my mind. This makes me think back to one of napoleon hills speeches were he says that we aren’t perfect and a couple other things but what I got out of it is that its a process and I know if I stick to the course things will get easier. these feelings and thoughts I’m having most likely are do to me trying to control and have everything perfect. I’m realizing that this process of discovery  and inner battles is perfectly ok.I have had trouble completing all of my daily assignments this week and this has not pleased looking forward to this challenge with determination for I cannot and will not be placed In the wrong category of people. The category of unsuccessful and successful people. I choose the ladder.


Starting My Master Key Experience Week 1

The start of the most important journey in the world

This week has been a week like no other. I have embarked in a new journey, a journey that I must say has been a long time coming. It started off with an extensive webinar introducing the master key experience to all of us that are partaking in it. I was a bit nervous at first because I had taken part in webinars before but it was my first time that I went ahead and bought a head set with a mic in order for me to take part in some dialogue if I was to be called truth I was and am ready for any participation that I must take in not worrying if what I say is wrong or not to the point, I just really want to participate and get more involved. I wonder if I would have felt the same way a couple years back when I first got introduced to the laziest networker however I feel really good on the progress I have made since then. Now that I think about it I’m glad that I didn’t get in the MKE back then because I don’t think that I was ready for it and I’m glad that the staff picked that up. I have made a decision to complete all my assignments through the course and really dive in head first and give it my all. in the past I have not made such choice to really declare to myself and have a moment with my mind and really put myself out there, I think it was my fear to try and lose but I have since then thrown this thought out the window and I am implanting in my mind great thoughts. I really haven’t had much difficulty ready three times a day I actually look forward to it, I’m eager and hungry for change. I admit today for a brief second I was just reading the text and not reading with much enthusiasm but I quickly thought about the importance of the activity and the gold that I am reading , how people before me read the scrolls in the greatest salesmen and profited by it. I also thought about Napoleon hill and his life work that I admire so much and surround my self with the philosophy he wrote and spoke about.

I thought one of my biggest challenges would be to sit still for 15 minutes for I have tried in the past with little success, however I don’t think I have had this enthusiasm and same mental attitude in the past which in my opinion has really been a game changer. I would start the sit with a slit bit of worry that I might not be able to sit for too long or that I might fall asleep in the process(something that has happened in the past) but before I knew it my alarm on my cell phone was ringing and a feeling of joy filled my body. Now I look forward to the sits and all the activities because of that feeling of accomplishment. I feel I’m building self reliance with everyday. I love how the MKE team has provided so many tools for us to keep us on track, one being the MKE app. I just love checking things off that daily list and seeing the reports 100% is just awesome!!!! I am now rewriting my DMP and looking forward to fixing and really declaring my aims and goals.