MKE Week 14: Door to Door


I had never heard of this movie. No surprise, there are a lot I have not heard of.

Door to door surprisingly enough is about a door to door salesman. Mind you, not your ordinary run of the mill salesman but an extraordinary one.

Door to door is about Bill Porter. Bill lived with his mother in Portland, Oregon. What made Bill an extremely interesting and engaging character was the fact that he was born with cerebral palsy.

Now one would think that would preclude him from even getting a job let alone a door to door sales job.

He applied and interviewed at the Watkins Company and the man who was doing the hiring initial refused him. Bill walked out dejected with his mother standing across the street waiting for him. She gave him that look and he turned around, went back in and proceeded to sell himself and got the job.

Now mind you Bill speech was slurred and he had many physical impediments. He told the man who was hiring to give him the worst route they had. His words were “what do you have to loose.”

For the over 40 years of Bill Porter’s career he was the embodiment of tenacity, keen observation, patience and persistence. He became loved by his customers and he loved them and always wanted the best for them. He built the worst route the company had into a thriving business and eventually became salesman of the year for the company.

He never gave up in the face of adversity. He never quit no matter how negative people were towards him in the beginning. He didn’t let his bodily pain stop him. He loved his job and it showed. He did it day in and day out without complaint. He even worked late into the evening when everyone else had gone home to make that final sale.

On some level I could relate to this story having done door to door sales many years ago. It is tough. Probably one of the toughest jobs one might ever do. I learned how to do it from a friend who was successful at it. I had a young family and it seemed like a good way to support them.

I remember having weeks were I did not sell anything. I continued to go out day by day knowing that I would eventually sell again. But it finally got the best of me. I was not able to handle the rigors of the job and not having a steady income was wearing hard on me so I gave up. I had the talent but not the tenacity, the persistence. The only handicap I had was between my ears.

Hats off to Bill Porter, an inspiration to us all. He proved that anything can be conquered and long as we have the right mental attitude.


MKE Week 13: I Am Disciplined


A new theme is taking shape with the blog posts. ‘I Am’ is going to be added before each word I target because I Am all things always.

Up until about 2 years ago I lived what you would call a very undisciplined life. I did what I wanted when I wanted. If it seemed to hard I probably wouldn’t do it. I might make an attempt but generally would never follow through.

When I was growing up my parents took a very hands off approach to raising me. I was a strong self willed child who was probably very difficult to deal with so it was easier for them to not do to much. They provided a roof over my head, food, clothing, transportation etc. The basics.

I used to hold a deep seeded resentment for this and blamed my failures in life on my parents. That is no longer the case. As I said about 2 years ago I saw the light and almost instantaneously dropped the anger, resentment, unforgiveness, hatred or any other negative emotions I had been carrying around with me for decades. Not just for my parents but for everything. Life became amazingly light and free.

Prior to this I had been studying A Course in Miracles for 7 or so years along with other spiritual teachings on and off and finally something clicked.

Also about 2 years ago I made a decision to change my diet, drastically. I went from eating the easiest things I could put in mouth to becoming a vegan and eventually a raw food vegan eating only organic. So began my start of leading a disciplined life.

So I completely cleaned up my diet but one piece of the puzzle was still missing. Enter MKMMA. Dealing with the subconscious. I firmly believe had I not taken on the drastic change in my diet I would not have had the fortitude to persistently press forward with this.

I amaze myself daily by continuing to consistently persistently do the tasks that are asked of me. A foundation of discipline is being laid out that is growing day by day. It is as if my life and the lives of the people I affect depends on it. It does. Therefore, I Am Disciplined.

MKE Week 12: I Am Love


“Nothing real can be threatened. nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the Peace of God.”(From A Course in Miracles) God is Love and ultimately I am Love because I am a part my Creator. We are all one joined in Love. That is all there is. That is all that is real.

I really resonated with Lesson 12 where Haanel said ‘The Law of Attraction is the Law of Love. ‘ We have Love always. We are constantly bathing in a sea of Love. We are in a river of Love. Every pore, every cell, every atom is constantly exuding Love.

Just relax in that Love and allow it to flow through you. That is what we are designed to do. When we let Love flow through we have everything.

“If you but knew the meaning of His Love, hope and despair would be impossible. What you think you are is a belief to be undone. In quietness are all things answered.”(From A Course in Miracles) Just allow yourself to be who you truly are and that is only Love.


Week 11 MKE: Just Being What I Am Being


I was going to title this just doing what I am doing but in mid sentence I changed it. I am being, a human being, not a human doing.

Nothing profound or earth shattering this week. Just continuing on in what has been place before me. Persistently, consistently.

I made another recording this week using a brain healing sound video I found on Youtube. I changed the affirmation to say ‘whatsoever things I desire, when I pray, I believe I receive them and I shall have them’. It’s an hour long. I play it most of the time when I am around the house instead of the usual music. Burning a new paradigm into the subconscious. Powerful!

I am also digging my mastermind partners. I have 3 and they are all awesome. We do Marco Polo throughout the week and have a phone call once a week that usually lasts about and hour to lay it out.

I was have a difficult time with parts of Lesson 11. The way Hannel writes sometimes throws me off. Like Emerson. I really had a difficult time reading him. Now Emmet Fox is another story. I resonate with his straight forward style of writing and committed to reading the 7 Day Mental Diet 2x each week.

Speaking of the diet I have been having a difficult time staying focused on i t as I go about my day. That is one of the reasons I committed to reading it 2x each week. I am more conscious of my thoughts though and am starting to look at situations and people in a different light.

Week 10 MKE: There Is An Easy Way Out – This Is It


I used to think there is no easy way out…of anything. Even doing the MKMMA. In fact I started the title of this post as just that. I was in the middle of writing this when I got a call from Paul Enos, one of my mastermind partners. Something he said caused me to instantaneously change the title. There is an easy way out and this is it.

My entire adult life I have always been looking for the easier softer way. Even if you are coasting and letting life happen to you the bumps and bruises experienced  are not by any stretch easy. At least that is what I have experienced and that is pretty much how I have lived life. I have for the most part put in as little effort as possible and expected amazing results.

The MKE is causing me to continually reflect on my life and how I have lived it up to this point. I have lived a life on auto pilot. Putting out fires and solving problems when needed and the rest of the time just coasting along allowing life to happen with the old blueprint in play.

It’s easy for me to understand why I am this way. I can look at my Dad and see exactly why. He was and still is to this day looking for the easy way out. When he was younger he was going to go to school to be an engineer. Then he discovered if he was a teacher he would get his summers off. So he became a teacher. Little did he know at the time that teachers don’t make much to support a family so they end up working low paying jobs during the summer to keep things going.

He also had this dream of being in business for himself and looked for businesses that seemed easy with the potential to make a lot of money with little work. They all failed and he ended up losing more money than he ever gained to the point of bankruptcy. I’ve done the same multiple times as well.

Some of the famous quotes he said on a regular basis were ‘It’s a dangerous thing to get to know yourself’ and ‘I’m so broke I can’t afford to buy toilet paper’. It’s no wonder my life has been the way it is.

I used to be very angry at my parents and blame them for the way I was and how my life turned out. Not anymore. They did the best with the skill set they had and now I have the opportunity to change that right here and now as I continue with the MKMMA. No matter how hard this may seem at times this really is the easier softer way.

MKE Week 9: Commitment


I first want to acknowledge and thank all of you who supported me with loving comments through a very difficult time. It meant the world to me!

I persisted through what seemed like a never ending darkness with the lessons and readings. There were times when I could barely get out the words but I did it. That is a huge change for me.

Even though a lot of the time I did not have the enthusiasm behind the words I figured at the time just doing it was enough.

For the most part I feel I am coming out the other side and I am so glad I did not and have not quit.

I affirm my commitment to doing this right here and right now. Do I do everything perfectly. NO! Will I ever. Probably not. But I am learning to accept were I am at. As they say in some programs, progress not perfection. I finally think I have that in the right order.

I have really taken to Scroll 2 and Lesson 9. I love the affirmation. It has carried me away from some of my decades old destructive deep seeded habits.

I’ve recorded it and loop it while I am working out. I also have it posted all over the house as a reminder to say it often, which I do.

I am also feeling an excitement for masterminding with others. I jumped right in and now have multiple people to work with. It is so cool!

Thank you again all. I love all of you!

MKE Week 8: Tough Week

I’m just going to honest and keep it real as I have always done. This has been an exceptionally tough week for me. Everyday I wake up I feel tired and weak. This has been going on for a few weeks now. At first I was having some problems with my teeth. Now I just feel depressed and low energy. I feel like I have not slept. I have taken steps up the mountain and now I feel like I am in a free fall sliding down the mountain. It to the point that I am seriously thinking about quitting. My enthusiasm is waning. I don’t seem to be able to fake it anymore. I just read the stuff blah blah blah. I sat this morning but my mind was other places. I have only barely tried to do the idealization and visualizations. I am not a good image thinker.¬† I will do the work this morning and hope that this feeling breaks. I know I need to be here and I do not want to quit this but I am feeling tormented right now.

MKE Week 7: The Diet – Eat Well

7 Day Mental Diet

The past couple of days I have not felt so well physically which always seems to play into how I also feel mentally emotionally. Last night I really had to push myself to do the reading and found it very difficult to read with enthusiasm. At best it was half-hearted.

I awoke this morning feeling like I had not slept at all. No energy, feeling depressed and wanting to quit. I had not experienced feelings this strong at any time doing the MKE.

I sat, which I did not want to do. Thoughts raced. Towards the end I was able to calm them down somewhat.

I read the GS and Lesson 7, but they did not seem to lift me out of the funk that had overtaken me.

I sat there for a bit contemplating how difficult this was and how I was failing and that I would never be able to do this.

Then it came upon me to read ‘The 7 Day Diet’ which I had started to read but never finished. I read it through to the end.

I was not prepared for the transformation that was going to take place as I read those words.

The fog lifted, I felt a renewing of my efforts on what I had started with this over a month ago. I got up and finished my readings of the service card, the POA cards, my DMP, my PPN’s, and the BPB with sold out enthusiasm again. A complete attitude adjustment had taken place. I feel alive and excited again!

You are what you eat both physically and mentally/emtionally. Eat well!!!

MKE Week 6: Climbing the Mountain One Step at a Time

climbing up


Nothing earthshaking this week. Just doing what I’m doing climbing the mountain one step at a time. I’ve tried leaping tall mountains in a single bound and for some reason have always fell flat on my face.

Another metaphor for the olive tree and the onion. Always living like an onion, wanting it now. I have lived a life of instant gratification and it has left me mildewed and rotten. I like all the interwoven saying throughout The GS and The MK. It certainly has described my life up until now.

It was welcome change going from Scroll 1 to Scroll 2. Although the words don’t yet roll off the tongue as fluidly as Scroll 1 (go figure after a month of reading) its power and wisdom are certainly felt to the depth of my being.

I always knew this but have become more keenly aware of how major stress seems to cause me to revert to the old game plan. It didn’t work then it doesn’t work now. There is no where to run and no where to hide. In the end it only compounds the problems and they get deeper and deeper.

So I trudge the road of happy destiny climbing this MKE mountain one step at a time knowing as I persistently continue I will eventually reach the summit. Only to find another mountain to climb off in the distance. And the beauty of it is I am not doing it alone.





MKE Week 5: Keeping it Real


I’m just keeping it real here. I am struggling. The morning sit continues to be difficult for me. For some reason I feel pressured every week.

I am able to still my body but still have difficulty with the swallowing. I therefore feel I am failing.

There is a tension in the throat area and I feel it going from my brain down to my solar plexus. It feels as if something is bound up.

I get moments of quite but thought continually role through my head. I feel as if I am failing here as well.

I am able to relax my mind and let go of negativity yet the other problems persist. I do not have mastery over my body.

I enter every sit with this thought in mind and I have to force myself to sit. I just do it. I do the best I can. But that doesn’t seem good enough.

I realize I am just starting this but the pressure seems to escalate with each new lesson. I have not mastered last weeks lesson and now I am called on the bring it up a notch. It’s like I have to reach the mountain top in a week!

I do fine with the reading. No matter what, I am going to read with enthusiasm whether I feel like it or not.

I want to do this as close to perfectly as I can. I want the results that can be gained from doing this. But it seems in some respects I am defeating myself.

Is anyone else experiencing this. Does anyone else have a suggestions.