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August 30th, 2028

Reporter: Nick Wheeler from the year 2017:”Here we are today on this  beautiful Arizona summer day at the home of the incredibly fun, witty, and charming Nick Wheeler’s 1/4 acre property in Mesa Arizona. We will be talking with him today to find out the KEY to his success!”

“Hello Nick, we are here at your home  actually in your Lazy River Pool in your back yard  both of us floating in inner tubes for you interview today…. Why are we having this interview inside your pool?”

Nick Wheeler 2028:  “You see Nick, its a hot  steamy 110 degree day with about 40% humidity outside, it just makes sense!  Let me grab a couple ice cold Dos Equis from the cooler and squeeze a fresh lime wedge in the bottle to keep us refreshed during my interview. ”

We both have a fresh cold Dos Equis in our hands the condensation  rolls down the side of the bottle of beer, the scent and taste of the fresh squeezed citrus refreshes from the intense heat. We gently float getting pushed gently around the winding bends of the river pool.  Nick has a spectacular 8ft natural rock waterfall as the center piece of luxurious pool that spills crashing into a lagoon area. The vegetation of plants that caress the landscape and curves of the pool  is a real paradise right here in his home.

Reporter Nick Wheelr 2017: “Nick, can you please tell us how you come to acquire such a peaceful lifestyle?”

Nick Wheeler 2028: “I have been in the heating and air conditioning business for most of my career here in Arizona and I spent many summers slaving 16 hour days, no time to enjoy myself or time to spend with friends and family.  It was always the same routine of work, home, eat, sleep and repeat.  Money was never an issue for me, what was important for me was TIME. I had always thought and knew there was a better way of making money and having a Life.  Many times during my life direct marketing has entered my life promoting the “Time and Money” freedom. The business model just made sense to me.  I joined many companies and always had the same results.”

Reporter Nick Wheeler 2017:”And what results were they?”

Nick Wheeler 2028: “I failed every time… I had no idea what I was doing, what I was saying had chased people away versus arising curiosity.”

Reporter Nick Wheeler 2017: “So what changed for you this time? What was the Key to your success?”

Nick Wheeler 2028: “In 2013 I got my contractors license for Heating and Air conditioning ready to build my legacy build my autonomy I so desired! Only to find out I worked more owning my own business trying to build a sustainable income than I did working for “The Man”  Discouraged feeling in my heart this isn’t how I wanted to live my life building a traditional business, a friend of mine introduced me to a direct marketing company which I declined many times.  Finally I gave in signed up and again no success.  I was using a print shop to make my shirts business cards ect.   There was a situation where I had to move on and find a new print shop, of course I did and the business owner of the new shop tried soliciting me for his direct marketing company. Geez these guys are everywhere I thought to myself lol.  Of course I thought to myself as I was somewhat working my direct marketing company that if this guy was trying to get me into his deal that he would for sure get into mine. Because that always works…NOT!!  I called the print shop owner gave him my pitch, and he said “Look I know you like your company and I like Mine but I would like to help you out”  WHOA!! Are you kidding me??  The Print shop owner gave me a link to the MKE.

The sun was going down at this time, the monsoon thunder clouds were rolling the air temperature was dropping cool enough to where we got out of the pool and sat under the 180sqft in gazebo. The desert sky is sunset is always so beautiful with the orange and purple colors painting the sky, The pool lighting up dying the color of the water changing from red to green to blue and yellow.  Nick has evaporative coolers mounted ontop of the gazebo giving a nice cool breeze as we lounged back enjoying another cold citrus infused beer.

Reporter Nick 2017: What is MKE?

Nick 2028: “ MKE is what gave me the key to my success, a self directed self discovery course that taught me the skill to manifest my hearts desire helping me build my direct sales business, and I have in my possession the Master Key to my vault. Its a journey of a lifetime that I recommend to all willing to answer the call.”

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